Title: A Different Saga, part 1

Author: me.

Pairing: Draco/Jasper, a little Harry/Draco.

Summary: the Malfoy's after the war decide to start over fresh in a town with no magic. Or so they think. Not true to either books or movies. You could call it a bit of an AU. Draco's only 17 (he was probably older after the war but I want him in high school)

Crossover: Harry Potter/Twilight

Chapter: 1/?

Warnings: slash, unbeated.

Disclaimer: I don't own either harry potter or twilight.

A/N: I don't really like Twilight and I hate Bella but I do love this pairing! Enjoy!

Chapter one.

"You don't have to leave you know." Harry Potter stood next to Draco Malfoy in the Manor gardens.

"I know." Draco sighed and took Harry's hand in his.

The war was over, the Dark Lord has fallen and a lot had changed. The Malfoy's had deflected to the light some time ago. Draco and Harry had become extremely close. During the long nights in the middle of the war they had comforted each other in ways Harry's friends couldn't. Over time they had become lovers but they agreed when the war ended they would remain friends but nothing more. Even though the Malfoy's have been cleared of all charges and accepted by many before the end of the war they still got cold looks and muttered insults. His parents had decided to move far away. They had just bought a house a town called Forks, all the way over in America.

Harry squeezed his and pulled him over to the path to take a walk.

"Then why do you want to leave?" Harry asked him.

"I think it will be good for me and my parents to have a fresh start, Away from all the whispering and looks. Away from-"

"Me." Harry finished for him sighing.

Draco stopped walking and turned to look at him.

"Harry, you and I both know this will never work between us. You and the Weaslette belong together. Everyone knows that, But you, the savior of the wizarding world and me the ex deatheater? It won't happen."

"I do know that but it won't stop me from missing you." Harry stepped closer.

"And I you. You must visit me; I don't know how I'll survive with a bunch of muggles." He laughed and Harry pulled him into a hug.

"You're keeping the house right?" He said as they embraced.

"Of course, so we can come back whenever we're ready."


Draco saw his mother by the house waving him over. "It's time for us to leave now."

Harry pulled back and kissed Draco's lips softly one more time. "Goodbye Draco, write me when you get settled in."

"I will, bye Harry."

Draco turned towards his mother and Harry turned towards the gates.

Draco sat in the back of a mustang. He didn't know when his father learnt to drive but apparently he was pretty good at it.

Draco had been sad to leave behind London, his home, friends and Harry but he knew this change would be good for him and more importantly his parents.

After a long flight in something he never wanted to step foot on again and an even longer and confusing half hour at the airport they passed the 'Welcome to Forks' sign. The town wasn't anything flash and it looked rather small and cheap altogether. It was definitely a far cry from Malfoy Manor but maybe the difference was a good thing.

He saw people's hands turn on the streets when they saw the expensive car cruise by. He laughed at their awed expressions.

It was only a few minutes longer before they pulled in to a long driveway. There were bushes coving the fence so no one could see the house beyond, iron gates closed behind them. At the end of the drive there was a large polished house three stories high, with white stone Greek pillars on either side of the door. It wasn't even half the size of Malfoy Manor but it would do for the foreseeable future.

He felt weird as he got out of the car wearing his new muggle clothes. The tight, denim jeans were too tight and the long sleeve, dark green t-shirt was itchy against his smooth skin but it hid his dark mark so he wore it.

"Draco darling come see." Narcissa held out her hand for him. Once he took it she pulled him through the front door.

There was a large staircase across from the small entrance hall. A spacious living area was to the right with two sets of French doors leading off into other rooms. To the left was a set of stairs heading down in to what Draco could only assume was a cellar. The house was decorated in a lot of their family heirlooms and portraits and a small portion of their most expensive furniture. It felt a little more like home.

"You froze the portraits?" Draco turned to his mother.

"We thought that would be best for now. All potions supplies are down in the cellar, the library has a section for magic and muggle books and I have placed some books I think you should read in your room which is on the third floor last door on the left." She smiled at her son then sighed. "Thank you for doing this for us Draco, it means a lot."

"I know mother. Everything will be fine once I adjust. I will be as muggle as I can but I refuse to leave my wand when I go out."

"Of course dear that would be foolish even in a muggle town." Lucius walked through the door behind them. "Now go and see if your room is to your liking."

