Morning Greetings

"Morning, Ichigo."

He blinked back lazily at his wife. She sat beside him on the bed with a disapproving look on her face. "Hey…" he mumbled before his eyes drooped back into slumber. It wasn't surprising, really, since he had been working up until 3am last night. When he got home, Ichigo just fell flat, face first, on the bed and slept like a log throughout the night.

Rukia flicked his forehead. "Up, Kurosaki. It's already 11. I need to clean the room."

He caught her hand in his. "I have a day off… Let me sleep…" She retracted her hand away from his grasp, clicking her tongue.

He mumbled something incoherent before pulling the blanket over his head. A question came from the lump on the bed, "Why are you up so early…?" Whiny brat, she thought amusedly.

She sighed and Rukia thought it was useless trying to get this lump out of bed today morning. But since it's Rukia, we should know that even if it's useless, she just wouldn't give up—not even in a millennium. "It's not early, Ichigo. Up."

His face peeked out from underneath the blankets. His eyes were half-lidded from lack of sleep, but his permanent scowl remained that morning. "Then it's fine if I continue sleeping." He buried his face in his pillow and used his blanket as a temporary boarder from his wife.


He mumbled… and then silence.

Rukia shifted closer to him, placed both feet on his side and pushed! There was a surprised yowl, a whoop of triumph and a crashing din. And Ichigo fell to the floor, bringing the blankets and pillow down with him. Rukia laughed from atop the bed at the mess of bedsheets on the floor.

"Up you go," she said from the edge of the bed. "Go. Take a bath, Ichigo."

He groaned miserably and got off the floor, taking the blanket along with him. He wrapped it around his body and over his mess of orange hair, putting on a drramatic performance, like a petulant three year old. He turned back towards Rukia and yawned. Rukia wasn't wavering; she pointed towards the bathroom and instructed, "Go."

His lips twitched into a smirk, and she just knew he was awake now— she had seen a flash of a naughty smile behind that bed-hair. And Ichigo lied back down on the bed, his head on her lap. Rukia jumped for a bit, yelping in surprise. "Two more minutes…" But then she sighed. Persistent little strawberry. She leant forward, with her hand stroking his hair and let him sleep. Just for a little while… just for two more minutes.

Five minutes passed when she poked him on the head repeatedly. "Now, go."

Ichigo gave a groan, before lazily rolling off her and again, pulling the blanket along with him. He knew if he lingered any longer his head would suffer (yet another) bruise on his head. He's had enough experience on that, thank you very much. And he did not want to add another one to his list.

Ichigo rubbed his eyes and walked off towards the bathroom. Rukia pulled the blanket away from him, making his hair alive and writhing with static. She managed two words from her laughter, "Properly, you."

He managed a smile. "Fine, Rukia, fine…" Then Ichigo stopped by the door.

Rukia saw that same flash of devilish naughty smile before he said,

"Wanna join me?"

His head suffered that bruise he talked about earlier.

It's been a while! -waves-

So, yeah, I probably wouldn't have written this if wickedsistah1024 didn't 'demand' for it XD LOL, kidding.

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