The Ties that Bind


Hey everyone. This is the conclusion of the Sumdac trilogy – Sumdac End. As you've no doubt guessed, these chapters will take place during the Trans warp episodes. I will be doing some revisions so that I don't go completely by the episodes.

IN THE LIGHT OF THE GOOD NEWS! Megatron, Starscream, and a few Starscream clones were sent into the middle of nowhere in space. The other Cons, as well as the Constructicon's were sent on the run. Sure they were hiding, but at least they weren't causing trouble. The Autobots didn't have too many dents and scratches. And to top it off, the Sumdac family was reunited once again. And they were happy.

NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS! Omega Supreme was also sent into the middle of space. What's more is that he was in the middle of space with Megatron and Starscream. Blur was also in space. Hopefully safe. Sari is a robot. And Isaac never told her.

Problems, problems, problems - that's all the that day seemed to be filled with. Now they had family issues to deal with. Rachael felt caught in the middle of the fray. Isaac made her into a demon four years ago. Yeah, she was made at him for some time, but she eventually was able to forgive him. But this situation had one slight difference. As far as Rachael knew, Sari was born like every other kid. Never has she seen Isaac doing maintenance, upgrades, not even the slightest sounds of welding or hammering. But since she was older, Sari thought she was in on it.

The Sumdac's rode in Optimus so that they could talk. And Sari was angry at both her father and cousin. "Well, I'm waiting," she growled. Isaac and Rachael stammered, trying to figure out how to begin explaining. "Still. Waiting!"

"Let me start," Rachael whispered to Sumdac. He nodded. "Sari…where would you like me to start?"

"How about you start with why you never told me about what I am?" She barked. "Why you lied you lied to me?"

"Sari, I had no idea about any of this," Rachael stated desperately. "Nine years ago I was home with my mom and dad, watching Harry Potter, and eating popcorn." She explained. Sari was still glaring, not convinced. "The next thing we knew, Isaac was calling us and told us he had a baby girl." Sumdac slumped into the Optimus's seat. "We just thought it was weird because he wasn't married, he didn't have a girlfriend, and he's not able to give birth." Rachael put a hand on Sari head. "So we assumed he adopted you," she sighed, sadly. "I always believed you were adopted. I wanted to tell you more than anything, but Isaac said that wasn't the case."

"So what did he say?" she snapped, slapping Rachael's hand away. "Did he tell you I was a robot?" she repeated. Rachael exhaled with annoyance. "Did he tell you I wasn't born? More like," she stretched over Rachael and roared into Sumdac's face, "I WAS BUILT!" Sumdac flinched away. "THAT'S WHY THERE'S NO RECORD OF MY BIRTH!" She snapped back into her seat and turned her back to them.

Rachael let out a breath. She elbowed Sumdac. "Time to explain Isaac," she declared, "What really happened during Sari's alleged birth?"

"You both are right, of course," He moaned with guilt. "I should have told you both long ago. But the truth is I don't know where you came from." Rachael cocked a confused eye. Sari kept her back to him. "Some years ago I went to my lab. There was a strange light coming from it. I went inside and saw a pod with a little liquid metal body." Liquid metal? Rachael questioned. "I touched it and was shocked. And when I woke up, you were just there."

"Oh please," she scoffed, "Why don't you just tell me I was born in a cabbage patch? Or the stork brought me."

"Come on Sari," Rachael urged, "We can't rule that he's lying. For all we know that could have really happened."

"You actually believe him?" she jeered.

"Why not?" Rachael shrugged. "I'm a half demon. And stranger things than me have been made." Sari scrunched her nose. Rachael looked back to Isaac. "But I'm not going to lie, Isaac," she said sternly, "Even I find your story a little farfetched."

"I concur professor," Optimus agreed, "Your stories not consistent with where sari told me where small organics come from."

"Well we won't know anything until we look into it – cough, cough, COUGH!" Rachael was choking on something. Sumdac patted her on the back, helping her bring it up. When she did, the two Sumdac's became fearful. Rachael coughed up blood. "What?"

"Oh my goodness!" Sumdac gasped.

"What's wrong?" Bumblebee asked.

"Rachael coughed up blood!" Sari gasped.

"Calm down," she insisted. "I'm sure it's from the fight." She assured them. "Remember, I got the second shock therapy session of my life."

"I still would like to run a few tests," Ratchet insisted, "I want to be sure it's nothing else too serious."

