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Skipper was getting ready to get the hussie. He decided to go alone and let the others freshen up a bit and get ready for her arrival. He was lucky that Alice was too busy with cleaning up to notice the visitor at the entrance of the zoo. He quickly made it to the gates.

Though it was 1203 hours already, there was no one to be seen. Not that he expected anything else from a female, he cursed under his breath for her lack of punctuality. But what could he do about it? That was just the way women were, they always had something to do last minute and he could know it because he had been a married man.

"Come on!" he whispered impatiently. It was then he was greeted by a cloud of smoke. He coughed and waved his flipper to make the smoke evaporate. And there she was, the hussie. She looked a little older than the last time they met but still good enough to arouse a man.

"Finally," he said, not showing his true feelings. It wasn't in his nature to show a woman that he was attracted to her. Besides, she was here for the boys now.

"Patience, my friend, it's all about patience," the female spoke with a low voice as she blew another cloud of smoke in his face from her cigarette in a holder.

"Will you cut it out, woman?" He tried to grab the cigarette tube but she kept it out of reach.

"Relax; don't get yourself exhausted before it's time to pay. It's not like you're getting any younger..." She extinguished her cigarette against the wall that bordered the zoo.

"So how are things going in 'Central Park Zoo'," she said arrogantly though he could hear the jealousy in her voice, she was stuck in the Hoboken Zoo while he and his team were pampered in here.

"All right. But how are you?"

"Ha! How do you think?" she ricocheted sarcastically.

"I see, you can always stay here if you want but..." They both knew this was impossible but he had to ask it to clear his conscience.

"Right, one chick and four guys... Oh well, I can't complain, I have a new roommate now, he's a cute little Dane, almost as cute as you are!" She pinched his cheek like a granny would do with a kid.

He slapped her flipper away with his, trying to hide his jealousy. But what else did he expect from a hussie? He could've had her when he was young, but he had chosen for his career.

"Look, I want you to deflower my boys, that's all."

"You do know my price for deflowering is high? It's not like there's much fun for me."

"I know, don't worry about it, you'll get your fun."

"Good. So these 'boys' of you, what can I expect?"

"The tall one is mature but he doesn't understand emotions or women, make sure you hit him at the right spot before he starts to flip. The little one's scared to death, so go easy on him, will you? Better watch out for the big one, he's mentally disturbed, the trick is to tire him out but I don't think you'll have a problem with that."

"I had my share of creeps, I can handle him," she answered while diving into her purse. "Besides, I got this!" she said while holding a little container with tranquilizers in front of him.

"What's that?"

"It can make a leopard seal sleep for aeons."

"What? You can't put my psycho in a coma, I still need him!"

"Fine, I'll use pepper-spray!"

By the time they reached the penguin habitat, Kowalski, Rico and Private were clean again and nervously watching the hole in the ceiling under the feeding trough. Kowalski kept himself calm thinking about complex algebra, Rico was still struggling to get his head feathers flat that seemed to be as stubborn as a mule and Private ate one peanut butter winkie after the other making his beak all dirty and sticky.

When the feeding trough was lifted and daylight filled the habitat with a ray of light, the three penguins halted their activities and watched the entrance curiously. Whatever their opinions about the female sex were, they've never met a female penguin for real. They heard they look pretty much alike but there was a manual needed to comprehend them.

Skipper preceded the hussie into their home. She landed on the floor with a soft thud, fixed her feathers and watched her pupils with an amused smile. At least the tall one was handsome and the little one was so cuddly. The big one looked rather nasty even though he attempted to look smooth, so she decided to avoid eye contact. She'd guys like that before and they have the weirdest requests.

Kowalski smiled charmingly and that didn't go unnoticed by Private who had a tough time hiding his jealousy. Rico only stared with his tongue hanging out of his beak; she looked fuckable enough for him.

"Boys, meet the Hoboken Hussie. Hussie, these are my boys." Skipper introduced his soldiers to the lady.

The guys silently greeted the female, not knowing what to do next. Were they supposed to get in action now or wait till she gave a sign? And who would go first?

Kowalski would hate to go after Rico, Private would let the others go first so he might find a way to escape in the meantime and Rico didn't want to wait at all. He started a series of incomprehensible grunts at the prostitute, who completely ignored him.

"That's enough, Rico; you'll get your chance!" Skipper said while he pushed him away from the female.

"Awww..." the mad man grunted, he didn't want to wait. The sooner he had his satisfaction, the sooner he could start to make up with Ms Perky again. He kept her safely in his bed bunker so she didn't have to know. He thought this education could only be helpful, but he knew how jealous women could get. Maybe he was selfish, but if he didn't do this he might harm her again.

"I think I'll start with a show to warm them up, I need music and light to create an intimate atmosphere in this place." She looked around with a pensive frown; this place was a dump and could use a romantic touch.

"What?" Skipper shouted confused. "Just do your thing woman!"

"I will do my 'thing' if you give me the right equipment!" She screamed hysterically, the only reaction Skipper expected and to his own surprise he liked it. In fact, he wanted to take her this minute, but that wouldn't be a good example of self-discipline for his men. Besides, a man his age knew that patience would be rewarded in the end.

