Summary: He knew English 12 wasn't exactly a fun class, but that didn't mean the boy had to sit in the back and swirl his tantalizing pink tongue around his pencil tip all period. MinatoXNaruto INCEST. Teacher/Student RS Yaoi

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Okay. Breathe Minato, you went to school for this. You know how to deal with this kind of behavior. This doesn't affect you one bit and no senior's going to blow your lid… Damn. That just made it all worse.

He chanced a look back at his class, mouth on autopilot as he dove further into his lecture. He knew English 12 wasn't exactly a fun class, but that didn't mean the boy had to sit in the back and swirl his tantalizingly pink tongue around his pencil tip all period.

The boy was smirking at him, eyes smoky as he slowly pushed in the end, going down a fair distance before laving his tongue around it as it came back out. The boy didn't seem to mind the taste of eraser and the awful yellow wood of the No.2, just wrapped his lips tightly around the end and sucked, the innuendo obvious as his cheeks hollowed and then inflated as the pencil was released and then pulled back into his mouth in quick, easy motions.

He wanted to groan, trying not to shift too obviously but he wasn't subtle enough because the boy's shoulders were bouncing soundlessly, laughing at him without mercy.

There was an evil grin on the boy's face now. He was enjoying watching Minato squirm far too much and Minato himself was mesmerized by the slow lift of sinful lips, the expression exploding across his handsome face.

And then he was back at the board, writing the day's essay prompt up. A chorus of groans echoed throughout the room as students flipped opened notebooks and binders. Pens and pencils started scratching away at paper while a murmur of voices floated across the room as students began to converse softly.

Minato stayed rooted to his spot at the board though, not able to move his feet to walk back to his desk in the corner.

Then nearly all of the pencil was gone, the tip protruding where Naruto's fingertips were gripped around it. His eyes widened and he tried prying his eyes away from the sight. The pencil came back out, and he couldn't blink, mesmerized as it smoothly slid back in, all the way to the boy's fingertip once more.

He sat down quickly.

Fuck. If only the boy wasn't so smart... Maybe he could have found a way to throw him out of the class, drop him indefinitely, but it was infuriating how intelligent the blonde had proven to be – intelligent and deviously clever. Now on top of that he'd decided to sexually harass his teacher, provoke him and still manage to get all his work done perfectly. The boy never bothered to listen to his lectures, not even when he wasn't being an obscene child, yet somehow understood the material better than everyone else in the room, sans Minato of course. Life was just unfair like that he guessed.

He looked up, surveying his class to see all was as it should be, and resisted the urge to look in the farthest corner. He lost marvelously and one might think he wasn't even trying but dammit, the boy was staring back too, pencil abandoned in favor of watching his teacher curiously. Another habit he'd noticed – to sit back and observe his teacher and, more pointedly, the effect his handiwork had on his teacher.

After his customary examination, and when there were only ten minutes left in class, only then would the boy would race to finish an assignment that took normal students nearly forty minutes to complete.

There was quite a lot to observe though, for the boy to need that much time. Minato knew his face was contorting as he deliberated, countenance flying through moods as he analyzed his own thoughts and ultimately the boy sitting in the back of his class.

Eventually the end of the period was approaching. The boy was forced to look down as his pencil flew over his one notebook at breakneck speed. Minato knew the assignment would be handed in before the bell rang, a day early to boot while the other students still had until the start of class tomorrow, he knew his indecent student wouldn't need the time though.

Just to spite him, the English teacher took this time to glare. Brat.

He tried looking elsewhere, at other students, gods knew there were other students here more worthy of his attention but his gaze always gravitated back towards the one bane of his existence, towards that one student whom he wanted to strangle and scream at the most.

Blue eyes chanced a peek up, always seeming to know when his sensei's gaze lingered for longer than appropriate. The boy winked and unbidden Minato felt a blush creep up his face. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit! It was not supposed to be like this!

The brat only chuckled silently again, not alerting the students in front of him, but still managing to embarrass and infuriate his teacher endlessly. Minato wondered if the back row hadn't been vacant save the boy whether he would still be bold enough to continue with the lewd offers.

