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On their way back to the Institute, Alec and Jace didn't stop touching each other even once. It made them clumsy and they were tripping over each other, but it didn't matter. Alec had waited so long to be able to hold Jace's hand. Even if it was just about sexual tension right now, if Jace was really in love with him, that would change soon.

Once they got past the threshold of the Institute, Alec was slammed against the wall with his arms pinned over his head. He silently thanked God that Isabelle and Clary had gone out that night. If they walked in, he never would have lived this down.

Jace pulled away and planted light kisses along Alec's jaw, leading down to his neck. He nipped lightly at Alec's earlobe, and Alec let out a loud, whining moan. It was like Jace automatically knew just where to touch, kiss, and bite. He knew to bite, the very thing that turned Alec on the most.

So he was a masochist. Whatever.

Jace looked up and met a pair of lustful eyes equal to his own. It was then he just couldn't stand it, and Alec seemed to sense this. He jumped, his legs wrapping around Jace's waist and the bulge in his jeans pressed against the bulge in Jace's. Jace let out a low growl, his lips crashing into Alec's. The dark haired boy responded with enthusiasm, and Jace began to carry him to his bedroom, knocking things over as he went.

The second the bedroom door closed, Jace tore Alec's shirt into shreds. Alec frowned as he watched the fabric fall to the floor.

"That was my favorite shirt," he complained, pouting. He honestly couldn't give two shits about the shirt, but he wanted to seem unaffected by Jace's intense kisses and adorably messy hair.

Jace wasn't so easily fooled. He smirked against Alec's neck, feeling his parabatai shiver underneath him. "You look much better without it. In fact, I think I'll steal all of your shirts and give them to the homeless. That way, I'll get to see you shirtless every day and I'll be known as charitable. Everybody wins."

Alec rolled his eyes, silencing Jace with his lips. It was astounding how much Jace could ramble sometimes. Being the much more thoughtful one, Alec pulled Jace's shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor.

He felt himself being turned before his back hit Jace's giant mattress. He'd always wondered why Jace had asked for a king sized mattress. Now he knew.

It wasn't long before Jace was yanking on Alec's belt, pulling it off and tossing it across the room. Seeming to take more care with Alec's clothes this time, Jace merely yanked off the boy's pants, though the slow pace seemed to annoy him. When he began to kiss down Alec's body, Alec arched his back instinctively, then remembered himself.

"No." He pushed Jace away and the blond looked up, surprised.

"What, too fast? Because, you know, I thought when you were letting me take your clothes off that was a sign of compliance -"

Alec cut him off, pressing a finger to the boy's lips. "Jace, by the Angel, would you shut up?" he begged. Jace smiled ruefully, and Alec continued. "I want this to be just like I imagined. And I always promised myself that I'd… go first."

Jace's eyes widened. "Oh." He'd always pictured Alec as the person who'd have things done to him, but not the other way around. He wasn't about to complain, though. "Well, uh, if that's what you want… Who am I to deny you?"

Alec grinned and quickly flipped them over so Jace's head was against the pillows. He kissed and bit down Jace's perfect body, smirking at the feel of the Shadowhunter fidgeting underneath him. When he finally got down to his waist, Alec yanked off Jace's jeans and boxers with one pull. He snickered, shaking his head when he saw Jace's cock.

"What?" Jace asked self-consciously, squirming.

"No wonder you have such a big ego," he muttered, smirking up at his parabatai. Jace smirked back, but his amused expression quickly turned into a glazed one as Alec pressed his tongue to Jace's tip experimentally.

Alec noted this reaction and slowly wrapped his tongue around Jace's length. Jace let out a tortured sound and grabbed the sheets, his head falling back.

Alec liked this reaction very much.

His lips slid over Jace's length slowly, pleased when Jace groaned. The blond tried to thrust forward, but Alec's hands were pressing his thighs into the bed, holding him back. He knew then that Alec was going to torture him until he got what he wanted. The only problem was that Jace had no idea what it was.

Alec began to bob his head on Jace's cock, but it did nothing to ease the Shadowhunter's throbbing erection. If anything, it only made it worse. Noises of all different kinds poured out of his mouth, and he could do nothing to stop them. Then, Alec's lips left him completely. Jace let out a whine and looked over to see Alec sitting patiently at the foot of the bed. He'd taken off his boxers, and all Jace could do was stare at him.

"As much as I'm sure you hate me for that shallow blow job, I thought you'd like to..." Alec had suddenly gotten his shyness back, and all he did was gesture to his body. Jace got the hint immediately.

"Are you sure?" he asked slowly. Alec was the most important thing to him in this world; he'd never want to push him into something he didn't want.

"I wouldn't offer if I wasn't," Alec promised him, and Jace nodded, taking his hand and switching spots with him. He leaned down and kissed Alec with a gentleness that Alec didn't mind this time.

"I'm sorry if I'm bad. I've never done this before," Jace muttered as he reached over to his drawer, grabbing lube and a condom.

Alec chuckled, not wanting to admit how much the sight of Jace ripping a condom wrapper open with his teeth turned him on. "I don't think you'll be bad, Jace."

Jace smirked at him as he uncapped the lube, coating his fingers with the slick substance. "No, you're right. I'm going to rock your world." With that, Jace pushed a finger inside of him.

Alec let out a gasp of surprise at the intrusion but rocked his hips forward. Jace inserted another finger, and another, until he felt Alec was ready. He looked at his parabatai, who was now whining and covered in a light layer of sweat.

"I love you," he murmured, kissing Alec gently before pushing into him. Alec's head fell back and he let out a loud moan. It hurt, he had to admit, but the pain just made it feel better.

Jace began to pick up a steady rhythm and Alec's moans got louder until they were almost screams. He and Jace both got closer to their climaxes, but with one final, hard thrust on Jace's part, Alec came, screaming Jace's name. Jace came soon after, and toppled on top of Alec. They stayed like that, breathing heavily, until Alec nuzzled into Jace's shoulder.

"You're my boyfriend," he muttered happily.

Jace raised his eyebrows, but instead of arguing, he just kissed Alec's forehead. "Of course I am, Alec."


Clary and Isabelle flinched in unison when they heard Alec let out a scream, followed by Jace's loud groan. Then it was silent.

"That... was the single most disturbing thing I have ever heard in my entire life," Isabelle muttered, her nose scrunched up in disgust.

Clary pursed her lips. "I really wish they'd remembered that we'd be gone tomorrow, not tonight."


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