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Chapter 1: Keep Watching, You Might Miss Everything

"Tohru!" Shigure yelled pathetically as Kyo attempted to punch him. "Oh, Tohru please stop this senseless violence."

"Quit being so dramatic you sick pervert, maybe I wouldn't hit you if you didn't make sick remarks!" Kyo said as he punched a hole through one of the doors.

"Oh no my door," Shigure said with over done melancholy.

"Oh my, what's going on, why are you fighting," Tohru nervously rambled in that way she was so well known for.

"Don't worry Miss Honda," Yuki said as he stepped up beside her in the doorway, "They're just stupid sometimes, that's all." Tohru couldn't help but give a small sigh of relief as she saw Kyo stop his rampage and sit down at the table. Yuki sat down and looked up at Tohru with a smile. "I'm not sure what you've made for breakfast but it certainly smells wonderful," Yuki said with a kind smile.

"Oh well thank you," she said bowing her head, "Hold on one second and I'll bring it right out." She disappeared into the kitchen and within the minute she was back with enough food for each of them to have a good breakfast.

As everyone ate and finished their meal, Tohru pulled out a list of the groceries she would need for that nights supper. Kyo caught a glimpse of the paper and went back to eating.

"Well that was a fine meal, Tohru." Shigure said, leaning back in satisfaction.

"Thank you so much," Tohru said smiling to Shigure before standing. "Well, I need to go out and get these groceries before it starts to rain. Those clouds aren't looking so great," She added as she walked toward the door of the room to get her shoes. Kyo stood without a word and walked out of the room with his dirty dishes.

Tohru shut the door behind herself and began to walk. Smiling to herself as she usually did she couldn't help but let one worry creep into her mind. 'Why won't Kyo look at me…?' she wondered, turning her attention to her feet as they moved along over the dirt road. 'I don't think I didn't anything to offend him… Or maybe I did,' she thought in a panic.

Just then there was a rustling in the bushes and she stopped walking.

"H-hello? Who's there?" she asked, speaking out into the open air. "EEP!" she shrieked as a hand placed itself gently on her shoulder.

"Relax, it's just me, Tohru," Kyo said, watching Tohru try to calm down and get her heart rate back to normal.

"Oh, Kyo, I'm so sorry, I didn't even see you there," she said, smiling innocently as usual.

"Stop apologizing," he said looking irritated for a moment, then he smiled lightly, just a small grin. "Jeez you act like you offend me. It's a compliment for a martial artist like me to be told their presence was unknown," Kyo said, he began to smile a little bigger, letting his stealth mastery go to his head. Tohru smiled looking at him.

'Guess I didn't do anything wrong after all, he's looking at me now,' she thought to herself. She kept smiling as she looked ahead, seeing that they were starting into the town.

"Hey, Tohru," Kyo began, he sounded sincere and a bit uneasy. Tohru knew this tone, he used it when he was trying to convey something emotional or heartfelt. "I-," he stopped short as he pulled Tohru out from in front of a car. "I can't believe how dumb you are sometimes, you just walked out in front of a car!" he shouted, holding her arm protectively. He deeply wished that he could hug her to him, but they both knew the consequence of that action. Losing his nerve he dropped what he had been about to say.

"Oh, oh wow I can't believe I did that, I didn't even see it," she said, marveling at herself. "Thank you, Kyo, you saved me," she said, noticing he was clutching her arm rather tightly before he let go and put his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, come on, let's get you to the grocery store before something else goes wrong," he said leading her along toward the store. She followed silently but smiled lightly like she usually did. It didn't take long for them to pick up all the things on Tohru's list. Kyo carried most of the bags, allowing Tohru to carry only one. She didn't want to feel like she wasn't helping out.

"Hmm, it still hasn't rained. Do you think it will Kyo?" She asked curiously looking up at the sky for some kind of sign. Kyo would know if there were rain coming. It was the kind of thing the cat could feel.