Probably. He rolled his eyes. At least the boy was being fairly considerate of his position; Minato would have murdered him thrice over had he sat in the front row where everyone could see and dared proposition him in such a way.

Why it was okay when no one else could see the lewd offers was anyone's guess. Minato knew it was wrong, undeniably inappropriate but had yet to broach the subject with the boy. Was the English teacher afraid of what he might try once they were alone together? Or worse, that he might end up liking it?

God. The boy may be infuriating, a regular pain in the ass, and perverted as hell, but he was gorgeous, horribly attractive and tempting in that Minato knew he was a student but wanted to take him up on that offer.

The image of a pencil sliding all the way into the boy's mouth between tightly squeezed pink lips and poking into the back of the boy's throat made him close his eyes quickly, not trusting himself to look at the back of the room once more.

He fidgeted behind his desk, nether regions stirring familiarly. No, not now. The boy was no doubt done, they had only minutes left, and was most likely reading his face, searching for the right reactions that would give him a sign he'd made some progress after all. Minato would not show weakness. He schooled his features.

Fight Minato!

He opened his eyes to see a smirking face, one topped with soft blonde hair, and he immediately glanced around the room in suspicion. It was with surprise he realized the bell must have rung while he was giving himself a pep talk, the last of his English students were now filing out and shoving each other around, joking amicably, and leaving him for the first time alone in the presence of he-whose-name-must-not-be-spoken.


He tried for a sneer but, as he'd never been good at that expression, it probably came out as a grimace. This was verified when the boy's eyes grew a shade lighter and the smirk on those pale pink lips widened deviously.

Minato's hand clenched in the fabric of his pants leg under the desk and audibly cleared his throat, heroically resisting the sudden urge to beat the boy over the head with a textbook and free himself of the delectable curse called Uzumaki.

The boy was holding out a few pieces of paper. He glanced at it briefly and identified it as the essay he had assigned. It was neatly done in a flourishing cursive that swept dramatically across the page. He set it aside without comment, even with the due date being tomorrow, and Naruto knew damn well not to expect any.

So why did the boy insist upon frustrating him further?

The boy stood there, looking perfectly innocent while waiting for a dismissal, but did nothing to hide the devious laughter in his eyes, just waiting for Minato to explode. The boy wanted it, wanted him to lose his cool so Minato took a deep breath, calming down and not giving Naruto the satisfaction of witnessing it. Not this time. He was the teacher and fuck if he wasn't going to act like it.

"Uzumaki? Perhaps you have somewhere to be by now?" Minato's voice was gravelly and he swallowed thickly. Even talking to the boy was proving to be a challenge.

Naruto either didn't notice or wouldn't call him on it, standing straight with an amused air of defiance. The boy could posture all he liked, as long as it wasn't in Minato's classroom. His eyes narrowed at the student, raking over the handsome features. The tan skin and lightly muscled build, his cerulean eyes and the feather soft blonde hair that fell over them. Then there was the kissable pink flesh he called lips. He shuddered, the boy's mouth.

Naruto noticed his staring and Minato growled, making Naruto's smirk twitch up. He noticed the dimple in the boy's left cheek raising those curious scars of his a bit and might have shaken his head to clear his thoughts if the action wouldn't have give himself away so easily. Instead, he settled for grinding his teeth, thinking of a way to dismiss the blonde in a semi-polite fashion.

"If you could please make yourself scarce now? Last time I checked the bell rang and that would make you late for… Government."

There was a small change in the boy's expression, something he was mildly curious to see. He glared hotly for extra measure and the boy turned around wordlessly, moving, in what Minato was sure what was as slow as humanly possible, to the door and out into the hall.

The door closed behind him with an audible click and Minato sighed loudly, tension disappearing as soon as he was sure enough time has passed for the boy to be a respectable distance away.

Again his hand clenched, this time finding purchase on his armrest, and he seethed. The nerve

It was a good thing this was his planning period or else any student walking in would have seen the sinister gleam in his eye.

Naruto, you don't know who you're messing with.

Oh yeah, Sensei. Those pants look fantastic on you – where do you shop? And how do you get those slacks to hug your ass like that? Clearly, those pants were made to fit you.

