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Chapter One

Same old monotonous life. Kaiba glared out the window, watching the ant like people scurry about their lives without a care in the world. He wondered what could be so important that they had to race around. It wasn't as if they had to stock their houses for the winter. He glanced up at the clock. His three o'clock appointment was late. He ran his fingers through his hair and sat down at his desk with a heavy sigh.

Suddenly the doors bounced open as a flushed blond ran into the doors, quickly shutting them behind him. "It's about time, Mutt."

"Sorry," he puffed. "My boss kept me over."

"Enough with the excuses. What did you need to see me for?"

"That's the truth. It's not an excuse." Jou sat down in the chair opposite of the one he used to hate more than anyone and looked at Kaiba with a sad expression. "I need…" just as Jou began to speak, the doors to Kaiba's office slammed open and two hooded figures walked in each aiming a gun at the occupants.

"What is the meaning of this?" Flipping a switch under the arm of his chair, Kaiba rose from his chair, but one of the men fired their weapon, a bullet buzzed directly by the CEO's ear and implanted itself into the wall. Kaiba glared at the men in attempt to hide his shock. He couldn't believe that these men made it pass his security and directly into his office. He knew that most of his staff had already left for the day, but the security should still be as tight as usual.

"Both of you will come with us. No sudden movements."

"Leave him out it," Kaiba hissed. He didn't want Jou involved in something that was clearly Kaiba's problem.

"I said both," the one holding the gun aimed at Kaiba growled.

Jou grunted and walked towards the men, hoping that it would be enough incentive to get Kaiba to move. Seeing no way out of this situation, the cold CEO went along with Jou. At that moment he had no other plan on distracting their captors enough to get those both out alive. His only hope remained with his security. The four moved quickly through the building and over to the far wall on the top floor. "Open it." The gunman nudged Kaiba towards the wall.

Stunned that someone knew of the hidden passageway leading to the roof, Kaiba placed his hand on the hidden pad, opening it without hesitation. No one should have known about the passageway since he was the only one to construct it besides Mokuba. He knew that Mokuba was home, having only phoned him a few minutes before Jou arrived. The two men pushed their captives up the narrow, dark stairs and out onto the roof. The wind knocked about them as a helicopter floated a few inches above the platform, awaiting a quick getaway. One of the men grabbed Jou and pointed the gun directly at his temple. "Get in the helicopter, Mr. Kaiba," he shouted over the deafening sound of the helicopter.

Kaiba looked at Jou and sighed. Even if he fought with the blond, he couldn't bring harm on him. He nodded and got into the helicopter with the other gunman. The man behind him pressed the gun against his back. "Strip all your clothes off."

"Excuse me?" Kaiba replied at the odd question and attempted to procrastinate until the alarm he set would draw his security. He knew that they would go to his office first and once they noticed he was gone will separate and search every floor including the roof.

"Don't make me repeat myself. Take everything off and throw it outside."

Slowly removing each layer of clothes, knowing that Mokuba would never be able to track him without the device hidden in his boxers, Kaiba didn't look at anyone else. A shoot rang out, and Kaiba saw Jou collapsed to his knees. "What do you think you're doing?" he shouted, watching the blood run down Jou's arm as he clenched the wound in his shoulder.

"Move faster!" Not wanting to cause anymore harm to Jou, Kaiba removed everything and threw them out of the helicopter. The gunman standing a few inches from him handed him a thin, small, and dirty blanket that barely fit around his waist. The other one nearest Jou must have told Jou the same thing. The blond could barely move without causing himself excruciating pain. He blushed deeply knowing that everyone would see the hidden bruises and cuts he received from his father's drunken beatings.

Kaiba stared at the bruises all over Jou's body. He wondered who would do that to the young man. He averted his gaze. He didn't want Jou knowing that he noticed the marks on his skin. He knew Jou was embarrassed as it was. He didn't want to make things worse. The gunman pushed the now nude Jou into the helicopter before handing him the same type of blanket. Jou shivered from the cold and blood loss. He sat on the seat in the middle, attempting to hide the pain in his shoulder. The two got in their seats as Kaiba's security finally made it to the roof, but it was too late. The helicopter flew off with their captives.

