Father's Day

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AN: When it is Italicized that is a characters inner monologue.

~Chapter 1~

Every year on this day. Greg was reminded of his past. He couldn't watch the Television from all of the Commercials and Advertisements about this Day. A day where you are supposed to show Love and Thanks to your Father. Instead he was double checking the Locks on his doors and windows. He knew he wouldn't get a lot of sleep. He was plagued by a nightmare. What he wished was only a nightmare but, was his past.

Greg laid down in his bed. He tried to treat this day as any other day and night. He would read some of a book, have some Chamomile tea and listen to his music. Yet his mind kept drifting off. He couldn't concentrate. 'Every damn time'. He slammed his book on the bed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He was exhausted. He had worked a triple. By now he was usually so asleep if someone broke into his house he would sleep through it. Yet here he was, sitting up in bed trying not to sleep. Trying to keep the nightmares of the past away.

As he gave way to yet another yawn. 'That was like the Twenty-ith yawn in one minute'. He yawned again. 'Twenty one'. He took the bottle off the night stand. 'Hello again Thorazine'. Greg had to see a Psychiatrist every June. The Nightmares were unbearable. He took two pills out and popped them into his mouth. He took a swig of water from his glass. He would only have to wait a few more minutes before he wouldn't his Father's face, the knife, the basement. 'Don't go there Greg'. He laid down and bed and waited for the medicine to kick in. He had called his Mother earlier that day while he had a break.


Greg sat in the lounge and pulled out his phone. He had a Text from his Mother. "Call Me" was all it said. Every time this time of year she would text or call him. He pulled up her number and pressed Send. As he waited for her to pick up he laid back a bit in the chair. He still hadn't been sleeping well. When the medicine wore off he would have that nightmare. Awakening him earlier than he wanted. "Hello?". His mother answered. "Hi mom. I got your message. What's up?". He was smiling because she would always exaggerate of how he could be feeling today. "Honey, are you sitting down?". She asked nervously and also what sounded like fear. "Yes, Mom what's wrong?". He was so focused he didn't hear or notice the others walk in. Nick looked at Greg and was worried. Greg looked scared and had heard him say "What's wrong". Nick turned to the others. "Anyone know what's going on with Greg?". The others looked at Nick and then to Greg. "No". Each one had said to him. No one was really sure about Greg's life at this time. He did keep a lot to himself besides his hobbies and likes. Nick kept turning his head to where Greg was.

Greg was waiting for his mom to continue. "Mom?". He asked as he was met with silence from his previous question. He had walked out of there finally seeing the others and headed towards the garage. "Greg, honey. He's out". That was all she could say. He could hear her crying. He knew who she meant. He stood in a daze. 'He's out, He's out, He's out' was all he could think.

"When Mom?". He was hoping she could calm down enough to answer. "Late last week". She started crying again. "What? Why weren't we notified sooner?". He started to pace around. "Do you know what this means? Mom you have to get out of town for a bit. Don't tell me where, just go". Now he was panicking slightly and was trying to hide it. "No I can't leave you". She was still crying and even harder now. "Mom, you have to. I work with cops. If he tries anything I am protected. You're not". He had stopped pacing. "Mom, as much as I want to, I can't protect you from where I am. Go somewhere and don't think about it. Don't use your real name. Hide yourself till I fix this". He was sitting in one of the corners behind a Tool box. "Honey, we both know it isn't me he wants. It's you".