"Fine! Need anything else?" he added sarcastically.

"At the moment, no," she answered while she looked for the right place to put up her show, the higher platform would make a perfect podium.

The other guys were nailed to the ground, they had no idea what to expect from this 'show'. Rico thought it was boring and wanted to start the action, Kowalski tried to imagine what this show would be like and Private was making up excuses to get dismissed.

"Skipper, I think I'm going to be sick tonight..." the young bird complained holding his tummy.

"You shouldn't have eaten so many winkies!" Skipper answered. "Kowalski, give this cry baby some antacids!"

The brainiac penguin was glad he had a task to perform. Rico shivered at the very thought of antacids and what damage they could cause to him. If he wasn't able to vomit something every hour, he'd risk imploding and that wasn't a pleasant idea. Like that one time the crazy zoo keeper woman, Alice gave him some of this anti-vomiting stuff and he almost got killed.

Kowalski led Private to the first aid cabin he had in his lab. The younger penguin waddled behind the intelligent penguin looking at his feet. He could barely hold his tears, the man he loved was about to fuck that woman. If that wasn't bad enough, he was expected to have sex with her as well. He wouldn't know what to do and she looked rather mean.

"Kowalski, about last night, do you still think there's a possibility for you and me..." the young one started dejectedly.

"I don't know, Private. We don't have female company every day and I don't want to let this chance slip through my flippers. But I wouldn't worry about it too much if I was you, tomorrow she's gone and everything will be back to normal." The elder penguin told the little one while he handed him some pills for his stomach.

"That's just the problem, you'll be inventing all day again, dreaming of Doris or maybe of this... this slut!" Private spat in Kowalski's face, throwing the pills on the floor, surprised of his own anger. He pushed the taller penguin aside and left Kowalski astonished.

Kowalski never expected Private to be this rude. If he had known the younger bird was so serious about this, he would've never given him the impression there was any hope for them to be together this way. Still, he thought he had made it clear he didn't feel the same about him. He felt so sorry for the little guy, but he couldn't start a relation with him based on pity.

Private ran passed Skipper and Rico, almost sweeping them off their feet. The two shared a worried glance and watched him go to the bed bunkers. Private halted in front of Rico's bed, watching Ms Perky with her eternal smile.

"You can still smile about it," he said wiping the tears away. At the moment he wished he was like the doll, that he didn't feel the stings of jealousy penetrating his heart and soul. Rico could fuck the whole zoo and still she would smile, always content with or without his presence. Little did he realize Rico didn't feel the same about that, to him she had these feelings; to him she would be devastated if she would ever find out he was unfaithful to her.

"At least he'll return to you after he had his fun with that woman, but Kowalski will never be mine..." he whimpered. He felt the urge to hold someone, even if it was just a plastic doll. He took her in his arms, giving her a sister hug to make the feelings of emptiness and neglect disappear for both of them.

Kowalski got out of his laboratory feeling like a total jerk for toying with Private's feelings. He never thought he would be the first to hurt the little guy's feelings so bad. He knew he didn't understand emotions but now he felt heartless.

"There you are!" Skipper stopped him from thinking and looked up at him with a glare. "What took you so long and why is Private so upset?

"I think it's the stomachache that's upsetting him, don't worry though, he'll be fine," Kowalski lied. "Maybe it's better he stays in bed this afternoon."

"If you say so," the leading penguin answered, not entirely convinced. He hated it when his men resigned duty, but for once he'll give the little guy the benefit of doubt.

"Rico, get Alice's iPod! Kowalski, get the Christmas lights!" The said penguins raised brows and shared a questioning glance. Were they going to have a party? They just wanted to get a good fuck and continue their business, but Skipper's wish was their command.

Rico waddled to the entrance muttering things no one should hear. Kowalski went to the cellar to get those lights; the thought of disentwining those damn lights didn't make him any happier. Why did Skipper do exactly what that woman said, or let them do it for him? Wasn't she here to offer them a service, not the other way around? He hoped this show was worth it but he didn't count on it, his day was spoiled after Private's outburst.

Alice was still cleaning up the mess after the stockings incident. The only thing that kept her mood stable was the music the iPod spread through her ears and the thought of another date with her new boyfriend.

Rico sneaked up on her with a water pistol in his flippers, he hid behind a popcorn cart, aiming to shoot. When she had her back turned to him, bent forward to pick up another pair of stockings, he shot.

"What the?" She turned around angrily, searching for the idiot that wet her. "Stupid kids..." While she was distracted Rico quickly snatched her iPod out of her back pocket. He hoped this show was really good, because touching that woman's butt appalled him. But he got his price and swallowed it.

The music stopped, before Alice could see what happened to her iPod, Rico was gone. She palpated her back pocket in search for the iPod. "Hey! Who stole my iPod?"

When Rico returned to HQ, Kowalski was entangled with Christmas lights. The mad penguin's beak curled in an amused smile.

"It's not funny, Rico! Better lend me a flipper!" Rico only scratched his butt, muttered something and went to his dolly. He figured he still had some time to brush her hair and sweet-talk to her, so she wouldn't suspect anything about his whereabouts tonight. He'd make sure she would sleep through all this and in the morning she'd have herself an experienced lover.