Draco swiftly climbed the stairs until he found the last door on the left. The room was smaller than his room in England but was still quite large. A large canopy bed was placed against the far wall with Slytherin green drapes and black silk sheets. There were the bed side tables then doors on either side of the bed; one for his own bathroom and one for his walk in closet. On the left wall was a bay window overlooking a forest and on the right wall was a desk with a thin silver thing that Draco later discovered was a laptop, a lamp and a stack of books. His eagle owl, Umbra also saw on the desk in his cage, The walls were painted an off white and floorboards were covered with well-placed carpets. Draco went over to the closet and walked into the enormous closet it to find all his robes and new clothes on the hangers and in the draws and shoes in the selves. All in all he was pleased by his new room.

He went and picked up the book on the top of the pile where his mother had put them. 'A Wizard's Guide to Everything Muggle' read the title. Under that was, 'What Not to do in Muggle school' and 'a beginners guide to muggle high school.'

"Muggle School?" He said to an empty room. He quickly strode out of the room and down the stairs to find his mother. He found her in the kitchen on the second floor.

"Muggle school?" He held the book up fir her to see. "I already graduated."

"Yes but in a school for wizards and witches, the system here is different. If you didn't attend Forks high people will become suspicious." Narcissa put here cook book down and came to stand in front of Draco.

"I know nothing about muggle subjects." He protested.

"That's what the books are for."

"Fine…I need to go write Harry a letter." He walked slowly back to his room taking in his new home in the town of Forks. In a few minutes he was sitting at his mahogany desk with a piece of parchment and a quill in his hand. Even though he was to live like a muggle he wouldn't give up everything.

Dear Harry,

We're in our new home in Forks and its okay, nothing big or too flash. The town is small and it seems like one of those places where everyone knows each other. Not my cup of tea. I already miss England and the sizzle of magic in the air. Everything is so backwards to me .there isn't much for me to write except for I'm here and everything is fine and I am to attend muggle high school. Are things with the Weaslette back on track? How is everyone? I'll await your reply.

Love Draco.

Once he addressed the letter He took out a second piece of parchment and began another letter.

Dear Pansy,

Everything is fine with the new house. It's a small town with not much to do but I think it might be what my parents need right now. I miss you terribly already. What will we do without each other?

Love forever Draco.

Once both letters were attached to Umbra he sent his on the long flight to deliver them. That was the good thing about his owl; Umbra could apparate across extreme distances unlike a wizard or witch, the letters will be delivered in about half an hour. It was one advantage of magical owl breeding.

Draco yawned and lay down on his bed to take a short nap.

It seemed like only minutes later that he was woken by knocking at his door.

"Come in." He mumbled sitting up on his elbows.

Lucius walked in. he had to get used to seeing his father in a muggle suit rather than his robes.

"Dinner is on the table Draco."

"Okay I'll be down in a minute." One look outside told him he had been asleep for hours. He stood to leave but before he did he heard the soft hoot of his owl. The replies were still tied to Umbra.

Draco hurried over to them, excited about reading the letter from Harry mostly. He untied them and opened the one on top.


I can imagine how you Malfoy's would look amongst all the commoners but I'm sure you will adjust to small town life in no time. As for going to high school? I think that will be more of a challenge then the war was. As long as you don't lose your temper and curse some poor muggle you should be fine. I think I might come and visit once you have everything settled there, maybe in a couple of months? As for Ginny things aren't any better than when before, we went to dinner once and she just kept asking me if I was checking out the waiter. Everyone is doing fine. Ron and Hermione have announced their engagement. Which will be in about a year's time. I miss you.

Love always Harry.

The other was a short reply from Pansy.


That's great.

We're going to crash and burn without each other, we both know that. I miss you, I love you. Blaise and Theo said to say they love and miss you too. Visit us soon.

Love you best friend Pansy.

Draco lingered on Pansy's letter a little longer before writing to quick replies. He told Harry to congratulate the happy couple and a little advice for Ginny. He wrote a soppy note to Pansy then went down to the dining room.

The next day was Monday and Draco was expected to attend his first day of Muggle School. He had spent most of Sunday night memorizing the books Narcissa had given him. He knew it probably wouldn't be much help but he read them anyway.

Lucius was waiting in the cherry red Mustang to dive him to school.

"Now," Lucius said as he drove the short way to the school. "As long as you don't use magic you should be fine."

