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This was supposed to be a oneshot, but I hit a nice stopping so I thought I'd put it up. This will be two chapters in total.

This is probably the most OOC thing I will ever write. It's not absurdly OOC (yet) but just enough to get these characters into the situation they're going to get into.

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It wasn't until Eli and Adam – mostly Eli really – had polished off an entire bottle of champagne that I realized he was going to ruin all of New Year's Eve bugging me to have a drink.

"Come on, Clare. It's really good," Eli poked me in my side. We were sitting next to each other on the couch in his TV room while a very red-faced Adam leaned back in the recliner.

"You know, in school they always warn you about peer pressure and strangers at parties trying to convince you to try things you aren't supposed to be doing. They never mentioned the only person who would actually do something so mean is your very own boyfriend."

"Where's your sense of adventure? It's almost 2012. The world could end tomorrow."

I rolled my eyes. "You don't really believe that."

Eli laughed. "No, but I think New Years is a wake up call that time is passing us by, and we need to experience all that life has to offer. And for you, life is offering a glass of delicious champagne."

I sighed. "Well, you guys drank it all, so I guess I won't be able to try any."

Eli gave me a wicked grin and jumped off the couch. "I've got another bottle in the fridge."

"Crap," I said as he sprinted out of the room.

"Just have a glass," Adam said. "He's never going to leave you alone, and it's getting kind of annoying."

I didn't really want to drink. For one thing, I was underage (although, of course, the boys were too). But I had enough trouble keeping myself in control around Eli sober. I was worried about what I would let myself do if I wasn't completely in my right mind.

Eli came back with the bottle already opened and another champagne flute. He poured me a glass and handed it to me, looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

I took a tentative sip and he grinned. He sat down next to me, a little closer than he had before. "Well?"

"It's pretty good," I admitted.

Adam scoffed. "This is swill compared to the stuff Fiona drinks."

"Well, if Fiona would like to come back from New York and buy us $200 bottles, she's welcome anytime," Eli said. "But I'm on a budget and the $10 stuff works just as well."

Adam made a face. He and Fiona had broken up at the end of August when she left Toronto for college in New York City. Her family had sold her condo and Adam was convinced she was never going to come back. I knew he was still really hurting from their breakup. He really cared for her, probably even loved her, though he had never admitted that to me, but I knew part of his issue was that he didn't think he'd eve find another girl willing to accept him for who he was.

I took another sip and Eli's eyes lit up. "Are you just trying to get me drunk?"

"That's exactly what I'm trying to do."

I admired his honesty but it really made me uncomfortable. I put the glass down on the end table.

He picked it up and handed it back to me. "I'm not trying to get you liquored up so I can take advantage of you. I just want to see you let loose a little. See what you're like when you get a little tipsy." He placed a kiss on my neck. "Besides, I don't need to get you drunk to take advantage of you."

"Ugh, too much information guys," Adam said, keeping his eyes fixed on the TV.

I raised my eyebrows. "That isn't true and you know it." We'd done a lot of stuff but I was still holding onto my purity pledge, as difficult as it was to say no to Eli. Fortunately, as annoying as he was being tonight, he never did anything to pressure me into having sex. "And besides, I could always go home."

"But then who will I kiss at midnight? You have a year of bad luck if you don't kiss someone at midnight on New Years."

I smirked. "There's always Adam."

Eli laughed and Adam shot me a dirty look. "Keep me out of your dirty sex fantasies, Eli."

He held up his hands. "She was the one who suggested it. Obviously, I'd much rather kiss Clare than you."

Adam looked sad and I knew he was feeling like a third wheel, wishing he had someone to kiss at midnight. "Clearly I'd rather have bad luck than kiss you."

"Don't worry man. I'll let you borrow Clare for a minute, just to make sure your year won't suck."

Eli gave me a devilish grin. "Oh really?" I said. I took another sip of champagne and felt my cheeks flushing.