Naruto, not for the first time, was staring at his English teacher's butt. Also, not for the first time, he envied the students in the front, getting such a clear and wonderful view. Naruto might regret it if not for the nasty things he got to distract his teacher with; there was a reason he sat in the back after all. Not that he cared but he was sure Minato-sensei would if anyone else saw his lewd gestures, and to accommodate his teacher he had strategically placed himself out of the class's sight and within view of the door. No one could walk in without his realizing and it helped that he wasn't within easy reach (or yelling distance) of his teacher.

Now to employ weapon number one, and locating his pencil on the top of his desk he smirked. His crush wasn't exactly a secret one – he wasn't going to sit in the back of the class all year and pine after his sensei without action after all. He was an Uzumaki and feeling sorry for himself just wouldn't fly. You didn't get what you wanted by desperately wishing for it, you had to work for it, and what he wanted was. Considering all the reactions he'd elicited so far, for once, he was pretty sure he could say his feelings might be reciprocated.

Whether it was the unfortunate circumstance of their being student and teacher that held Minato back or just pure denial of attraction to a person of the same and younger sex, Naruto wasn't sure. He could guess though, and he bet it was the issue of being younger and… oh yeah, a student.

Sometimes, Naruto really cursed his luck.

He lifted the pencil with purpose, blood reeling at what he was about to do.

But then again, sometimes he felt he could get away with just about anything.

He'd make quite the sight for any student that decided to turn around at that moment, and he would definitely have to pay attention since there was the random student that occasionally turned around to whisper something to a neighbor. Naruto made it key to be aware of all his surroundings. He didn't want to get caught and more importantly, he didn't want Minato to get caught. He wouldn't forgive himself if the man lost his job, especially because of his own stupid decision to attempt seducing a teacher.

The pencil was in his mouth now and it didn't taste that great. He ignored it expertly and continued with his mission. He had to say, the absence of a gag reflex wasn't exactly a nuisance, and in situations like these, it was more a gift than a genetic curse.

It was nothing to shove the pencil in and out and Naruto dearly wished it could have been Minato's cock, hard and dripping precum just for him. It would have tasted far better and Naruto could have really shown his sensei a thing or two.

And Minato was watching him, outright staring. Naruto wondered whether the man knew he watched Naruto almost as much as Naruto watched him. That made him want to roll his eyes, his sensei could be a bit thick sometimes, so he probably didn't even notice.

It was always his teacher's reaction he counted on, the look on his face that others, had they been paying attention, wouldn't know the reasoning behind. It was a subtle change that Naruto had grown accustomed to spotting. Minato's eyes would widen slightly before settling into a shape slightly more narrow than normal. His gaze would become hot and piercing as his visage tightened. A faint flush would climb up his sensei's cheeks before the look would suddenly melt into a blank and uncaring stare, lecture droning on in the background. The only sign that remained of the change would be the darker shade of blue within his sensei's eyes.

It was those few seconds, when his sensei reacted to his offers, which gave Naruto that thrill and forbidden hope his sensei might one day crack and reciprocate his offer.

Naruto shot a quick glance to the clock and internally grinned. He wouldn't bother starting the assignment until near the end of the period, which meant he had more time to frazzle Minato's nerves.

He could see the tension in his sensei's shoulders even from way in the back, and everything about him, from the way Minato was trying to take deep breathes to the way his gaze shifted not so subtly to the back of the room every five minutes, only proved his guilt. He was feeling something, but whether that something was extreme discomfort, disgust, guilt or excitement were unknown. A few things helped narrow the answer down, like how his teacher couldn't take his eyes off him as the pencil was withdrawn from his mouth again and again. It looked to him that Minato was having a hard time relaxing, probably clenching his fist as he sorted everything out. And another thing – Minato never looked at him with disgust. Never out of all the stunts Naruto had pulled in class did he ever have the impression Minato hated him.

