X-Men come together #5

"Mystique why hurt us we did nothing wrong!"said Wolverine. "You were born!"screamed Mystique. "But why hate humans and mutants? We are all equal!"said Xavier. After all you are a mutant too!"said Ororo. "Me and my team are planning to take over the world!" yelled Mystique. Mystique started screaming"Stupid Mutants you will pay!" "Just in time Spyke and who is this?"asked Logan. "This is Cassie, and I guess I should go get that Spike out of Mystique."said Spyke. "Yeah"said Storm. "What should we do about Mystique?" asked Logan. "She looks dead to me,"said Cassie. "I will take care of this matter with Magneto, I don't believe he is dead I can still feel his power, but what she said about having that team I do believe.

"Hey Cassie, the Professor wanted me to tell you about your name, and how about The Invisible?"said Evan. "Ummm no thats to heroey, how about Invisble Ice?" said Cassie. "I like it"said Evan. "Well I will tell the Professor, and Ororo is ready for you to go shopping.""Are you ready"asked Ororo?" "Sure" said Cassie. "Lets go in Old Navy first, I heard about that new discount on jeans"said Cassie. Later in the mall...... "Hey let go of my purse!"screamed a lady. "Ok Lets go Cassie we should ber able to stop this, you ready?"asked Ororo. "Yes"said Cassie. "You right there let go of that ladys purse!"said Invisble Ice. "Why should I you are just some stupid Mutants,come on lady give me that purse!"screamed the thief. Invisble Ice ran up invisble and grabbed the purse while Storm blasted the theif all the way across the room.

"I'm quite impressed with you 2 today"said Xavier. "Well what did you expect us to do?"asked Cassie. Soon they all were laughing."Today I want you 4 to go to the Danger Room and work with 7 other students, they could be part of the X-Men, so do your best and set a good example!"said Xavier.Later in the Danger Room. "Ok first person!" yelled Ororo. It was a skiny 15 year old boy who had the power to melt, he did ok but did not make it on the team. Next was a 11 year old boy that could turn to stone, but did not make it either. Then it was a 13 year old girl and she could turn into any animal, she was on the list where she would get interviewed and be told wether she made it or not. Next was a boy who was 19, he was ok but they did not let him in because he seemed to act like he would take control of the X-Men because he would be one of the oldest. Next was a 15 year old boy who could turn anything to water, he was on the list, and there was also a girl who could see through things and could shoot lasers through her eyes, she was on the list, and last was a boy who did not make it because he was only 7. They soon interviewed the 3, and 2 made it, the one that could turn things to liquid, and the one that could see through things. They were known as Water Guy,and C-Through. Their names were Mimi, and Alex.They were happy they made the team and now were part of the X-Men!

"Hey Mimi, you want to through a party this week, me and Ororo were talking about it, we could invite some of our friends!" said Cassie. "Umm not if Ororo is coming, I hate her, she acts like she is so important and is the best, I wish I was not part of this team or I wish she wasn't!!!!!!"said Mimi. "At first I felt like that, but she isn't she is nice!"said Cassie."Yeah and she is my aunt" said Evan as he heard the conversation. "Well I guess I could give her a try, but she is so mean!" yelled Mimi.

At Magneto's Mansion....... "Mystique has her own team" asked Magneto. "Yes"said Xavier. "I think we need to join together and be one team Magneto"said Charles. "I would, but I won't because first off Mystique is lieing, and you just fell for my trap!"yelled Magneto as Xavier fell into a cell "and you can communicate with your stupid team, but I have security gaurds everywhere.

To Be Continued