Set in the Land of Departure...

The themes for this collection of mini-one-shots are from
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Water is the best of all things.


"It would mean a lot to Terra if you trained with us," Aqua murmured, handing Ventus a toy sword she had fashioned out of wood. "He worries about you, you know."

Ventus was unresponsive, looking at her gift blankly.

"He was so excited to meet you, that first day," she continued. "I think he needs another friend; someone who can do the things that I can't. I was hoping that could be you, Ven."

He stared at her, a flicker of emotion in his eyes for one second.

"Sorry, I mean…Ventus," she hastily corrected.

He blinked at her. "No…Ven…sounds good…"

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She could hear chirping birds flying overhead. But she did not look up. A more interesting sight in the form of Terra, training shirtless in the midday sun, was in front of her.

Aqua blushed shyly as she watched him. But she could tell by his expression that he liked the fact that she was staring. Suddenly, though, he stopped to look at her, saying, "Aqua, you are such a hopeless sleepyhead."

And she woke up.

There was no sun, only darkness. There were no birds, only shadows. And there was definitely no Terra; just an emptiness in her heart.

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