"I don't know, it feels like it could go either way at this point," Kyo said, giving it his best guess for Tohru's sake. "But just in case it does rain, let's get home before it does." Kyo said, hurrying on to the road to their home. Tohru agreed, keeping pace with him as she hurried home with Kyo.

Tohru was finishing with the dishes, walking through the kitchen to put some away, when she noticed Kyo out in the back yard. Yuki was there with him. It was a rare spectacle if ever there was one. She put the last of the supper dishes away and wandered into the yard, staying on the porch watching them as they sparred. Yuki, as always was beating Kyo mercilessly.

"You Damn rat! Hold still!" Kyo shouted as he threw a punch here and tried to land a kick there. Yuki dodged almost effortlessly as he usually did.

"You make this too easy, worthless cat," Yuki said, ever the calm one. "Maybe if you took a second to calm yourself and see what is going on instead of blindly throwing punches.

"Ugh, Shut up!" Kyo yelled as he threw his last punch. It was his last because Yuki Grabbed his punching arm as he dodged the punch and flipped Kyo, sending him flying onto the porch and into Tohru. She gasped as Kyo landed right on top of her, instinctively wrapping his arms around her to catch himself.

With a great rush of air and a poof, Kyo was suddenly a cat. Kyo angrily bristled the hair on his back and ran off, leaving his clothes sprawled on Tohru. She picked them up and quickly folded them, wondering where Kyo might have run to. Her first instinct was to get his clothes back to him. He wasn't going to stay a cat for long.

"Miss Honda!" Yuki said quickly coming to her aide. She stood up in a slight panic.

"Oh no! I'm sorry, I messed your fight up, I didn't mean to change him, do you think he's mad? Where did he go?" She asked, rambling apologetically. Yuki placed a hand on her head, and she looked up at him with big worried eyes.

"Calm down Tohru, I should be the one apologizing, I should have realized you were there. Forgive me," He said bowing his head politely. Tohru marveled at how polite he was.

"Oh, of course I forgive you, how could I be mad at you?" She said smiling once again. She remembered Kyo once again as she felt the cloth of his clothing in her hands. "Ah, I better find Kyo before he changes back," She said, knowing suddenly just where she could find him. It was where Kyo always went to sulk.

She excused herself from Yuki's presence and went straight to the roof where, just as he always was, sat Kyo. In his cat form he lay on the roof, staring out into the forest.

"Kyo…?" she asked, joining him on the roof. "I brought your clothes," she said, placing them on the roof where he could get them once he had changed. She could feel that he didn't seem to be in the mood to be bothered so she started back down off the roof. As she headed off, she was stopped by Kyo.

"Wait, you don't have to go," Kyo said, sitting up. "Tohru…" he said, trying to say something. All that come was silence though. She sat down on the roof watching him, waiting for him to speak. "Thanks, for my clothes." He said. She could tell it was just a cover for what he really wanted to say.

"You're welcome. Are you okay?" she asked, looking on in concern for her good friend.

"Yeah, I just…" he began, "I just wish I could beat Yuki, just once. But he's right, I get too worked up, and he stays calm and composed. It's the advantage he has over me. I'll never be a great fighter…" he said. Tohru could tell that he really meant it.

"Oh! No that's not true at all!" Tohru said quickly, she rushed over to his side to comfort him. "You are a great fighter, I've never seen anyone so amazing!" she proclaimed. Kyo suddenly came back to his human self in a cloud of zodiac dust and the animated Tohru turned away in embarrassment.

"Heh, thanks." He said reaching for his clothes. 'Why do you always know what to say..' Kyo thought to himself as Tohru continued to look away. "It's okay, I'm dressed."

"Wow, you are really fast at that," She commented as she let herself turn back.

"Seems to have become one of those skills acquired out of necessity lately." He said sarcastically. Tohru smiled as the joke sailed over her head. Kyo looked at her for a moment and then sat back down on the roof. She was too much some times, but never failed to be his favorite person. She was his light, and sense of relief. His comfort, and friend. He just couldn't admit to himself what she truly meant to him.

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