Kaiba glanced over at Jou, worrying about the amount of blood the blond was losing. He moved close to Jou. "Move your hand a second," he ordered. Refusing to fight, the blond did as he was told. Kaiba touched the wound, receiving a hiss from his rival. He look at the other side, seeing that the bullet went straight through. "Can you move your arm?"

"Not without pain."

"I think it missed hitting bone, but I can't be sure." Kaiba removed his blanket, not caring about his own nudity or warmth. He pressed it against both sides of the wound. After flying for several minutes, one of the masked men sat beside Jou. He pushed Kaiba's hands away and began to work on the wound. Without a word, he stitched the wound and bandaged it up while Kaiba wrapped the bloody blanket around himself again. Jou tried his best not to scream from the pain, but every time the man pierced his skin to sow his wound shut, it made his shoulder hurt worse.

"You're lucky my partner is a sniper. He could have left your arm paralyzed if he wanted to, or even kill you. If it weren't for the fact that Mr. Kaiba would be incorporative afterwards, I would have left you to die. It's a long ride, get comfortable. Oh, and one more thing. Put these over your eyes." The man held out two blindfolds. Reluctantly, Kaiba took both and tied one around Jou's eyes, not wanting him to open his wound, and tied the other one around his own eyes. He hated someone ordering him around and being defenseless, but he had to protect Jou until he could find a way to get at least Jou free.

The ride was bumpy and moved irregularly, preventing either captive from tracking the turns and directions from Kaiba Corp. Jou toppled over and landed half on Kaiba, hissing from the collision of his wounded shoulder with the side of the helicopter. Kaiba wordlessly reached over and steadied Jou. He knew that it was difficult for the blond to keep his balance with the use of one arm. Jou ignored Kaiba's thoughtfulness, not sure why the CEO was worrying about him. He hating being seen as weak, but he was tired and the wound hurt worse since being stitched.

Their ride ended after what felt like hours. Jou was growing more and more fatigue, but he continued to fight the urges to go to sleep. Hands pulled the two captives out of the helicopter and pushed them blindly through drafty corridors. Each turn landed one of them into the wall followed by curses of impatience from their captors. A loud steel door creaked open, and they were pushed into a cold room. The blindfolds were ripped off their eyes, but it didn't give much of a difference. The room was pitch black except for the light coming from the hallway. Without a word, the captors left, bolting the two in the cold, dark room. "Jou?" Kaiba called, attempting to find the blond.

"Right beside you."

"You need to sit down." After reaching out several times in attempt to find Jou, Kaiba finally grabbed a hold of his unwounded arm and gently helped him down to the floor. He reached back and felt the damp wall before leaning back. "Put your head in my lap."

"What? No."

"Just do it. With you blood loss you need warmth and rest. I'm not going to kill you or something."

Jou sighed and lied down into Kaiba's lap. He was thankful that the room was dark so Kaiba wouldn't see his blush. Once settled, Kaiba braced Jou's shoulder with his knee and placed his hand on Jou's chest. "What's with the hand?"

"I can't see you. It's to make sure you're still breathing. Rest. I'll stay awake." Jou grunted at the order, but was internally grateful for Kaiba's odd caring behavior. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Once Jou's breathing even out, Kaiba removed the blanket from his waist, carefully lifting himself so he wouldn't disturb the blond. He wrapped the blanket around Jou's chest. He shivered and tried to ignore the cold from around him. He knew that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep with the cold, nor did he want to. The only thing to keep him occupied was his thoughts. He needed to know who these people were, and how did they knew about the schematics for Kaiba Corp. He knew that they were after money because he wasn't working on anything secret at the moment. His only regret was getting Jou involved.


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