"Come on Ratchet, I'm fine," She moaned, "I'm telling you I'm fine."

"And I'm telling you that being shocked under intense levels of voltage may be destroying your body!" he snapped. Rachael fell silent. She knew better than to argue with Ratchet when it can to health. "Let Prime take Sari and Sumdac back home," he ordered, "You're coming with me." Rachael looked down to Sumdac, who nodded in agreement. Rachael let out a sigh of defeat. It wasn't that she didn't like being with Ratchet, she just didn't want to leave Sari and Sumdac alone.


Bulkhead and Bumblebee hung out in the living room, wondering what was going on at the Sumdac household. Bumblebee was especially worried. But there wasn't anything he could do except be there for him like he always was.

After being able to take a shower, Rachael was in the medical room, lying on the table. Thanks to her and Sari temporarily living there, Rachael got a change of clothes. She had on a long black jacket. She had a red spaghetti strap belly top with Angel wings curving over the side of the breasts to the middle twisting around a scepter. She wore skinny jeans, and her boots went over the jeans. She still had the gloves and earring on.

Ratchet had neural patches attached to her. Testing to make sure her vital signs were normal. He ran an x-ray ran up and down her body. On the screen, was her body. Her muscles, blood stream, blood cells, everything her would need in order to see into her. Prowl was sitting off to the side, his leg shaking with agitation. He was praying to cybertron that she'd be alright. Rachael coughed a couple more times. Small droplets of blood splurged from her mouth. Prowl jumped up from her seat and went to her. Rachael smiled up at him, telling him she'd be alright. He smiled back and held out a finger. Rachael held it tenderly.

Ratchet monitored the computer, stroking a few computer keys. He did multiple tests, did a little research and jotted down his findings. "Give it to me straight doc bot," Rachael said dramatically, "Am I okay?" Ratchet seemed to hesitate for a moment. He swallowed a lump that was lodged in his throat. Prowl and Rachael looked at one another, feeling nervous that he wasn't answering. "Ratchet?"

Ratchet shook his head wildly, coming back to reality. "Sorry about that," he said cagily, with a halfhearted smile. "You're going to be fine. It's just damage from the battle."

Rachael pulled the patches off and sprang from the table, "Like I said," she slapped her chest, "I'm still 100% healthy and ready for another fight." Beep-beep-beep. "Huh?" She answered her com link. "Rachael, its Optimus. You guys may want to see this." The three exchanged worried glances and went to the living room. "You two go on ahead," Ratchet insisted, "I have some last minute…calculations to do."

"Okay," Prowl nodded, "Don't be too long." Ratchet nodded with a smile. He picked up Rachael and ran off.

Ratchet scanned his computer. He did one calculation after another. The same results were appearing over and over again. Causing Ratchet to become more and more distraught every time it came up. He slammed a fist into the wall, grunted angrily, trying not to cry out in rage. He dropped down to his knees. "Of all the times," he rasped angrily, "Why can't I help you now?"


Optimus sent Bulkhead and Bumblebee to go and retrieve space bridge parts. With any luck, bulkhead would be able to get enough parts in order to get Omega Supreme back.

Sari was sitting on the couch in the fetal position, crying and whimpering hysterically. Rachael sat next to her. Sari gripped on to her, hugging her. Rachael was taken aback by her state, but returned the hug. "What happened?" she shrieked, "Did Isaac tell her she was the niece of Frankenstein?"

"Sari's hands…" Optimus trailed off, not knowing how to explain. "Sari, think you can show her?" Sari shook her head on Rachael's jacket. "Sari, if Ratchet and Rachael are going to help you, they need to know what to help." Sari looked up at Rachael, looking for support. Rachael nodded, telling her to go ahead. Sari sniffled and jumped off the couch. She stood in the center and took a deep breath. She squeezed her eyes shut, struggling to do something. After a few seconds, her hand opened and expanded into what looked like little solar panels. Rachael, Prowl, and Ratchet's mouths fell open. "She fired some type of energy at Masterson and Powell," Optimus informed, "Sumdac's trying to look into it right now."

"I'll see if I can't help him," Rachael volunteered, "In the meantime, Ratchet, see if you can't learn a thing or two." Ratchet nodded and took Sari to the med bay. "Optimus, please try and keep her level headed. We've all been through too much." Optimus nodded. Rachael sprouted her wings and flew off.

