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Trilogy number one: Sam and Emily

Scarred Love


"So, how far did you guys go … I mean did you … you know?" I blushed, unable to say the words out loud as my cousin, Leah swung back in the hammock laughing loudly as she flung juice from her glass into the air.

"I went down on him, he went down on me. Then mom came home, walking in on… well him doing that and …" she started shaking with giggles and I went along with her, "and well mom kicked him out anyway, he's banned from coming around here for a while I think. Dad was ready to shoot him when he found out."

I laughed and took a sip of my juice, "it's been nice being down here. The Makah Rez can get so boring."

"Aw, you've missed the one and only Lee-Lee!" She said in a horrible high pitched tone. "I have to agree things get boring when your not here to talk to. Seth is going crazy lately. You've seen him, he's all long and lanky and awkward looking, and you never would of thought this time last year that chubby faced bub would have looked like that huh?"

I nodded. "Yeah, haha. Hopefully he'll grow out of it."

She shrugged and threw the rest of her juice on the ground and flung herself out of the hammock, "eh, its puberty. Sam wasn't so crash hot when we were juniors."

"Leah!" I laughed out loud and she followed suit, hauling me up out of the hammock, "come on. We have all summer to spend together before you have to go home. I say we go shopping."

"Oh my god! Wait, can you give me a driving lesson?" I put on my best puppy dog eyes and he bit her lip, staring at her run down jeep and then back at me. "Come on Lee, take a chance on me. Think about it, I'll be forever indebted to you because you gave me a driving lesson!" I beamed and waited for her response.

She twirled her keys around her fingers, still staring at the jeep and then me like it was a tennis game before… she put the keys in my hand. "Hurt it and I'll hurt you."

I squeaked and ran to the car, bouncing into the drivers seat and putting my belt on before sitting straight and staring ahead. Leah got in at a slower pace, biting her lip as she watched me start the car up. "You need to relax, you look like someone's shoving a pole up your ass. And don't forget, this is a manual. You need to change the gears so you don't stall."

I nodded and then listened as she gave me a lesson on how to change the gears, I was getting ready to just give up altogether when she finally told me to start up the car.

I slowly pulled out the driveway, sitting in the middle of the road as I tried to change the gear. The car churned but I eventually got it into the right spot before we lurched down the street. Leah made an 'oomf' noise as I slammed on the break and tried again.

"I shouldn't have ate before coming in the car with you. Its like being on a ride that's out of control-oof!" She lurched forward in her seatbelt as I once again slammed on the breaks.

"Sorry Lee," I blushed and tried again. I made it all the way down the Main Street before I stalled the car trying to turn. "As soon as we get to the diner you can drive home."

She nodded, "you aren't doing to bad, but I'd say you need a few more lessons before you try go for a license."

As we reached the diner I managed to work at the changing gears part – well sort off – if you call revving up over a speed bump and slamming into the back of a rusty red Chevy "working out gears".

"Oh no!" Leah groaned.

"Oh crap."

"That's the Black's car. Well, the one Jacob's been fixing for some girl that's moving to Forks. But still, he just finished it!" She slammed her head into her hands. "Crud! Shit!"

"Sorry?" I bit my lip as I watched half the diner pour outside, Jacob Black and Billy's faces wearing a look of dismay. I quickly hopped out throwing the keys to Leah. "I am so sorry! I mixed up accelerate and reverse… I – I – I"

"It's fine Emily, we'll just need to fix it… Damn Leah why the hell do you need a bulbar on your car? You don't even have a scratch." Jacob glowered at said bulbar while Leah smiled smugly.

"My bad." She didn't look very sorry.

"I'll pay for whatever damage I caused," I said sincerely. Billy waved me off laughing.

"You should have seen the first time Jacob got behind the wheel. Not five minutes in and the car was planted into the garden." People surrounding laughed loudly as they clapped each other on the back before leaving to go back to their lunch.