"I don't mind sharing," Eli said with a tone more serious than I would have expected based on his words.

My eyes widened. I glanced at Adam and he mouthed the word "drunk."

Of course. Eli had well over half a bottle of champagne and was pouring himself another glass out of this one. He obviously doesn't want me to make out with Adam.

I grabbed his glass out of his hand and took a big sip. "I'm cutting you off. You've clearly had too much."

He smirked. "I'll stop, as long as you keep drinking."

"You're kind of obnoxious when you're drunk," I said.

Adam laughed. "This is nothing."

I raised my eyebrows. I knew Eli and Adam would sometimes drink on their guys' nights, but I didn't think that was a frequent occurrence. He certainly didn't do it around me, at least not more than a glass of wine with Cece's spaghetti dinners.

"So Clare," Eli drawled, ignoring our comments. "It's five minutes to midnight. You haven't told me what your New Year's resolution is."

"That's because I don't have one."

"You have to have one."

"What's yours then?"

"To make you more adventurous," he said.

Adam snickered. "I'm pretty sure you're supposed to make resolutions for yourself."

"Oh, it is. I have so much to gain from Clare becoming more adventurous. It's very selfish on my part."

I smacked him on his arm lightly and he grinned back at me. "If you don't have a resolution, I could make one for you. Something like, 'I, Clare Edwards, pledge to have sex with my amazing boyfriend sometime in the next year. Preferably soon, but if not, maybe on his birthday.'"

Adam groaned and I gave Eli a smirk that rivaled his. "I'd be happy to take that pledge…" I paused and his eyes widened. "But it would have to be with a different boyfriend, because my current one clearly doesn't deserve to get any."

His face fell, and I thought I'd push him just a little farther to get back at him for teasing me all night. "Adam, you interested?"

Adam bit back a laugh at Eli's angry glare. "Do you think you guys could leave me out of your sexual charged banter? I'm just trying to enjoy the holiday and a nice champagne buzz without picturing these disgusting images."

"I don't know, Adam, it doesn't sound like Clare wants to leave you out," Eli said, his eyes narrowing accusingly.

"Eli, what are you…?" He seemed really angry at my joke, and I wasn't sure what to say to him.

"Guys, the ball is dropping," Adam said.

We tuned back to the TV and watched the countdown in silence. The tension between Eli and me was palpable. He removed his arm from the back of the couch and folded his arms over his chest. I fidgeted a little in my seat, taking a big gulp of my champagne. The alcohol wasn't really helping me clear my head, but I felt so nervous I had to do something with my hands.

I stood up and spoke along with the countdown and the boys followed suit. When the countdown ended, Adam said without enthusiasm, "Happy New Year."

I turned to Eli, expecting my good luck kiss, but he gave me a hard stare. "Why don't you kiss your other boyfriend?"

What on earth? I glanced at Adam who was looking down at his sneakers uncomfortably, and Eli raised one eyebrow, giving me a challenging look.

"Fine," I said, angrily. I walked over to Adam, pulled his face into my hands and kissed him.

I was only planning on kissing him for a second or two, and his hands which landed on my shoulders were definitely trying to push me away, but I was mad at Eli and Adam's lips felt so soft against mine that I pressed on, opening my mouth against his and prying his open with my tongue. He was still trying to resist me but his lips parted and his tongue darted out to meet mine three times before he finally pulled away.

"What the fuck, Clare?" Adam said.

I glanced over at Eli. I was expecting him to punch Adam or scream at me, but he looked more amused than angry. "This wasn't exactly the type of adventure I had in mind, but Clare is always full of surprises."

He stepped closer to me and I shivered at the intense look he was giving me. "Does this mean I get my New Year's Kiss now?"

His mouth was only an inch from mine. "Not yet," he said, using the sexiest voice imaginable. Instead of leaning into me, he took one more step to the right and kissed Adam, right on the mouth.

Adam shoved him away immediately and backed away from both of us. "What the fuck is wrong with you people?"