I walked into the living room the shoes clicking along the hardwood floor. It was senior prom and I was dressed in an aqua dress that was to low cut for my liking with brown strappy sandals, flats thank god. Alice was in the process of attacking Edward, making him presentable she said. I walked into the living room and was about to cut into the kitchen when I heard Emmett say
"You're something gay!" I quickly backtracked and looked at Emmett and Jasper who looked at me,
"I think I came into the wrong part of the conversation here" I said looking at the brothers.

"Bella, Jaspers a weirdo! Okay, sometimes he complains about Rosie and I kissing and other times he just stands and watches like a stalker!" Emmett said
I looked at Jasper with all seriousness, "The unsanitary swapping of saliva should not equal happy downstairs" I said, ending with a little blush, as always. Emmett laughed and Jasper rolled his eyes,
"Says you, I can sense the lust coming from you and Edward when you're in the meadow!" Jasper exclaimed,
"Burn!" Emmett commented and I felt like whacking him over the head.
"Well apparently you're something gay, so . . . I'll let you deal with your questioning sexuality on your own. But tell me how it works out" I smiled and walked into the kitchen to get a drink, I could hear Emmett Laughing.