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Do not go gentle into that good night

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

-Dylan Thomas, From "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night"

"Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak whispers the o'er-fraught heart and bids it break."

-William Shakespeare





In BOOK I of THE CHOSEN TRILOGY, THE ROCKET FOUR, Ash Ketchum and his friends Misty Waterflower, Brock, Dawn, May, and Max, along with Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket lead an attack on Team Rocket Headquarters, taking Giovanni into custody in the year 2004. One year later on September 7th, a letter arrives at the Viridian City police station with a red letter R on it. Officer Jenny then calls Mr. Goodshow of the Pokemon League, looking for Ash Ketchum, who wins the Silver Conference that day (while also meeting his rival Paul). However, that evening, one of the Rocket Four capture Jenny. Ash Ketchum, now fifteen, sees Ho-oh flying off towards Sinnoh but disregards it in favor of going to Viridian City. There Ash and Brock both discover a letter from a group known as the Rocket Four in lyrical verse, calling Ash out. At the same moment, Misty Waterflower battles Barry of Twinleaf Town, beating him in an official gym battle. However, when she leaves she meets Ash himself. However, Ash turns out to be Brody, a former member of Team Magma, now a member of the Rocket Four. Misty is saved by Richie, who is currently traveling through the Kanto region on a quest to defeat the Battle Frontier.

In Viridian, Ash and Brock hear this and go with Jenny to Cerulean City, narrowly saving both Richie and Misty while Brody escapes. The entire group of five people return to the Cerulean police station where another clue has arrived. Soon, however, Max calls saying that his parents and sister have been kidnapped. The group goes over to Petalburg City, where Max recently came to after starting his Pokemon Journey where yet another clue is found indicating that Dawn has been kidnapped from Slateport City. Once more, all of them head over there and manage to find the clue that evening but are unable to figure it out. That night, Ash sees a dream of the Alpha Pokemon, Arceus, in ruins like the Spear Pillar reciting the Shamouti Prophecy.

The next morning, the 9th, Jenny ends up figuring out the clue, as it refers to a building set to be demolished in Saffron City. All of them go there and find May, Dawn, and Max's parents in the building. Unbeknownst to them however, the whole thing is a trap and Vicious (the Iron Masked Marauder) of the Rocket Four, along with Domino read their memories in order to find the locations of the legendaries. After this, the Rocket Four lay low. Two days later, on the 11th, Gary Oak arrives in Pallet Town to spend time with his grandfather. Soon after that, Riley of the Aura Guardians arrives and speaks with Ash regarding his destiny as the Chosen One. On the next day, Ash leaves on his own with Riley to Spear Pillar where he meets Arceus again who has the intention of training him to use aura.

On the 13th, Ash begins his training to use aura and manages to produce his first aura sphere by the end of the day whilst also discovering a cavern deep within Mount Coronet. On that very same day, the Rocket Four launches the next phase of their plan, shutting down all computers while depositing a lone e-mail at Professor Oak's laboratory. That evening, Maxie, the former leader of Team Magma, arrives in Pallet Town looking for Ash. He makes contact with Ash's friends at Ash's house the next day and provides them useful information regarding the Rocket Four's plan to capture the legendaries. Hearing of the virus plaguing Professor Oak they head over to the lab where Maxie cracks the encrypted e-mail with the password REVERSE. There they receive another riddle which leads them to New Island where they encounter Saturn of Team Galactic, who is now the leader of the Rocket Four. Saturn reveals to have caught Latias and then delivers the next clue regarding Mount Pyre in the Hoenn region. At this moment, Ash enters the Coronet Cavern and loses track of Pikachu. As he looks for his Pokemon, he encounters visions of a young blue haired boy in Sunyshore City but has no idea who he is. Meanwhile, Pikachu sees visions of war on the horizon…

On the 15th of September Jessie, James, and Meowth depart for Goldenrod City for Jessie's next Pokemon contest. However, along the way, they are attacked by Domino of the Rocket Four. Jessie escapes but James and Meowth are blasted off by Rayquaza, landing somewhere in Johto before falling unconscious. At the same time, Maxie, Brock and the others confront Brody on Mount Pyre who summons Groudon. Groudon opens an abyss into which Maxie falls and perishes. Ash Ketchum continues his training of aura.

Three days later, Brock and the others, now having Maxie's assets left to them, make their way to Shamouti to stop the Rocket Four. There they meet Melody and Richie falls in love with her almost instantly. However, they are unable to stop the Rocket Four who then destroy Shamouti. In the meantime, Paul is traveling through Johto but upon encountering Saturn, angrily battles him and loses. He attempts to stop Saturn from running off, but his rash action ends up landing him in a coma. Team Rocket finds him and takes him to the nearby hospital in Ecruteak City. Reggie arrives soon after to take care of his comatose brother. During all this, Ash enters the darkest cavern of Mount Coronet where he sees all of his friends dying to some nameless force. Unable to take the carnage, Ash faints.