"It will be easy to fix, but I'm going to need a car to tow it back to mine." Jacob looked at Leah, grinning. "And seeing as your car did the damage, it gets that special job."

"Now just a minute Jacob Black –"

"That's a marvelous idea Jacob," Sue stepped out of the diner, cleaning her hands. "Leah you'll help the Black's tow their car."

So that's how we found ourselves, half an hour later easing the red Chevy into the run down barn which was used as a garage for Jacob. Car parts lay all around the place, grease and slime on most.

"Well, seeing as I've had such an invigorating afternoon I think we'll be heading home." Leah made to pull me out and I waved, yelling a sorry before we got back into her car.

"You are so not driving my baby again."

"My bad."


Leah and I hung around La Push for most of the time I'd been staying there. We hung out on the beach, went shopping together and did whatever we usually did when I was down for the summer.

I was in five weeks of being there before I finally met Sam, Leah's boyfriend of three months.

"Why haven't I met him yet anyway?" I looked at Leah who was sighing and twitching, a thing she usually did when she was nervous.

"He's been – he's been helping the elders a lot lately. I mean we always hang out every summer together, but I have had barely any time to talk with him. And he's gotten huge as well; I mean seriously it looks like he has tree trunks on his arms! He's gotten taller and everything, and he's become so..serious… like, I just…" Leah looked back at her hands and I touched her arm.

"It'll be fine Lee. He'll come 'round. All guys have their shitty days."

"But Em, he's been having his shitty day for almost the whole summer. He's barely laughed and I haven't seen him smile since!"

When we pulled up at the beach, it was packed and I knew almost everyone from La Push would be down here taking in the rare warm summer day. The sun was out and I was actually sweating. I couldn't wait to get into the water.

"Did he tell you where to meet him?" I asked Leah. She grunted as she heaved our bags out from the back.

"He said near the shoreline near a red umbrella. Apparently he's down here with the elders." She grumbled the last bit. "Why he feels the need to help a bunch of old people when there are plenty of others around I have no idea." Slamming the trunk shut she gave me my bag and I followed her.

We hadn't been walking long when we found the big red umbrella, and I knew just by looking that the elders were definitely there. Either in wheel chairs or clothes to warm to be worn at a beach.

"Sam!" Leah yelled, dumping her bag by the umbrella and running at him. His face broke out into a smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. I bit my lip and put my bags next to Leah's awkwardly standing there as she kissed him.

"…And this is my cousin, Emily Young. She stays with me almost every summer, you sort of me her last year when she pegged her shoe at you remember?" I looked up as he did, smiling and ready to apologise for the shoe incident when my breath caught in my throat and I almost lost all brain function.

Sam looked at me with a look I had never had before, so I couldn't decipher it. But his mouth…it was in a huge heart breaking grin, and it lit up my world as his warm brown eyes smoldered with joy, admiration and… something else I couldn't understand.

Leah looked between us and cleared her throat, punching Sam in the arm and giving me a funny look. "Emily…this is Sam my boyfriend." That was the first time Leah had ever said that word like that to me. And I knew it clearly meant, stop ogling he's mine.

"Uh…" I cleared my throat and blinked a few times. "H-hi."

"Sam." One of the elders motioned Sam over and while he was distracted by them Leah walked over and stared me down.

"What the hell was that?"

"What was what?" I asked, trying to play dumb.

"The way you couldn't take your eyes off him, the way he…couldn't take his eyes off you.." Her voice seemed hurt, and I felt guilty straight away.

"I'm sure you're over analyzing. I just wanted to look at the arms you said were tree trunks." She snorted with laughter but it didn't reach her eyes. I sighed. "Want to swim?"

She nodded and that's how I found myself sitting by the small rock pools, growling in frustration as I looked up every few minutes to see Leah sucking Sam's face as he smiled at her.