"Rachael…" Ratchet whimpered.


Rachael was walking down the hallway, looking around to see if Isaac went into some of the other rooms. "Ugh…" she moaned, rubbing her eyes. "Please, don't tell me this is happening now." She said to herself. She coughed a couple more time. More blood came from her mouth. "Now of all times…"

"Something wrong?"

"AHH!" Rachael shot up, clinging to the ceiling. It was Prowl. "Prowler…" she fell back down, "Hey buddy. What are you doing here?"

"I was doing research on the liquid metal body Sumdac found." He answered.

"How did you beat me here?"

"I'm a highly advanced motorcycle form Cybertron," he smirked, "I can fly faster than a jet," Rachael cocked a skeptic eye, "With a few upgrades."

"Right…" Rachael smirked, "So did you learn anything?"

"Maybe. But I need to do a little more research."

"There's a lab you can use five doors up that way," she pointed down the way she came, "Odds are, Isaac won't be in there."

"Why not?"

"Sari uses it as her game room." She coughed again.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Prowl asked, kneeling down.

Rachael surreptitiously wiped the blood on the inside of her jacket. "I'm fine…" she cleared her throat, "Just a bit dehydrated."

Prowl hummed skeptically. "And do normal organic dehydration leave blood trailing down your mouth?" Rachael cocked an eye. Prowl touched a finger to her mouth and showed her the blood. Rachael covered her mouth with embarrassment. "Rachael, are you sure you're okay?"

"If ratchet said I was fine, then I'm fine," she snapped.

Prowl wasn't satisfied, but he let it rest. He knew better than to question ratchet. But something about Rachael condition wasn't sitting right with him. Well, she was going to have to wait. He had to investigate Sari's condition. "Alright. I'll take your word for it." he sighed. He put a finger under her chin, "I just worry about you Rachael. I don't want to lose you yet." Rachael gestured for him to bring his head down. When he did, Rachael connected her lips with his. Prowl got into the kiss. Rachael…they parted. "I hope you plan to stop all of our future arguments like that."

"I do," she purred, walking down the hall.

Prowl watched her saunter off. She's tough, he chuckled internally, but maybe she acts too tough.


Sumdac was in a different room, going through every file he had on Sari, trying to find out what she was. So far, nothing. "Sari…" knock-knock-knock, "Come in." Rachael walked in. "Hello Rachael."

"Hey Isaac," she smiled. "So you're looking into it too huh?"

"Yes," he sighed, "and so far I haven't found anything." He groaned.

"Ratchet's examining her right now," she walked up beside him, looking at the computer screen, "So nothing huh?"

Isaac dropped his head solemnly. "I should have told her from the beginning," he cursed himself, "Maybe if I would have, she would still be talking to me." Rachael put a sympathetic hand on his back. Isaac placed his on it. "I don't even see why you're still talking to me. I did the same thing to you all those years ago."

"Except with me you saved my life. With Sari, we're not sure if she was born that way or if someone did build her." She turned Isaac so he would face her. "The main thing we can do right now is be there for her like we've always been."

"Ugh," he groaned.

Rachael saw that he was exhausted from everything that's happened. For that matter so was she and the others. If they were going to help Sari, they needed to be in top physical and mental condition. "You know what we all need to do?" Sumdac glanced up at her. "We need to take a break. Get something to eat, rest, and relax."

"Rachael, I'm not sure that's the best for right now." Isaac said.

"What are you talking about?" She said cheerfully. Beep-beep-beep, went her com link. "Hello…hi Optimus…yeah I'm here…burger bot…I hear ya. See you there." She ended the call and smirked to Sumdac.


"We're going for a burger!"


Isaac pulled into the drive way. He looked nervously for Sari. Sure he wanted to see his daughter, but he was playing all the scenarios of insults that were likely to come from her. He was a nervous wreck. Rachael had to drag him out of the van in order to get him into the restaurant.

While they were ordering the food, Optimus called Rachael and said they he and sari would be there in one minute. Now Isaac was really sweating. "Calm down," Rachael giggled, grabbing the tray of food, "Once Sari gets here, you give her the shake and say how much you love her."

They walked outside and waited for Optimus. "I don't know Rachael," he moaned, "What if this doesn't work?"

"We spent the vast majority of this year looking for you," she explained firmly, "We searched for you because we loved you and needed you. If Sari loves you, she'll forgive you." She placed a hand on his shoulder. "And she loves you." Honk-honk. "Moment of truth."