Though that should have been the case, Naruto had a feeling of his own – that Minato wanted him just as much as Naruto wanted Minato. Minato was just too busy listening to the irrelevant and useless societal morals that people tended to practice. So many people put on a farce to hide the fact that they, like Naruto, didn't give a shit for ethics. Naruto knew what he wanted and it was Minato. The man was all he could think about this past year and a half, if that wasn't dedication – borderline obsession – Naruto didn't know what was. He had to satisfy his craving to be near the man somehow, the easiest way being to enter his class.

And this, this so far was perfect. Minato would have to talk to him eventually, or if not, Naruto would bring it up. Either way, someone was going to initiate something and when they did...

He shivered.


He stared harder.


Another quick glance at the clock told him it was ten till, so he started to work, abandoning his staring in exchange for quickly glancing up during periods when he was sure Minato's eyes were on him. Catching his sensei staring was the best, their eyes connecting in what Naruto hoped was powerful and letting Minato know that Naruto knew he was looking at him.

After catching his sensei staring several times, Naruto finished his assignment in record time. The bell rang, signaling the end of the class period and unconsciously he glanced back up at his sensei one last time. With unrivaled curiosity he noticed that the man's eyes were shut tight, as if in deep thought.

Naruto smirked again, unable to keep the facial expression down as he waited for the last of the students to trickle out. They were talking about one inane thing after another but that didn't concern Naruto – this was a critical moment he wouldn't mess up.

Approaching his sensei in a fashion he knew would piss him off, he stood waiting patiently for Minato to look up before thrusting the paper outward. As usual, his sensei briefly glanced over it, only checking to see it was truly done before laying the paper aside.

Now that was dismissal enough but when did Naruto ever do things the easy way? Maybe he could get Minato to yell at him, and now that he thought about it... hm, an angry did sound sexy.

He stood there, laughing with his eyes and he was sure he could read the man's thoughts as easy as if he'd spoken them aloud.

His sensei was frustrated but he didn't want to show it, he knew Naruto wanted to see that and was holding himself back. Naruto would be lying if he said he wasn't disappointed, a flash of a pissed Minato bending him over and punishing him against the desk wasn't so unappealing and Naruto let it go before he got too wrapped up in what could be instead of what was now.

"Uzumaki? Perhaps you have somewhere to be by now?" His English teacher's voice was unstable and a dead give-away to the reactions one couldn't fake. Minato was affected by him. This was good news.

Naruto didn't say anything, deciding to grant him this one mercy. He didn't relinquish his amusement on the matter though. He saw Minato narrow his eyes and drag them all over his body. He shuddered, knowing it wasn't the man's intention to excite him but it was happening all the same. He wished Minato's gaze had lingered longer, stared at him a bit harder.

God yes sensei, look all you like.

When Minato realized exactly what he'd been doing he growled. Naruto's mouth twitched up in response and he wondered how much more it would take to break Minato's control. Not much if the way Minato was working his jaw was anything to go by.

"If you would please make yourself scarce then?" His sensei's voice sent thrilling chills through his body. At that moment, Naruto wanted so bad to hear his sensei moan his name.

"Last time I checked the bell rang and that would make you late for," his sensei paused pensively, "Government."

So he knows my schedule? Absently he wondered how well Minato knew every other student's schedule but dismissed it. It wasn't important anyway.

And Minato was glaring. Personally Naruto hadn't known the older blonde was capable of it. It didn't have the intended effect though, making him want to tilt his head to the side and coo instead of shrink back. Cute. Attractive. But intimidating? Not a chance.

He started to move though, deliberately taking his time in one last-ditch attempt to make Minato go off. He had surprising control though, and almost disappointed Naruto. Looks like this would be a gradual process, but Naruto promised by the end of it Minato would be ready to explode. Hopefully in his mouth, or some other intimate orifice.

He closed the door behind him with determination.

Sensei, you are so mine.

All distractions were nearly gone now. No students, less faculty, and absolutely zero trace of Naruto. A beautiful haven of vacancy, perfect in every way.

Students had been dismissed by the bell ages ago and all buses were off on their routes, giant yellow taxi's with screaming brats to deliver home.

And thank god for that, he was stressed enough as it is, if he had to deal with another problem today he was going to pull his hair out by the roots.

