Kitana stretched her arms above her head, deepening her curves and persuading Sub-Zero into exploration. He did so without hesitation and his cold hands tugged the hem around her breast downward, exposing her full breasts and ashen skin. He began rubbing his face against her chest and exhaling freezing clouds of mist against her bare body; she moaned in response and ran her palms over his head and shoulders, tucking her hands under his arms and moving his face level with hers.

He kneeled over her, his eyes flashing in the moonlight as they swept over her flushed face. He leaned on one elbow and with his other hand began cupping and squeezing her breast with cold skin, coaxing goose bumps over her pristine complexion. As he teased her, he lowered his hips to hers and pressed his heated bulge against the gap between her legs, observing her widening eyes.

"Oh, please!" she begged and her fingers dug into the flush under his arms in desperation.

Sub-Zero laughed, blowing puffs of cool condensation against her neck. He spread her legs and draped them over his thighs as he pressed the tightening cloth of his pants against her bare crotch. She gave a humming whine as she closed her eyes, her hands still tight against his muscles. He could feel her wetness seeping into the fabric and his carnal response was spiraling out of control. He moved against her again more aggressively to feel her heat and Kitana was taken aback by how warm the pressing urgency was against her. After all, their intimacy so far had been fire against ice.

Kitana reached between her legs and began caressing her palm over his trapped erection, causing him to release a strong exhale that clouded steam against her rosy cheeks. "Grab me," he prompted in a throaty tone and she did so, her body becoming weak with lust at the recognition of his size. He laughed, cupping her breasts with freezing palms that leaked streams of melting ice. She continued to grab and rub him as her fingers sunk into the fabric around his length and probed greedily. "Go on," he suggested in a soft, deep voice as he nuzzled the brisk material of his face mask against Kitana's chin.

Her hands shaking, she pried the waist of his black pants downwards just enough to fit her small fingers underneath. He was incredibly warm and the familiarity was creating a gentle drunk feeling that still contained underlying excitement. In very little time she found his hardness and ran her fingers over his tip, feeling him spasm at the pleasure. A moan crept from her throat and she reflexively lifted her hips.

"Slow down," he teased her, the corners of his eyes wrinkling with a smile she could only imagine. He held his upper weight with one hand and with the other joined her at his waist, encouraging her warm palm with his own cold and momentarily closing his eyes to savor it.

Kitana grew impatient and slowly pulled the front of his pants down further, exposing him to her. She gazed with glazed eyes as she stroked him, his erection slick with the thaw from his hands. Then she moved her hands away and arched her back, lifting her eagerness to him. Sub-Zero watched in complete focus as she did so, the swelling feeling in his stomach beginning to overwhelm him. He observed as she ran her wet opening over his length and moaned in approval. The feeling was incredibly testing and her partner hissed through his mask.

"Go," she encouraged and lifted herself again, this time not teasing him with her heat but waiting for him.

He studied the spread flesh between her legs with an internal hunger that began seeping throughout his body, desperately asking him why he was waiting so long to take action; she was obviously ready. But driving in without any hesitation led to emptiness he meant to avoid – he wanted her to come close to crying for it, to create a connection he would then fulfill with all of his yearning and power.

As he hesitated Kitana began rubbing her own fingers over her opening, teasing herself and crying out. The instant reaction from Sub-Zero was one of lustful jealousy; his brain pushing him to replace the knuckles that were plunging so deeply. But he held back, his blue eyes sliding up and down over her body as it trembled and sweat, her sounds causing him to throb from the restraint. As she invaded herself she shifted her hips in a rhythm, her moans signaling the intense, perfect friction it caused.

Sub-Zero felt cold sweat forming along his neck and chest as his heart rate rose. This was driving him crazy.

Swiftly, he moved forward and downwards. He gently pushed her hand away and pressed his face against hers as he forced half of his length into her. Kitana's stomach became rock-hard from her physical brace of his width and then she groaned so loudly her partner almost rushed his patience. "Oh God," she whispered and her hands looped around his sides, her chin tipping back in ecstasy. "Oh God."

Sub-Zero pulled back, emptying her and waiting for begging which occurred almost immediately. Heeding her willingness he drove in again to the same length, listening to every groan and sigh. He repeated the motion and snuck in more length. Soon Kitana was whining with each exhale, her fingers wrapped around the blue fabric of his shoulders and back. Knowing what she wanted, he tugged her down roughly as he slid himself into her completely.

"Ohhhh fuck!" her cry was incredibly rewarding and she pulled so sharply on his clothing that he almost fell on top of her, catching his weight at the last minute. She was babbling now, tight and spasming around his length, her body hot with lust. Sub-Zero groaned along with her, gazing into her half-open eyes with his own icy gaze, his affection for her peaking with their intimate contact.

With great care he began to create a rhythm; backing almost all the way out before pushing in again with detailed, focused thrusts that coaxed long moans from his partner. His hands cupped her breasts and her sides, exploring her body with very little attention as his face remained close to hers, gusting cool breaths of steam on her already damp cheeks. Her neck was arched with stiffness and her mouth was constantly in gape from the overwhelming stimulation. Every so often she would open her eyes to look at him and try to smile before falling back into pleasure.

Sub-Zero quickened his pace when he felt himself losing control, hoping his ability to deliver so far would not be broken by his body's crumbling patience. With one hand he held the back of her thigh, helping to lift her with each meeting to get as deep as he could and listen to her encouraging moans.

Suddenly she began to yell and she held to him tighter, craning her neck to press her forehead to his shoulder as she came, flexing tightly around him. He grunted as he moved faster, testing himself as he pushed her to climax a second time. She was wailing at him, saying his name and holding onto the back of his neck as he lifted her onto his lap, bringing her up and down onto him. Water streamed down her flanks from his palms as he worked her lovingly, pressing his cold face to the crook of her neck and breathing in short, desperate gusts.

Kitana felt his chest seize as he came, the strong muscles of his arms flexing against her in his ecstasy. Finally he took a breath again, his mask flush with steam as he dribbled down her thighs. She was soundless, collapsing against his broad chest and barely gripping to him. He slid out from her and sighed as he did so, his body trembling in wear and hormones. She was becoming heavy with his fizzing of adrenaline and he allowed his tested frame to rock backwards onto the grass, allowing Kitana's soaked body to rest with him.

He readjusted his pants and closed his eyes, waiting for the strange crinkling of crushed grass to fade from his ringing ears. He could think of nothing but what had just happened and even his strictly trained mind wasn't prepared for the feelings he was experiencing like tides on a shore. Above all, he was tired.

Just as he was about to sleep when he felt warm lips against his cheekbone and he slowly opened his eyes to see his flush lover kissing the bare parts of his face affectionately. He smiled despite the barrier and pressed his forehead against hers.