Optimus transformed into his robot form, and set Sari down. Rachael came and she smiled widely. But once Isaac showed himself, Sari went off. "You all set me up!" she hissed. "I can't believe you set me up!" she glared at Rachael who was fiddling with her hair. "AND YOU KNEW ABOUT IT!" Rachael flinched and flew over on to Optimus's shoulder. "YOU BOTH KNEW!"

"Sari, please don't be angry with Optimus and Rachael," Isaac pleaded, "They only want to help."

"Nice burger. What'd you do? Build it out of spare part you found lying around the parking lot?" she spat.

"Vanilla shake," he offered slyly, "It is your favorite."

"If he thinks he can win me over with a vanilla shake, he can forget it!" she snatched it up. "But I'll take it just to prove I'm still mad."

"I'm afraid I don't follow the logic," Optimus commented.

"There isn't any." Rachael muttered.

"Can we go now?" Sari snapped, throwing away the shake.

"Sari please," Isaac continued, "I know you have no reason to trust me. But I love you and I miss you so much."

"Well goodie for you," She spat, "You can miss me all you want. I'm not coming back." she began to stomp off. Isaac wanted to run after her, but stopped himself.

Rachael's wings dropped. She felt like her family was falling apart. Then she heard something buzzing. Actually….it sounded more like an engine. She looked around. The sky, the streets, she couldn't find anything. "What's wrong?" Optimus asked.

"Do you hear that?" She jumped down to the ground, the buzzing growing louder. Sari stopped and looked back at her.

"Hear what?" Optimus asked.

Rachael put an ear to the ground. "There's something down there." The buzzing began to move. Rachael followed it. "And it's moving." The sound was bringing her closer to Sari. Then it stopped. "Wait!" She drew her spear. A whirling sound was heard. Rachael knew that sound. "OPTIMUS GET ISAAC!" She screamed snatching Sari. The pavement exploded. Optimus got in front of Isaac, blocking the debris. Rachael was blown into a freeway pillar. Her back hitting hard. Sari was in her arms.

"Ooh," someone purred, "I hope that was as painful as it looked." Rachael and Optimus couldn't believe what they were seeing. Masterson's Headmaster unit was on Starscreams body. "Too bad you're tough skinned Rachael," he mocked. Rachael struggled to her feet, placing Sari behind her, "I would have loved to see you bruised."

"Sorry to disappoint you," she groaned. She shook off the dust and spread her wings defensively. Then her wing cringed. "Ow!" she folded the wing, holding it tenderly.

"What's wrong?" Sari asked, placing a hand on her back.

"My wing…" she moaned, "It's cramped." The pain increased. She dropped to one knee.

"OPTIMUS!" Sari shrieked.

Optimus nodded in confirmation. He went into vehicle mode and scooped up Isaac. Masterson saw this and shot at them. Optimus swerved and curved around the shots. Masterson would shoot a few second in front of him, creating pot holes in order to trip up Optimus. Rachael drew her spear and switched it to the trident. She tried to aimed, but her arms wasn't able to keep steady. So she tried to go back on her feet. "Rachael…no…" Sari pleaded.

"I'm not losing Isaac or Optimus," she raised the trident, "To some wannabe robot geek!" she roared. She fired the energy. Masterson looked last minute, getting hit in the side of the head. He wailed frantically as he skidded across the parking lot. Optimus drove up and opened the door. Sari climbed in, and she and Isaac pulled Rachael inside. Optimus went behind the burger bot. Masterson flew around, looking for them. Optimus found some cover behind a freeway pillar, while the three Sumdac's hid by the dumpsters. "Optimus we have to fight," she grunted, retracting her wings, "Masterson will blow holes in the street until he does."

"Right now, my main priority is keeping you three safe." He declared.

"You mean these two," she reiterated feverishly, pointing to the two Sumdac's, "I can still fight."

"Rachael, first you cough up blood, then your wing cramps up," he lists off excitedly, "That last fight with Megatron has you badly injured and I'm not risking your safety."

"Optimus this isn't the first time this has happened to me!" she blurted. "I get cramped wings and then I can fly later. Good as new."


