If people was asked to describe the boy and girl at the gates of the high school, it would be like a love struck puppy dog, following it's master around. A blue haired male puppy led on by a a soon to be stunning brown haired, green eyed girl.

Sennou Natsuru, in his 3rd year of middle school, along with Sakura Kaede was at Seitetsu Gakuin High School to check out their prospective high schools. Actually Sakura wanted to come to Seitetsu, Sennou was still undecided, as was usual for him but Sakura had mentioned in passing that she was going to the school for an open house with no one to accompany her and Sennou, being head over heeds in love with her, quickly volunteered.

"The uniform of Seitetsu is so cute, it would be nice if I can get in", Sakura practically squealed, let it be known that this girl knows exactly where her priorities laid.

"The school building looks kind of beat up though. Are you sure you want to come here?" Well at least Sennou still had eyes for other things. Even if he had just torn his sight from Sakura for a few seconds.

"Actually, most of the school compound has been refurnished, what's left is the main building you are looking at, and this will be redone during the school holidays and ready in time for the new school year." A dignified voice said from behind the 2 middle schoolers.

"Shizuku-san, there you are, I was worried when you were not at the gates like you said you would be." Sakura said as she went over to hug her old friend. "Sennou-kun, let me introduce, this is Shizuku Sango, one of my closest friends. She's a freshman at Seitetsu this year. Shizuku-san, this is Sennou Natsuru, a classmate. His following me to view the school today."

"Ara, Sennou-kun, are you that interested in viewing a girl's school? I can assure you, there wouldn't be any accidents where you will walk into a changing room and come out whole..." Sango said to Sennou. "As a student council member, I will not allow it"

"What? Girls changing- I was not thinking anything of the sort, isn't this school supposed to be mixed" Sennou stuttered, face beginning to become red.

"Hmmm, it seems that you are quite well informed, Seitetsu is going to turn co-ed from the next school year. The final arrangements are not out yet, but preparations are well on their way. Anyway, let's get this tour started..." Sango said as she led the 2 into the school.

"Wow Shizuku-san, did you get scouted into the student council already? As expected of you. By the way, how is the entrails animal doll that I gave you, Electrocuted Cat, isn't it just adorable " Sakura said.

"I find it rather interesting, although 'adorable' might not be the correct word for it." True enough, Sango thought, a doll that can come to life and talk about fighting would be classified as interesting at least. "Why, do you not share Kaede-chan's tastes, Sennou-kun?" Sango teased on seeing Sennou's horrified face at the mention of the entrails animal dolls. This guy's reactions are quite funny, making her tease him more than she usually would.

On seeing Sakura's part questioning, part disappointed look on him, Sennou quickly clarified, "What? No, no, their quite cute aren't they?" Shaking both his hand and his head as in to drive home his point. "In fact, I wouldn't mind one myself, if their not so rare and hard to find" The word 'thankfully' left unsaid.

"Really?" Sakura said, instantly cheering up. "I'll be sure to keep a lookout for a perfect one for you, Natsuru-san"

"Hehehe, take your time, no need to rush," Sennou answered weakly, on one hand he really didn't want to disappoint the girl he loved, on the other, he didn't think he can sleep with the doll of an animal which had died a violent death in his room.

Chuckling at the exchange of the 2 middle schoolers, Sango continued the tour of the school, pointing out various improvements to the school and the major landmarks. Occasionally teasing the blue haired boy to get him blushing and stuttering a reply back. He really was quite fun to tease. But the tour was just a formality, Sakura already decided to try for the school while Sennou would just go wherever Sakura went.

"Thank you Shizuku, I really hope I can pass the entrance exams." Sakura said.

They are now back at the gate, the tour ending back where it started.

"It was my pleasure, I enjoyed the tour too, I look forward to seeing both of you in spring, Kaede, Sennou-kun." Sango answered with her trademark smile.

"Thank you for the tour, Sango-san" Sennou answered weakly, he had been teased and embrassed more in the pass hour than in the pass year. "I bet you enjoyed this, teasing me that is" he muttered in a softer tone. Did he really want to go to a school with such a sempai?

"Yes, let's pass the exam and go in here together," Sakura cheered as she held Sennou's hands.

Brains overloaded, Sennou can only nod and agree with Sakura's statements. "Sakura-san's hands are so small and soft" being his only thoughts.

"Bye bye," Sakura waved as she headed back home, the couple going back into master and puppy formation was they went on their way

Laughing at their antics, Sango looked on as they walked down the street to their bus stop when a soft voice interupted her musings.

"You look happy, Shizuku-san..."


Well chapter 1 done. The premises for this story is that Natsuru is introduced to Shizuku before the series started. Seems that Natsuru doesn't know all that much about Sakura outside of school. I always liked Shizuku's dealings with Natsuru, not sure if I can put it into words, but I'll try.
Anyway, Japanese tend to use honorifics and family and given names depending on how close they are to the person. I'm going to use the family names during narration but the way they call each other tends to be different, hope this will not confuse anyone.

'til next time.