Having seen that Ash has not returned by the 20th, Pikachu orders a rescue plan to save Ash, and the Pokemon do so successfully. Ash then speaks with Arceus about the prophecy and visions he had in the cave(here revolving around the burning of the Burned Tower and his ancestor, as well as of Kyogre, Mount Coronet and a battle) and learns that war is on the horizon and that nothing Ash does can stop it. Ash also learns that he is not afraid of death from the visions that he had in the cave before he then resolves to meet with his friends who battle Vicious of the Rocket Four that very same day, having left Richie behind on Shamouti. They defeat Vicious, although Brody captures Celebi, and return him to the authorities. However, they are forced to stay in Arborville for that night since their Pokemon are gravely injured. The next day Ash finds them in Arborville and they all get themselves caught up to speed. The situation changes however when Giovanni is broken out of jail by Brody and a stone is activated to give power to all Pokemon caught with the Rocket Four's pokeballs.

With this power, the Rocket Four capture Mewtwo before confronting Ash in Arborville on the 22nd. A battle ensues and Domino is captured in the afternoon before the group follows Saturn to Mount Coronet. Saturn, Brody, and Giovanni destroy most of the aura guardians but are stymied by the blocks cordoning off Spear Pillar. Ash and his friends catch up to them early in the morning on the 23rd and do battle with Brody who they capture. However, he merely laughs stating "You have no idea what you've started…" Misty, May, and Max take Brody to the police outside Mount Coronet. In the meanwhile, Ash, Brock, and Dawn confront Saturn and Giovanni. However, when Saturn's stone begins to go haywire, Ash sacrifices himself to contain the explosion.

As the 24th comes, Brock and his friends leave the police station near Mount Coronet for Pallet Town, telling Delia Ketchum about her son's death. They then split off: May goes to Sinnoh, Misty back to Cerulean, and Max, Brock, and Dawn travel together to Hoenn. Meanwhile, the legendaries return home, Reggie watches over his brother; James and Meowth begin their search for Jessie and a blonde haired boy treks into Mount Silver alone.

Three years later, in BOOK II of THE CHOSEN TRILOGY, THE LEGENDARY WAR, Cycling Road on the day of May 18th, 2008 by Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno as a warning to all humankind. On this day, Brock, Max, and Dawn, who have been traveling together meet up with May and Drew (much to Max's displeasure) and go to Pallet Town for their yearly get together. A few days later, May 22nd, Max briefly battles Misty for the Cascade Badge but the match is postponed because the Ash Ketchum Memorial Tag Battle begins. Max believes that he sees Ash on the screen but is convinced against it.

However, the truth is that Ash did survive the explosion at Mount Coronet by Arceus. Ash, now 18, returns to Arceus when the Alpha Pokemon calls for him. After a slight conversation the two of them head to Alamos Town where Ash convinces Darkrai to join their side in the war. It becomes apparent that there is a war between legendaries who want to destroy the world and those who want to save it. Naturally, Ash and Arceus belong with those who want to save it, joined by Lugia, Mew, Mewtwo, Dialga, Giratina, Suicune, Celebi, Manaphy, Jirachi, Shaymin, Kyogre and, of course, Darkrai. They also discuss the other legendaries, the wild Pokemon and how Ho-oh has been missing for years. Ash soon learns that Lucario and Sir Aaron have both been resurrected and that Sir Aaron is to give Ash training in aura.

Three days later the Bell Tower and the Sky Pillar are attacked by the "bad" legendaries early in the morning and Professor Birch of Hoenn is featured in a report on the recent happenings stating that the attacks are most likely a result of the events circulating around the Rocket Four. After some tense moments between May, max, and Drew, Ash's friends head over to Professor Oak's lab to hear his theory on the attacks of the legendaries. Here, Professor Oak uncovers an extended version of the Shamouti prophecy regarding Ash. Believing, however, that Ash is dead they wonder what will now become of their world.

A few days later, Mount Coronet, the site of Arceus' legendaries gathering is attacked upon Ash's conclusion of his aura training. After a lot of effort the group manages to drive away Deoxys, Palkia and Groudon who learn of Ash's continued existence. Ash then leaves to contact the Pokemon League. This comes to fruition two days later when the Pokemon League calls a council that is held on the 30th. Here Ash is revealed to be alive, and despite some dissension among the League personnel, most are convinced of the severity of the war. The meeting is cut short however by an attack by the legendaries on Cinnabar Island. Ash and Lance, Champion of the joint Kanto-Johto region go with the Pokemon G-Men to defend the island. Despite getting the people off the island, this defense fails as Entei and Heatran cause the volcano to erupt and obliterate the island. Ash returns to the League and reunites with his friends and later his mother and Pokemon, including a still hyperactive Barry.