"AS IT STANDS OPTIMUS," She intervened, "I'm the only one who can fight Masterson while he's airborne." Masterson found Optimus and fired at him. Optimus flipped out of the way, drew his axe and blocked the next few shots. Masterson dive bombed Optimus, pinning him to the ground. Rachael sprouted her wings. "You two stay here and out of sight!"

"I'm not hiding here with him!" Sari spat.

"TOO BAD!" Rachael roared. "Isaac, don't you dare let her out of your sight!" He nodded. Rachael clicked her boots. Dragging the spear along the ground, she charged. "MASTERSON!" He looked over. Rachael swung the spear, scratching the unit. He staggered back. Rachael switched to the trident and shot the head again.

"MAJORLY BOGUS!" He wailed, trying to get the unit back up to speed.

Optimus rose to one knee, wiping away the dirt from his mouth. Rachael hovered next to him, determination in her eyes. "Rachael…" Optimus sighed.

"Optimus, I know we've been through a lot the last few days. And I know I may not be at the top of my health," she smiled down at him, "But right now, we need to get this noob off the street and into a cell."

Optimus wanted to protest and tell her to go hide. But he knew she wouldn't. It would have been stupid to ask her to. He got up on his feet and stood confidently, "Then I hope you can still provide that air support," he quipped, pointing to the air. Masterson was airborne, "Because I'm going to need it." Masterson fired in a fit of rage. Optimus and Rachael did their best to block him. Rachael barreled out and shot up for him. He turned his attacks onto her. Rachael dodged and evaded, but she couldn't get to close. Masterson dived for her. Rachael tried to dodge out of the way. But Masterson managed to get her. "RACHAEL!" Optimus cried.

"You want her?" He taunted. He held her like a baseball, "Okay then, you can have her!" He chucked her hard. She came plummeting down like a meteor. Optimus ran to catch her. Masterson grabbed him by the shoulders and kicked him onto the freeway. Rachael landed on the dumpsters. Denting it down the middle. She fell unconscious.

Masterson landed in the parking lot, approaching the girl. Sari and Isaac pulled her down. Isaac slumped her against the dumpster. Masterson was still approaching. Isaac had, had enough. "Sari," he growled, "You may not trust me, and I'm just fine with that," Sari blinked with confusion, "But I'll be damned if I let this man take you both from me." Sari's eyes began to water. Isaac stood. "You stay here and protect Rachael. And don't you dare come out!" He ran off. Sari watched as her father went to battle. Dad…"MASTERSON!" Isaac called. "I am the one you want! Leave Sari and Rachael alone. They are my daughters, I love them, and no one touches them. Especially not some guy in a big robot head!" Rachael stirred awake. Isaac! "Now come and get me!" Masterson stomped towards him. Isaac ran, but tripped over some debris. Masterson brought his foot down. Then an orb hit it, throwing it off target. The two men looked. Sari shot the orb.

"Get away from my father cyber glitch!" She demanded. Masterson strutted over to her. Sari stood protectively in front of Rachael and shot another orb. It missed. Masterson was over them, gun aimed.

Rachael strained to lean up. "Sa…ri…" she coughed up more blood. She turned to her side, her entire torso was in pain. Please…please…not now…of all times. Masterson was about to shoot. He laughed psychotically as the attack advanced. Sari hugged Rachael, the two waiting. SHING! "Huh?" the two gasped. Masterson's headmaster unit hit the ground. Starscreams body fell, leaving a giant imprint in the pavement. Isaac ran over to his two girls. "Oh…my girls!" he gasped. The three hugged.

"ACK!" Rachael cried. "AHH…UGH!" She was twitching, and writhing in pain.

"Rachael?" Isaac propped her up. She continued to writhe. Isaac analyzed her body. She had bruises on every inch of her body. Her fangs were protruding and retracting every second. Her claw nail were breaking. Isaac recognized this scenario. It was just like four years ago when the DNA was first inserted into her body. While the transformation was taking place. "OPTIMUS," Isaac shouted. Optimus drove up, "GET RACHAEL BACK TO THE PLANET AND INTO RATCHETS CARE!" He turned to Sari, "Sari, you go with them."

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"BACK TO MY LAB!" He shouted getting into his van. "I NEED TO MAKE A CALL."

As he drove off, Sari dragged Rachael over to Optimus. The bot scooped up the two girls. Rachael was whimpering in pain, her skin turning pale. "OPTIMUS HURRY!" She pleaded. Rachael brought up more blood. "Rachael's getting worse."

I'll stop here. Till next time.