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Chapter Eight

Mokuba ran through the hallways of the mansion, silently cursing the large building. He came to a stop outside of Jou's temporarily made permanent room. He banged the door open, ignoring the curious stares coming from Omi and Jou. "He needs you," the teenager puffed out.

Jou rose quickly like he had been doing for the past year and ran behind Mokuba. "Where is he?"

"In the corner of his office. He's not responding to the normal things."

Jou swore. He didn't know what triggered Kaiba's latest breakdown, but he could only do one thing at a time; help Kaiba through this breakdown and then find the trigger. He opened the door and looked down at the curled up figure, rocking himself back and forth between the couch and the wall. Jou moved the couch out of the way and knelt down in front of the CEO. "Hey, Seto. I think it's time to come home." The burnet shook his head rapidly and mumbled something incoherently. "Don't do that. I'm right here. Give me your hand."

Mokuba stood by the door watching the two. He didn't know what it was about Jou's voice that always brought him out of the illusions he was trapped in. The teenager happened to walk by the office door and heard him sobbing. It hurt Mokuba knowing that his once strong brother would change into a whimpering mess when something triggered his memories. He glanced over at the desk and looked through the scattered paperwork. It had been nearly three months since Kaiba's last breakdown. He found the newest schedule for next week and noticed Dimo's CEO was coming in for a conference.

Mokuba frowned and glanced over at Jou who was now holding his brother. One year slipped by like it was nothing. Between locking Jou's father up for abusing Jou for years and the many therapies Kaiba went through, time became an unknown force. Mokuba sat down in Kaiba's chair and glanced over at him. He finally calmed down enough to sit on his own. Jou helped him into the couch before looking at Mokuba. The two had ways of knowing when Kaiba would need a certain person. Mokuba rose with a nod and left the room, knowing that it was Jou's turn to help Kaiba through this breakdown. He needed to check on Omi. Omi doesn't get scared too often anymore, but he despises being alone.

Jou rubbed the burnet's back for a few minutes while Kaiba continued to calm down. "Are you sure you're able to go back to the office next week? The doctors don't like it when you push yourself."

Kaiba sighed and rubbed his hands over his face. "I thought I was ready." When will these stop?" Kaiba pleaded, to tired to care about his weakness.

Jou pulled his ex-rival close. "I wish I had the answer to that, but I've never went through what you did. How about you call the therapist tomorrow? Talk it over with him. If you still feel uncomfortable going alone, stay home for another week, or I could go with you. We can do the same thing as before when you had to go in for a few hours. I could stay off in the corner while you have your meetings until you're comfortable being alone."

Kaiba frowned. He didn't like showing his vulnerability to his employees, but Jou's presence did help him through the board meeting that was threatening to remove him. He sighed and pulled the blond into his lap. "You do so much for me, but I couldn't even be there when you sent your father to prison."

"Seto, how many times do I have to tell you that being grounded to your room by your doctors cannot be helped."

"Well then, what's wrong with me?" Kaiba pushed Jou onto the couch and paced around the room, obviously not paying attention to what Jou was saying. "How are you so strong, and I'm so weak? I lived through Gozaburo's torments and abuse for a year, but three captors come into my life for almost two weeks, and I can't shake the fear!"

Kaiba pulled on his hair and leaned against the desk. Jou was beside him in an instant. "Seto, you can't compare what happened to you while you were kidnapped to anything else," Jou repeated the same thing he always told Kaiba when he would start his ranting. "My father may have beat me daily. He almost killed me, sure, but he never went beyond the punches. Gozaburo was different for you. You admitted that it lasted for a year and the worse he did to you was whipping. Those captors not only beat you, they almost killed you, and they raped you. That is on a completely different scale."

Kaiba covered his ears and shook his head. He didn't want to hear what Jou had to say. He didn't want to believe that it was okay for him not to be fully healed. He wanted to be his old self again. He wanted the strength that rivaled all others. The glare that scared all his employees had to come back. He hated their pitiful gaze when he would stop in to drop off paperwork and pick up more. He wanted his life back. Jou grabbed his hands and held them gently into his own. "I know you hate to hear this, but I'll tell you again and again. Your life may never be the same again, but you mustn't let it kill you. What happened to you won't ever change how much Mokuba admires and loves you." Jou pulled Kaiba's chin up so they would look eye to eye. "I love you more for being able to stand here now. Don't you see the strength you have? You walked back into your office six months after this whole event began. In fact, you visit it everyday without anyone at your side. You're able to let Mokuba and I touch you. You're not suicidal and don't spend your days wallowing in self pity. So what if you had a breakdown today. You went three months without one. Why can't you seeā€¦" The rest of Jou's sentence was cut off with Kaiba pressing his lips against the blond's.

Jou eased into the embrace and wrapped his arms around the CEO. Their lips danced in perfect harmony. Once separated, Kaiba kept him close. "Why haven't you made a move since you told me that you love me? You know I love you, right?"

The blond smiled. "I am patiently waiting for you. I don't want to force you into anything you're not ready for."

"Maybe I'd be stronger if I let you."

