Set in the Land of Departure and nowhere in particular.

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Water is the best of all things.

End (V1.0)

"Enough!" Aqua shouted.

Terra and Ventus were surprised at the volume of her voice, and flustered that she caught them arguing again.

"Your fights over me have gone far enough!" she said. "Can't you reach a compromise?"

"Compromising just means no one gets what they really want," Terra argued. Ven nodded.

Aqua took a deep breath. "Then let this be the end of it. I love you both, equally," she said as calmly as she could. "Neither one more than the other."

Terra and Ven turned to each other.

"I love her more!"
"No! I do!"

Aqua could only sigh.

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End (V2.0)

Loving Aqua was like fighting a never-ending battle. It created a universe of conflict that was even harder to settle than the war between light and darkness.

He wants to love her, but is he supposed to?
Should he tell her, or should he not?
Would she love him back, or tear him down?
Should he stop himself, or just give in?

He knows that the only way out is to confess his feelings and find out hers. But it would be the end of him if she says no. And he would rather fight forever than risk hearing that.

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