It didn't help that he'd been thinking about Naruto every since the incident from before. No doubt, he was going to start graying early because of that boy, not being able to get that one insignificant confrontation out of his head and in turn concentrate on his paperwork. He'd become restless, not having any classes after Naruto's dismissal. He was supposed to be grading papers now, not fantasizing about something – someone virtually untouchable, someone forbidden!

Unfortunately the result of those fantasies – damn them! – had left him with a rather noticeable problem.

Looking down he glared, this time at the second bane of his existence. Funny how they both brought him so much pleasure yet popped up at the most inconvenient of times. He wondered what the boy's reaction would be to that, being compared to untimely erections, but then again, maybe he didn't.

And sighing, knowing it wouldn't go away otherwise he unbuckled his belt. He'd locked his door earlier, whilst he'd still been planning to do some actual work. He really hadn't wanted any more disturbances, not if he could help it. If someone, anyone wanted to talk to him they'd have to break down his door or come back later.

Or get a janitor. That would work too.

For the most part he had the advantage though, and he wouldn't have to get back up to make sure he was safe from being walked in on. Admittedly, he'd done this once before, at work, and this time was proving to be as exhilarating as the last. Today however was different, there was more stimulation, more adrenaline knowing just who and what he was jacking off to. What student was drawing his mind's eye and exciting his body.

He unzipped himself slowly, erection straining against the only piece of fabric left and making him hiss hotly. Freeing himself completely he quickly made a grab for some lotion he kept in the bottom drawer of his desk. He'd confiscated it earlier in the year, having forgotten exactly why at the moment, and the scent of something fruity drifted up to him.



It would have to do.

Opening the cap, the fragrance wafted up to him and he squeezed a bit in his hands before giving an experimental tug at his prick.

He hissed, beginning slow leisurely tugs, thumb running over the tip and a low moan escaped him. He was thrumming with excitement as well as a bit of adrenaline, there was still the possibility of someone unlocking the door after all, and wow – how scandalous to catch him fondling himself, it was absolutely thrilling.

Within moments he was sinking all the way into his chair, hand stroking feverishly, when a sudden noise startled him into panicked awareness. It wasn't the jingle of keys and the turn of tumblers but his heart dropped all the same, plummeting down into his groin where the pleasure had once risen and he hoped against hope what he heard was just some bird.

There was a rapping against his window, the one tiny, misplaced glass in his entire classroom.

His gaze shot toward it, and all thoughts of losing his job were full force. Breath held he watched a fist tap the glass in a few but calculated areas before brusquely forcing it upward. To Minato's amazement, it flew open – the window that hadn't opened in ages. He wished he'd known that trick earlier. The school budget could barely afford new books let alone fixing the A/C, and there had been many scorching hot days in his classroom where he could have killed for a summer breeze, no matter how small.

All too soon a body was climbing through, he still couldn't breathe correctly and was there a reason his heart skipped a beat at a flash of blonde?

No, not some random intruder. Not a teacher. He couldn't help but relax slightly, reassurance he might have a job for a while longer at the back of his mind. The brain he was neglecting lately kicked it into high gear though and his erection, which had slightly deflated at the scare, flared to life again seeing who exactly was at that windowpane.

No! Bad. Don't be happy to see him.

And… what was Naruto doing here anyway? How did Naruto know about that window and when did he make breaking into school a tendency of his?

It was upon seeing the boy's eyes widen slightly that he realized his state of dress and ahem… arousal, not that he'd forgotten. Whether it was unconscious or not the boy licked his lips and fuck his life if he didn't want them around his cock. He was open and exposed, almost naked, well the most important bits were out for show and this was Naruto – fucking frustrating, clever, drop-dead sexy Naruto and how was it possible to be attracted to someone so badly and yet be as close to repulsed as you could get?

His feelings were never straight with the boy (pardon the pun) – he wanted him, he pissed him off, god was he was a smart-mouth but he was intelligent. He smirked at him, such a smug bastard and all Minato wanted to do was kiss it off, punish those lips and suck face until Naruto couldn't remember what his mouth was for.

Time ran slow motion then, the blonde absently shut the window behind him and quickly stepped further into the room. Minato was frozen in place, watching the suddenly licentious monster prowling toward him, hungry gaze locked on its target.