After some much needed days of rest at home, Ash travels with his friends to Veilstone City on June 2nd and revives Paul from his coma. The still mounting tension between the two trainers incurs a 6-on-6 battle that Ash narrowly wins. The next day, Ash's friends leave and the Sinnoh Faction, the group of the Sinnoh Elite Four, contact Ash in order to take him on a mission to Snowpoint City. Paul and Barry both join him in this mission on the 5th and after an attack by Palkia and Deoxys, Ash, Paul, and Barry plummet into the wilderness below. Meanwhile, on the next evening in Pallet Town, Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno destroy Professor Oak's lab during a rehearsal homecoming party. Around this time, Ash, Paul and Barry wake up after being attacked by some Mightyena. The three continue to journey through the wilderness with some major arguments. Along the way they are attacked by Uxie who Ash had believed to be on their side. But after a single aura sphere strikes Uxie, it disappears. The two continue on and are later found by Cynthia in the middle of an argument. Cynthia takes them off missions and drops them off in Pallet Town on the morning of the 7th.

The following day the Pallet Town Battle Tournament begins just as the remaining Cycling Roads are destroyed. As the tournament continues, the next day sees the departure of members such as Koga, Lt. Surge, the Kanto Elite Four among others from the League. Celadon Gym also shuts down due to the dangers of the war igniting across the regions. The 10th sees the conclusion of the battle tournament with a tie between Ash and Paul. Paul leaves that evening on a boat to Hoenn whilst Mrs. Ketchum suggests that Ash takes his friends and goes to Shamouti. The next day his friends agree and they begin to pack for Shamouti. Ash quickly visits Arceus in their new base: the Embedded Tower of the Johto region. At this moment Aaron reveals his displeasure that they have not leant aid to the humans as of yet whilst Lucario is recruiting wild Pokemon. After a status update Arceus pulls Ash aside and reveals his fear that a human may be behind the attacks after all.

On that somber note, Ash and his friends go to Shamouti. Here they meet Richie and Melody who have been dating for three years. After learning it is the time of the Chosen One Festival, Ash withdraws himself and visits Slowking how encourages him on his efforts while also wondering why Arceus is withholding information from him. While Ash is visiting Slowking, Brock reunites with Lucy in a restaurant and, despite being drunk, manages to score a date with her. The next day, the start of the Festival, Ash asks Misty to attend with him and the two of them start dating, much to Dawn's chagrin.

The war becomes apparent again on the 15th when Cynthia arrives on Shamouti saying that both Mt. Silver and Sootopolis have been attacked. May, max, and Dawn head to Sootopolis while Ash, Brock, Misty and Barry head to Mt. Silver, leaving Drew and Kenny (who had since joined them) behind. At Mt. Silver they meet up with Glacia who helps them in protecting the people. However a joint attack from Palkia, Heatran and Groudon causes the ice wall protecting them to come down. Ash shocked by the death around him nearly looses the will to go on but Brock encourages him. Soon after this, the good legendaries arrive to do battle, forcing away the enemy forces. However, the Regis soon arrive and do battle with Ash and the Legendaries. They are forced to retreat resulting in a win at Mt. Silver. The next day also sees a win for Sootopolis City as well as Daisy calling Misty from cerulean, asking her to come home.

On the 17th, the Battle Frontier joins the Pokemon League in an effort to protect the people of the regions. This stride forward is undermined however by Koga's faction proclaiming themselves to be adversaries of the League. Because of this, Cynthia calls a draft to be instated and despite some opposition a draft for all Pokemon trainers 15 and older with six or more badges from a region. This is put in the next day. On the same day, Ash, Brock and Misty arrive in Cerulean to find Daisy wants to shut the gym down. This only serves to anger Misty and cause a rift to grow between her and Daisy.

Days later on the 21st of June, Arceus contacts Ash for a mission that was mentioned to him by Dialga on the 15th. Ash and his friends go to Lavender Town where Ash meets Arceus alone in Pokemon Tower. The two quickly go to Spring Path and through the Reverse World to the Tree of Beginning to avoid detection. At the Tree of Beginning Arceus removes the Jewel of Life from himself and has Ash place it in the tree for him. Upon arrival back at Pokemon Tower Ash hides as Arceus confronts the three Regis and Deoxys. However, the conversation comes to an end when Mewtwo appears and betrays them with an Aura Sphere to Arceus' chest. Ash chases after Mewtwo who lets him go out of reverence for what Ash taught him seven years prior. Ash then cries over Arceus body as the world mourns the passing of the Original One.

The following day, the 22nd, Ash is seen recovering emotionally at Cerulean Cape. He talks with Misty, Brock, and Pikachu about his conviction to go forward and how he will make sure that Arceus will does not go unfulfilled. With that, the four watch the sunset together. As the evil legendaries power grow, how will the world react to this? Will they be able to withstand Arceus' passing? And how will Ash Ketchum handle the burned now placed upon him? The final chapter of the war now begins at long last…

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Do not go gentle into that good night