When he arrived in their sleeping place, he saw Private sleeping in his bed. When he neared the little penguin with his back turned to him, he shook his shoulder to wake him up. Private turned around, to see who woke him. He saw Rico and smiled, never realizing he was in his bed, holding his girlfriend.

Rico exploded; he yanked Private out of his bed, peeled his flippers off of his dolly and threw him aside. He couldn't believe she cheated on him. She must have heard something; someone had told her what he was planning to do. He couldn't believe the little private was able to do what he wasn't, and she was still in one piece. He never saw this coming, not from Private, maybe Skipper or Kowalski, but him?

"It's not what it looks like, Rico! Nothing happened; we just comforted each other that's all!" Rico glared at him, shouting angry words at him in his own language.

"You got to believe me, I've no feelings for Ms Perky whatsoever!" the small penguin begged for mercy but that didn't stop Rico from hitting him hard on the head with Ms Perky. The doll landed several times on the little penguin's head until he lost his consciousness.

He hugged and kissed Ms Perky, trying to get an explanation from her but he already knew why she'd done it. He failed as a boyfriend, he deserved it and he had to leave her alone. He laid her on his bed and left with tears in his eyes, forgetting about Private.

"Rico, where's that iPod!" Skipper cried impatiently, did he have to ask everything twice? He had been too generous lately, letting them have too much time off. They're getting lazy and disobedient. If they didn't change their ways, he'd drag them to court-martial.

Rico spat out the asked object with an absent glance in his eyes. Why hadn't he seen this coming? With Private? He was merely a man. Maybe she longed for a tender man, one who didn't harm her when making love. He'd have to try harder than ever to get things right.

Kowalski had finally managed to entangle the Christmas lights, he hated this task. He hadn't had the time to think about Private while he was busy, but now he started to feel dreadful again. The poor little guy didn't deserve to be treated like this. He deserved an apology and he would honestly tell him he couldn't be what he wanted him to be.

The tall penguin arrived at the sleeping place, horrified to see Private lying on the floor unconsciously, "What happened here?" He kneeled in front of Private and checked if he still breathed by looking for any movement of his chest.

To his relief, Private still breathed. He tilted his head to see a huge bump on the back of his head. He wondered what or who could've caused this and why. The little guy was too sweet to have enemies, unless he offended that hussie and she had hit him. He decided to question her about this.

"So you think I've hit your little friend on the head? You're so funny! Do you think I've nothing else to do?" She didn't look up at him while she polished her toe nails.

"I know it sounds silly but he's not really fond of you visiting us and I thought he might have offended you..." Kowalski began to doubt if he was following the right trail.

"Is that so?"



"He's gay..."

"So what's the problem? If he's not interested in women, then I don't sleep with him, it's that simple."

"No it's not, he's in love with me and now he's jealous of you."

"I see."

"Guess you didn't hit him then..." Kowalski ended the conversation, realizing she hadn't done it and he didn't feel like telling her how he treated his friend.

"No, I haven't."

He left the female and went back to check on Private, who laid in his bed now. He started to regain consciousness, groaning as he felt the pain at the back of his head.


"No, it's me," Kowalski answered.

"Where's Rico?"

"Last time I saw him, he was helping Skipper with the music."

"He hit me..."

"What? Why?"

"I hugged Ms Perky and fell asleep..."

Kowalski let out a chuckle; he should've known this was Rico's work.

"Is he still angry?" Private was scared of another attack.

"I've no idea, he looked absent though. I don't think he'll harm you anymore, he probably thinks this is his own fault..."

"Sorry about my outburst, Kowalski."

"I'm sorry for giving you false hope, Private."

"So we're still friends?"

"Of course! Now you stay in bed while I'll help Skipper and Rico. And don't worry about tonight, you're dismissed from duty." Kowalski winked an eye at the young penguin.

"Thanks." He was happy they had this talk; it was no use being angry at Kowalski for being straight. He wouldn't stand in his way if he wanted to sleep with that female. Maybe he'll realize sex with females was overrated, after all, he didn't understand women anyway.

Skipper, Rico and Kowalski made the last preparations for the Hussie's show. The Christmas lights hung up, they had stolen an iPod dock station from Alice's office and the Hussie had her make up on.

They were seated at a table in front of the improvised podium. Rico had arranged the drinks, all with a suspiciously high alcohol level but Skipper and Kowalski decided to leave him be. Kowalski knew he had other fish to fry and if it helped him overcome his heartache, then who was he to stop him. As long as he stayed away from Private it was fine by him. Skipper liked his drinks too, but he learnt from previous parties that Rico and alcohol was a bad combination, so he kept an eye on him.

The Hussie turned the wheel on the iPod to find the right music for her show. Something suggestive that set the right tone. She still doubted who she'd do first, maybe the crazy guy before he got too drunk and once he was under she could have more fun with the handsome guy. Still, there was nothing better than to be in the flippers of an experienced man who knew how to handle a woman.

As the music started, the guys fell silent and watched her doing her thing.


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