The target, he was the prey.

Flashes of a lecture, the demon in the back being intimate with a writing utensil, something the manufacturer never intended for its original usage.

And whoa, when did Naruto get in between his legs? It didn't match up, one minute Naruto was stalking toward him the next… But he guessed that didn't matter while he gazed down; confused yet knowing exactly what and where this was going. Exactly how much he wanted this and just how noticeable that was by the proud erection standing tall in his lap.

Somehow the blonde looked like he belonged down there, at home before him on his knees. The boy inhaled deeply, making Minato's insides tingle as a devil's smirk worked its way misleadingly innocent features, "Cucumbers, Sensei? And… is that Melon?"

Minato was ready to fuck the smirk off those lips, that infuriating mouth, and god, what better way to do it than ramming it full with his dripping erection?

"Brat, just –"

Naruto's lashes fell half-mast, somehow managing to stare him down from his submissive position on the floor. Minato watched a flicker of pink slide against dry lips, moistening them and… god. Moist, hot, tight

"Do it quickly, before I do…!"

And the English teacher would not admit to that being anything less than a command. Those eyes, already so dark, darkened again at the order, mouth lowering slowly and at last engulfing the head in his warm orifice. The boy parted his legs wider with eager hands, settling himself between them more comfortably and began to flick a tongue out to tease him, dexterously swirling and fondling his erection, tracing the vein underneath. His tongue was wicked, diving into the slit and Minato's head lolled back against the chair, hand forcibly grabbing the little demon and driving him down farther, driving him just the way Minato liked it. Naruto hummed in acquiescence at the silent command, bobbing up and down in his lap like an obedient slave, and surely Naruto's ears were ringing with the low moans of ecstasy gifted to him as he picked up his pace.

Minato fought hard not to plow the boy's mouth, not that he could have even if he wanted to. Strong hands were bracing his hips, keeping them in control but not totally restrained as the mouth on him worked harder. Minato panted loudly, making a variant of immoral moans, all of which he was unable to hold back as Naruto used some amazing skill (or experience) to his absolute advantage. He plunged down to the base with ease only a whore could dream of and Minato watched in fascination, unable to communicate how good this felt with noise alone and unable to look away.

It was so good, and he wanted to meet the boy's eyes, eyes that were concentrated, face scrunched in a way that communicated just how much he wanted his sensei to really like this. Finally, lusty blue eyes looked up, beautiful and he couldn't help it, there was an impossible tightening in the pit of his being. His hips lurched forward unhinged and Naruto let him.

Minato was divested of all consciousness as he began to enter a higher level of being, pleasure so grand he couldn't personify it with sound. Minato threw his head back, crying out again and again as Naruto hummed pleasantly around him and granted him pure heaven as he deep-throated him over and over. Minato's growls were feral, snapping in and out with his hips, hard and fast, in essence abusing the boy's mouth for his own satisfaction. Minato twisted hands fiercely in yellow locks and in retaliation felt the grip on his sides turn iron.

Naruto surprised him one last time, and he made a choking sound as his balls were fondled, rolled in a sweaty palm. Minato felt the world shudder around him, and buried himself deep in that warm heat one last time before releasing his load. He could feel the heat around him, clenching and milking him dry as Naruto did his best to swallow what he could.

Sitting back Naruto's eyes were a bit watery, looking like a pleasantly disheveled mess. His lips were dark from the misuse and his forever-tussled hair was a spiking chaos on the boy's head, thanks to Minato's using it as leverage to drive the boy's head up and down on his prick. He wondered if his own was as tossed and sweaty.

Quickly Naruto wiped away stray saliva and cum with a tissue from Minato's desk and sighing satisfactorily, cleared his throat before questioning bluntly, "Better, Sensei?"

Minato sat lethargic in his chair, lounging and boneless after such a satisfactory release for another minute before his heated skin cooled down and he held his hips up, sliding his pants back on and securing his belt once more.

He watched the boy as he cleaned up, trying to make himself presentable and not look like he'd just given Minato the best head ever.