"Seto," Jou sighed and moved away from him. "I'm not going to have sex with you so you can prove that your strong and then have you hide everything. You don't need to prove that you're strong. Right now I'm satisfied with living in the same house with you and the small kisses and cuddles. When we're both ready, you'll know. I'll wait an eternity for you."

Kaiba pulled Jou back in his arms. "What if I'll never be ready?" he whispered.

"Silly, Seto. It'll happen. Just not tonight. Now, do you want me to go with you on Monday?"

"Maybe. Roland could always drive you home if I feel more comfortable."

Jou smiled. "There's that positive thinking I missed. What time are we leaving?"

Kaiba walked around the desk and picked up the schedule. "Nine o'clock."

Jou pulled out his phone and set his alarm for seven. He wanted to make sure he'd be there waiting when Kaiba was ready to leave. "Do you still have things to do?"

The burnet frowned. "Yes."

"I'll be in my room with Omi. Come and get me if you want to cuddle tonight." Kaiba nodded and sat back down in his chair. He picked up his glasses and moved the papers around. Jou quietly left. Once the door was shut, Jou let his breath out. His entire body was on fire from Kaiba's soft touches. It was becoming harder and harder for Jou to keep denying Kaiba when he clearly wasn't ready.

When his body was calm, Jou entered back into his room. Mokuba was losing a racing game with Omi. By the smirk on his face, the teenager was losing on purpose. He looked up at the end of the race. "How is he?"

Jou smiled and sat down on the floor, leaning against his bed. "Working again. I'm going with him on Monday."

Omi looked up Jou. "Is Seto still having nightmares?"

"Yeah, but don't worry," Jou honestly told him. He didn't want Omi worrying over something that was beyond his control.

"Can I see him for a moment?"

Curious on what the child wanted, Jou nodded and watched him run out the door. The two quietly followed him after seeing him stop at his room before descending down the stairs to Kaiba's office. The boy knocked quietly and waited for Kaiba to call him in. Jou walked towards the door and opened it slightly, enough to see Kaiba at his desk and Omi walking up to him. "Do you need something, Omi?" Kaiba asked gently, moving his chair away from the desk.

Omi climbed up into his lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. The teddy bear he held bounced softly into the back of the chair. Kaiba smiled and pulled the boy closer. He adopted the young child after finding out that his parents were dead and no known relatives existed. He knew that Jou would never give that child up, not that he would either. Omi sat down on his legs and draped his own legs over the chair. "Let's play a game. It'll be one round and fast. I know you have work to do."

Kaiba smiled and played with Omi's now blond hair. "Take all the time you need. I have all weekend to finish this work."

A bright smile broke across Omi's face. "The doctor taught me this game. It was the first game I played. When I say 'Simon says,' you do whatever follows. If I don't say it and you do whatever follows, you lose. Since this is one round, it'll be all or nothing."

Kaiba chuckled. "Okay. Challenge me."

Omi smiled and kicked his feet against each other. "Simon says, 'Give Omi a big hug.'"

Kaiba pulled the child close to his chest and held him tightly for several minutes. Once satisfied, the CEO let go and watched Omi jump off his lap. "Congratulations you won! I have a special prize for you." Omi held up his teddy bear. "He helped keep the nightmares away. Now, I don't need him, but I know he'll help you."

Kaiba smiled and hugged Omi, knowing that he shouldn't talk Omi into keeping the bear. "Thank you. I'll keep him safe." He put the bear on his desk directly below the lamp.

Omi chuckled and moved to the door, knowing that Kaiba had to get some work done. "Sweet dreams tonight," Omi paused before adding, "Dad." He shut the door quietly behind him. Kaiba smiled. He never thought he'd hear Omi call him thought, but it warmed his heart. He looked at the teddy bear and chuckled, remembering when he gave it to Mokuba.

Jou and Mokuba hid around the corner when Omi opened the door. "I'll get snacks. You try to get upstairs to the room before Omi." Jou nodded and took off up the stairs. He was touched when Omi called Kaiba his father and wondered how Kaiba would react to that. He managed to beat Omi to his bedroom by using the backstairs and the door joining Kaiba's room with his. He sat down and attempted to slow his breathing when the door opened.

"Mokuba went down to get some snacks."

Omi giggled. "Liar. Your face is all red. I know you were listening."

Jou pulled Omi down into his lap. "That was a really nice thing you did." Jou gave up on trying to hide things from Omi. The child was smart and getting far more intelligent everyday.

"The nightmares will go away now."

Jou hugged the boy. "I know they will."

Mokuba returned a few minutes later, balancing a two liter of soda, chips, and cups on a tray. The rest of the night flew by quickly. After Mokuba and Omi decided to go to bed, Jou lied awake, listening to the quiet house.

He heard his door open before Kaiba crawled under the covers with Jou. He expected Kaiba wouldn't want to be alone, but he didn't expect Kaiba to be holding the bear. Jou rolled over and ran his fingers through the CEO's hair. "You have a wonderful son, Dad."

Kaiba smiled and curled up more. "So do you. Now, no more talking. I'm exhausted." Jou nodded and rubbed Kaiba's back until the CEO was sleeping soundly. Holding Kaiba in his arms, he fell into a light sleep just incase his lover was plague with nightmares again. He knew deep down that Kaiba will become strong again. Until then he'll wait and be the pillar to hold him up.


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