I know I'm being a broken record, but this is going on hiatus again.

I've not only lost my interest in Naruto and Harry Potter (I still love the latter) but I have been hating part 2 of Naruto and that has been affecting my work as well. I am not inspired to write anything, and the plot of Naruto is so f-cked up right now that I feel that anything I write will be almost as bad.

I am also going to rewrite the previous chapters, add in several more scenes that I should've added in and set out my plot properly. Please understand that this is writer's block and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

In the meanwhile, read One Piece.

Seriously. It's really quite sad how people miss out on One Piece because they think the art is bad. The term 'never judge a book by its cover' is perfect for this. But I think that Oda's art is the best out of the shonen 3, because Naruto (Shippuden)'s art is quite bland in my opinion, Bleach has little to no backgrounds and the characters all look familiar. I love Oda's because it shows a wide variety of characters, backgrounds and the colour spreads are awesome. (The Halloween one in chapter 685 is one of my favorites, and I also like the one where the Straw Hats are brushing their teeth and there's the little Pandaman easter egg. Ah, Oda).

The action picks up at Arlong Park or Baratie.

Anyway, please log in as anon to review if you already have, as FF does not allow you to review twice on one chapter.

Again, sorry for this.