He hadn't orgasmed like that in years…

He glanced down languidly at dark blue eyes shining with lust and satisfaction. Then the realization of what just occurred hit him head on, like two bullet trains colliding at top speed.

Fucking hell! That wasn't supposed to happen!

He hastily jumped to his feet and grabbed Naruto's forearm, pulling the boy up. Naruto was slightly disoriented for a moment, and Minato took that to his advantage as he lead the boy to the locked door, mumbling hastily, "You need to leave."

Naruto yanked his arm free from his sensei's grasp, staggering back. He stared at him in utter disbelief. Did he really just say…?

"What do you mean I have to leave-?" The boy hissed, seething in his confusion.

"I shouldn't have let that happen, and now that it has, you need to leave immediately," Minato squared his shoulders, preparing for battle. Intimidation was the key, make the kid believe you. This was one time where his acting skills could not fail.

"Leave? You wanted it! Fuck, we both did, and you can't seriously look me in the eye and say you didn't enjoy it. That you didn't love fucking my face, that you didn't love coming down my throat and –" the boy was borderline yelling, taking a dangerous step forward.

"Yes, okay! I did! " Jesus, he'd wanted it like nothing he'd ever wanted before, he'd been fascinated by this exotic nymph. This sinful siren who'd taken advantage of his weakness, the only one he truly lost inhibitions with. He had to let this go – he had to resist! It was just so wrong… so very wrong.

Minato met Naruto's blazing blue eyes and spoke slowly, not trying to persuade the boy why it couldn't work but why it could never be, "You're still a student, Naruto. I'm your teacher, and as a staff of this educations system, by law it's illegal and corrupt. Everyone else would see it as me taking advantage of you and possibly… um, leading you astray… gender wise, I mean."

Naruto growled, noting the sense that all made but before he could open his mouth to retort Minato cut him off, exasperated, "Yes! I did enjoy it. In fact, I don't know if you know how pleasurable that really was but I'm still not going to allow it to happen again."

The boy still looked reluctant to back down.

"Because you're a teacher," he growled. It was a fact, not a question.

Minato stepped forward to grab Naruto, he'd remove the boy himself if he wasn't going to do it willingly, "Yes, because I'm your teacher. And technically, you're still a minor."

The boy only shook him off, "I'll be eighteen s–"

Minato couldn't stand much more of this.

"No! It doesn't matter! You can't stay here," it wasn't an accident his voice had dropped, rumbling with darkness, aphotic at the boy's unshakable resolve.

"Fuck you."

Stubborn cerulean skies would not budge. It was hard to keep his own eyes just as determined.

"Naruto –"

"No!" Naruto suddenly shot forward and, before he could react, Minato was pinned against the wall of the room.

"You can't just use me, Sensei," he whispered dangerously into Minato's ear. "You can't use me and then expect to get rid of me so easily."

The boy fisted his collar and suddenly wet, warm lips moved fiercely against Minato's own resistant ones. He opened his own to protest but a lightning fast tongue dove in, muffling his objections. His mind melted and his protests died out in a long moan. Lust was clouding his better judgment as he rightfully assumed dominance, taking control of the kiss and pulling the boy closer. He dueled with the young blonde before shoving the boy's tongue aside, delving inside to memorize every corner. It would be so easy to give in now, to forget the outside world and accept what Naruto was offering, right here and now.

Blood was rushing back towards his groin, and somehow, logic chose that moment to come barreling back with a vengeance.

Minato shoved the boy away fiercely, and again Naruto looked pissed, "Fuckin' stop that already! Quit touching me, you little demon!"

Even to his own ears his voice sounded breathless and gently he continued on, "We can't. Why can't you see that…?"

Naruto stood silent for several seconds, scrutinizing Minato heavily, nothing but their heavy panting to break the silence that had descended.

Finally it seemed like some sense hit the boy, "I know you still want this, almost as much as I want you…"

Minato was tempted to raise an eyebrow… Just how long had this crush on him been going for?

"…but I'm not going to give up now that I have you in my site. Make no mistake sensei, by the time this is over, you'll be powerless to stop me."

Technically that was a threat, one that already had some weight behind it. So this was only the beginning? Resisting earlier had been the hardest thing he'd ever done. If Naruto got any more forward, Minato was doomed.