I don't even know why I was reacting this way, Sam was her boyfriend! I barely knew the guy yet I found myself wanting to rip Leah's head off her shoulders. And I was not a violent person! I decided the best thing to do was to just head back to hers and let them have a reunion.

"Leah!" I called out. She looked at me, as did Sam but I avoided all eye contact with him. "I'm heading home to get dinner started, you stay, have … fun." I smiled brightly and grabbed my bag, just as I was ready to leave she jumped next to me.

"I invited Sam to dinner is that okay? You don't mind cooking for one more?" I looked at her hopeful expression and nodded, smiling weakly. "Sure cuz, I'll see you at home." She nodded and ran off back to the water while I sighed and made my way up the beach.

My mind was alive with questions and mixed feelings and I didn't know what meant what as I tried to solve them. I rubbed my head as I entered the house, trying to push the anger and jealousy aside and I set my yoga mat, hoping to calm myself down.

I closed my eyes as I listened to the relaxing music and inhaled the incense candles, holding an extremely complicated pose as Leah burst trough the door, Sam trailing in behind her. Losing my balance in shock I squealed as I fell onto the mat, smacking my head on the hard wood floor.

"Oh," I grunted in pain. My hand immediately went to my throbbing head and already a lump was there.

"Oh my god! Emily!" My eyes flung open in shock as a searing palm was placed to my head. I followed a tightly toned chest to the most handsome face in the world…and then a glaring face behind it.

I brushed his hand off roughly, standing up. "I – I didn't start on dinner yet, I wanted to do some yoga…I'm going to get cleaned up and I'll put it on…" I quickly brushed past Leah who stormed into the kitchen. Even in the bathroom I heard her slamming around cupboards.

I quickly showered the still sandy beach water out of my hair and was out and dried in no time, finding an ice pack for my head.

Leah had already started on dinner, Sue, Harry and Seth now at the dining table talking with Sam. I entered the room and went straight for the kitchen, saying a hey to Sue and Seth who asked about my head.

"Its fine, I just got a shock when Leah and Sam came in." I looked at Leah, "do you want a hand?"

"I know how to cook Em," Leah muttered. She handed me a spatula anyway and I want to flipping the steaks.

Not long after we were sat around the table, Sue asking Sam all kinds of questions until the topic was switched to school.

"What are you going to do now that you've graduated Emily?" Sam asked, setting his fork down.

I shrugged, "I was thinking just taking some cooking classes and well…Sue I was meant to ask earlier this Summer but…I was thinking about moving up here…Maybe getting a job full time at the diner?"

Sue beamed, "that's wonderful Em! I need all the help I can get. Harry's always telling me I need more local girls at the diner." Harry nodded and went back to eating his dinner, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as well as his brow furrowing. In worry?

"I mean," I added just in case, "if you don't want me there its fine, I – I can stay down on the Makah rez. I'll deal…there just isn't much there…"

"It will be wonderful. Tell you what, come into the diner tomorrow and I'll see how you are okay?" I nodded and smiled turning my head back to my plate.

"I'll wash the dishes," Leah said abruptly, taking everyone's plates. Harry was about to protest but Sue just held her hand up and left it.

"Do we still have any ice cream left?" I asked, as I peered through the freezer.

"Guilty." I looked at a grinning Seth and rolled my eyes.

"I wanted to make fried ice cream. Sue the deli will still be open won't it?" Sue nodded, "Sam go with her. She can't drive yet." I heard a plate clatter in the sink and I quickly held my hands up.

"Oh you know what, I don't want to be any trouble. Lets just not have fried ice cream. I just remember I have a few other things to do and-"

"I want fried ice cream," Harry muttered like a baby.

"The deli is a two minute drive. Just go, we'll hold down the fort here." Sue smiled brightly at me and threw Sam his keys. I wanted to yell at Sue, and yell at her to look at Leah who was holding a knife tightly in her hands as she tried to put on her best fake smile.

It looked like a character from a horror movie.

God help me.


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