Title: Unseen
Author: Mad Hatter, L. Carol
Word Count: 100
Warning: References to "V is for Victory", Season 2, Episode 22
Characters: Phobos, Hay Lin, Ensemble (implied)

heir presumptive. noun. - a person scheduled to inherit a throne, peerage, or other hereditary honour, but whose position can be displaced by the birth of an heir or heiress apparent or of a new heir presumptive with a better claim to the throne.

50. Unseen

If anyone asked, he would deny it, of course. He was Prince Phobos, above all that silly nonsense. He didn't need any friends. He didn't even need companionship.

But for a moment, his shoulders were a little less defensively squared and his face, usually so carefully blank, allowed a genuine smile. A fleeting smile. Barely noticeable before the mask dropped into place again, but it was a smile, however small. For a brief fraction of a second, Phobos could pretend he was happy.

Hay Lin, the excitable one, forgot herself and hugged him as Will broke second place, surprising both.