Naruto turned to go then and Minato sighed tiredly, at least the boy was leaving though. And willingly. He didn't want to be arresting for charges of assault on a student but Naruto even closed the door behind him.

A few minutes were dedicated to watching the door, making sure he really wouldn't come back. After that he sat down and let loose a massive, long-suffering sigh. Only him, only something like this could happen to him.

It was in his best interest to relax, calm down and try to prevent his mind from wandering back to what he'd previously been involved in. He told himself to forget it but it was almost impossible. Forget whose mouth he'd been kissing? Forget whose mouth had been…? Papers! He still needed to grade papers!

That proved to be less of a distraction than he thought though and eventually his brain stopped concentrating on the task, the dull, continuous drift of pen over paper not enough to stop the onslaught.

Papers… Literature essays. Naruto's literature essay. Done. Early. Dammit, was he forever cursed to think of that boy?

He stared at the tall stack of ungraded papers, waiting on him almost impatiently and his pitiful pile of finished papers pouted at him from the far left.

Yes, he answered himself.

He was well and truly fucked.

Setting down his pen Minato stretched leisurely and looking left had a mini dance party noticing the pile there had grown. Grading papers was never fun but always a great accomplishment, and definitely something to celebrate. Somehow, even with flashbacks of his eventful evening looming close by, he'd managed to stay on task and there was the product. Red ink glared garishly from the paper he was just on and staring at it, he frowned.

He rarely ever stayed working this late, and that was proven by the janitor's surprise at seeing him there so late in the evening. What else was he to do though? He'd virtually wasted away his entire afternoon by thinking of the problem between him and his wayward student. And then there was the even bigger problem that had just recently occurred between them not two hours ago!

He'd thought about it and really, no matter which way he looked at it, there was no way to make something like the two of them work together. A relationship with a student was extremely risky business but even with preparatory cautions you were bound to slip up. Everyone made mistakes and when they did he would lose everything; his public image, his job as a result, and even Naruto. Nothing good could come from a sexual liaison between the two of them. Nothing besides the pleasure and the thrill.

Minato shot a glance at his clock and then out the minuscule window in his classroom, the sun had fallen nearly two hours ago and he normally would have been home by now, curled up in his covers. He looked back at the stack still waiting and decided he wouldn't be able to complete anymore tonight. He was tired and nearly maxed out emotionally; it wouldn't do to push it any farther.

So without further ado, he started to collect his things, locking the door as he headed out to his car. The janitors had really been on him lately about locking his classroom after he left so he'd been making the effort to try.

Slowly he made his way out the building, and the night air was cool against his skin. Clouds lazily obscured the crescent moon above and it was an ominous image really, made more so by the lone care in the teacher's parking lot. Suddenly filled with foreboding, Minato hastened to it, dress shoes crunching loudly against the pavement.

The sound of nothing disconcerted him; there should have been something, some noise.

His keys jingled loudly and just as he opened the car door, a voice way too close stopped him short. He froze, apprehension thudding against his chest where his heart should be and mind racing. That foreboding— he'd known something was up.

"Hello Minato-sensei," a familiar tone drawled out.

Flipping around, he was instantly met with a shock of blond hair and laughing blue eyes.

Silently he cursed, God forbid the demon harbinger be struck down right where he stood. But no, the heavens weren't done testing his tenacity yet.

"Naruto, what-"

Naruto cut him off eerily, "It's time…"

Minato clutched the suitcase in his hand tightly, no, this could not be happening… not again.

Naruto ran nimble fingers up his front, ghosting over the thin cotton and polyester, making him shiver despite himself. Leisurely, the boy began to unbutton his top, button after button slipping out until Minato's shirt fell open to expose a tanned chest underneath. Eyes bore into delicious skin and the teacher's breath caught in his throat as the boy suddenly looked up, eyes projecting something inhibited and feral.

Naruto was the perfect predator, personified. One, if he was honest, he wouldn't mind letting devour him whole.

"Let the hunt begin."


Well... I hope you liked it! TeacherXStudent are so hott :3 So I enjoy writing it immensely.