"I know father, everything will go smoothly…I hope." He added quieter.

"I'll be back to pick you up at three fifteen."

"Okay father." He said quietly looking out the window.

As they pulled up outside the rather small school everyone's gaze was drawn to the flash, expensive Mustang. Draco got out with no qualms about having everyone stares as he passed on his way to the building marked reception. A Malfoy was used to the attention.

There was a large, red headed woman wearing hideous glasses sitting behind a desk.

"Hello, I'm Draco Malfoy. This is my first day." He said as he came to stand in front of her. His voice startled her. She jumped in her seat and looked up squinting at him.

"Oh, hello dear I'm Ms. Cope. So I have a few things to give you." She started handing him sheets of paper. "Hear is a map of the school, your time table, the school anthem and you need to get this slip signed by all your teachers and hand it back to me at the end of the day. Any question dear?" she smiled at him. He grimaced her red lipstick had rubbed off on her teeth.

"No thank you ma'am." He nodded politely before leaving the office.

Draco looked over his schedule. He had homeroom first in building one room 7. He had no clue what homeroom meant. He saw a boy with blond hair and kind of a baby face walking past.

"Excuse me." He said to the boy stopping him. "Can you direct me to my first class? I'm new here." The boy looked him up and down assessing him.

"I'm Mike Newton, I like the accent British right?" He said enthusiastically.

"Yes I'm from England. My class?" He asked again.

"Oh yeah, follow me." Mike said once he looked at his schedule. "It's my class too." He shot Draco a big smile.

Draco himself didn't know if he liked this guy or not. He was too peppy for him. But from then on through class after class Mike was there introducing him to his friends. Eric Yorkie was like the muggle equivalent of a nerd at Hogwarts, Jessica Stanly a girl with very curly, dark brown hair that didn't have an off switch and Angela Weber a kind but shy girl that didn't say much. His classes confused Draco and he hated that he had to ask for help so often. He told himself that when he got home he would go straight back to those books. Some were okay. Like French, he was already fluent so it was a breeze. Science he discovered was similar to Potions. He excelled at Potions but Science proved to be more difficult to comprehend.

When it was time for lunch he sat with Mike, Eric, Jessica and Angela.

"So Draco, tell us about your old school." Jessica leaned towards him.

"It was rather old. It is one of the historical buildings there, nothing special." He lied. "It was boarding school." He added.

"Boarding school? That would suck!" Mike said through a mouthful of his burger.

"It was actually good. I like it."

"Oh, well…I bet you left a girlfriend back in England?" Jessica said attempting to flirt.

"No." He saw Jessica's hopes rise and couldn't resist dashing them. "Though I did leave a boyfriend." He smirked at the instantly shocked faces.

"Does that bother you?" He asked trying not to laugh.

"No of course it doesn't." Angela was the first to speak.

"Yeah, no problems." Eric said smiling again.

They all got back to talking about unimportant things when a table caught his eye.

"Who are they?" He nodded to the group of seemingly perfect people, well all but one girl.

"There the Cullen's." Jessica told him. "They are Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They're like totally weird. They are all like together." She was whispering now.

"It's not that weird, they aren't related." Angela said.

"Yeah but that all live together, it's weird. And umm see the blond girl that's Rosalie, complete bitch and she's with Emmett the biggest one next to her. The small one with the short hair she was with Jasper, the one who looks like he's in pain. They broke up a while ago."

"Must be awkward for them." Angela giggled.

"What about those two?" He pointed out the two she hadn't mentioned.

"That's Edward Cullen. He is the freakiest of them all. He didn't date or talk to anyone besides his family. Apparently none of the girls here were good-looking enough for him, Until Bella Swan moved here."

"She defected." Angela joked.

"Defected?" Draco asked confused.

"She was friends with us. Sat and hung out with us but then she began dating Edward and suddenly it was like we didn't exist. She was too good for us." Jessica said bitterly.

No one said anything after that. Draco looked back over at the Cullens. Suddenly they all turned to look at him, except for Bella. Then he felt his mental shields being pushed. Someone was trying to enter his mind. He saw the look on this Edwards face shift into confusion. His gaze then landed on the one who looked like he was in pain, Jasper and he felt something strange happen to his chest. A tight uncomfortable but welcome feeling he had felt twice before. He knew them from somewhere, or at least people similar to them.

The Cullen's were defiantly weird.

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