Here it is the story called "Forgotten Memories" just as I promised. I'm sorry if it felt like a long time but I'm recently engaged and I've been out doing multiple things at once. It's been hectic but here's a story that includes Caius and Athenodora having twin children by a rare miracle that's never happened to any other vampire couple. Please read along and tell me what you think, and leave an idea or two if you want. Takes place after Breaking Dawn.


Two days after the Volturi left:

The Cullens had everything back to normal in their home; well almost normal since little Renesmee came along. At the moment everyone in the Cullen coven was preoccupied; Alice was staying home keeping track of the Volturi's decisions as a precaution, Rosalie and Jasper were out shopping for clothes and toys for Renesmee, Bella and Edward were out hunting with Jacob, Emmett and Esme were watching Renesmee, while Carlisle had a rare day off from the hospital and spending most of it filling out paperwork in his office.

"Giddy up horsey giddy up!" Nessie shouted out loud playing horseback with Uncle Emmett. Esme laughed and clapped her hands.

"Ride'em cowgirl yeehaw!" Emmett neighed and Nessie laughed.

"Ok you two take a break. Grandpa's almost done with his work…" Esme helped Nessie off Emmett's back. The little girl smiled and gave her uncle a high five.

"Thanks Uncle Em…let's do that again later!"

"You name the time and place little lady." He laughed and right on cue Carlisle came into the room to be greeted with a hug from his granddaughter, soon to be followed by the pixie girl Alice.

"Anything on the Volturi?" Carlisle picked Nessie up and bounced her a bit.

"Nothing…it looks like Aro's a bit depressed after losing your friendship." Carlisle sighed.

"He'll get over it. I'm just glad no more lives were lost that day." Before Alice could respond a knock came to the door. Carlisle quickly passed Renesmee to Alice and slowly went over to the door, Emmett wanted to follow but Carlisle motioned him to stay. He slowly opened the door, and everyone could see a man and a woman, both with similar facial features, silvery blonde hair though the boy's was long to his shoulders and the girl's was about the same but an inch shorter. They both had gold eyes, and pale skin but their clothes included faded jeans and Capri's, white shirts with a few stains on them, dark sandals, and the boy had a blue jean jacket and alligator skin wrist bracelets, while the girl wore a furry white cape with matching gloves that didn't cover her fingers, and a bag with a few items in it. They looked to be around eighteen, but the girl looked almost sixteen.

"Can I help you?" Carlisle asked opening the door a little more.

"Yes is this the Cullen residence?"

"It is…I am Carlisle Cullen, may I ask your names?"

"I'm Nekolai, and this is my twin sister Celeste. We're travelling nomads from the Himalayas and we had heard about an uprising against the Volturi."

"There was no uprising, you must've been mislead." The girl stepped forward.

"Might you let us in, we would like to hear what has happened if you are willing to enlighten us?" Carlisle looked back at Alice, and she just nodded meaning they weren't a threat.

"Come on in." they walked in but the woman stopped when she saw Renesmee.

"Is that, a hybrid child?" Nessie huddled behind her uncle and grandma. "Oh sorry I didn't mean to scare her."

"It's ok she's just shy. Please sit down…" Alice led them to the main room and they took seats on the sofa. "First off we'd like to know your business here in our territory?" the man was about to speak but the girl beat him to it.

"We were out travelling over to Idaho when we had heard, or more like my brother here saw through your eyes some trouble with the Volturi. Unfortunately we were two days away so we couldn't get the full story at the time."

"Wait what do you mean you saw through Carlisle's eyes?"

"I have the power of Clairvoyance."

"That is?" Esme and Emmett were confused.

"The power to discern distant places and people with one's mind, without physically having to be present to witness them, kind of like Alice's power; if Alice has a vision and he sees it then he can see the same thing but through the eyes of the ones in the vision. Exactly how long can it last?" Carlisle was as curious as a scientist.

"It varies on how further apart we are from each other. So in your case it was only five minutes…" Nekolai spoke up and Celeste cleared her throat.

"My power is called Mnemokinesis."

"The power to control memories." Esme pointed out and Celeste nodded.

"I can modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect and view your memories. I only use what's necessary though, I've never used false memory or modified memories to make someone vulnerable. Neither of us believes in using our powers for petty reasons."

"Guess that's one good thing." Emmett finally spoke and Esme gave him a stern look.

"It is a good thing, in our experience we've seen other vampires commit such despicable acts with their gifts. Ones like that are evil to us…"

"How old are you two?"

"Over 300 years old…we've been nomads for about nearly 297 years."

"Were you with a coven?" they closed their eyes but opened them again quickly.

"Yes, but we renounced our name with them for reasons we've explained. We no longer belong to any coven." Nekolai took Celeste's hand and held it between them.

"My sister has seen many detestable things with that coven, and the life they wanted us to have was not one we were appreciative of. I was able to make an escape for us, but the coven hasn't tracked us because of her power." All Cullens looked at each other and nodded.

"I see them with no trouble Carlisle." Alice.

"I'd like to see what kind of people they are while they're here." Emmett.

"Hold on a second…you called my granddaughter a hybrid child. Do you know of them?" Carlisle sounded serious again. The twins looked at each other and each gave a small smile.

"In a way yes; we'd come across one a few years back. He was rather intriguing but we let him be, and now I'm sure this little one was the reason for the Volturi coming this way?"

"Yes, they thought she was immortal and attempted to punish us all, but we convinced them otherwise."

"Barely…Caius had to go and spite Kate and Tanya by killing Irina, because she was what they call a 'false witness' regardless of her actions she still broke the law." Esme frowned as she spoke, and Celeste's grip tightened in Nekolai's hand.

"Irina of the Denali Coven is dead?" they all nodded.

"It's a shame…she was a good woman." Nekolai whispered and Celeste rubbed his arm. "The laws of our world are too strict; it's as if one mistake brings death to a vampire who doesn't deserve it."

"That's just the way it is, we're all just glad no one else was killed." Alice held onto Renesmee. "But enough of the heavy sorrow, how long do you both plan to stay in Forks." Nekolai looked at Celeste and she smiled.

"We were hoping we could stay a while, maybe a month because we've travelled so much we're bored with it. We've already fed ourselves so we won't need to hunt for a while, and we have some money but not much." She told them and Nessie got more curious.

"I think we could allow that, you have a residence anywhere?" Carlisle.

"Not quite, but there are some caves around here. We could just camp out."

"Camp out like cavemen? Why can't they stay here?" Renesmee looked up at Carlisle and he smiled.

"I was about to offer that Nessie, of course it depends on how they can control their thirst."

"We're capable of control sir, we don't feed on humans."

"Then you are welcome to stay, but please be mindful of our rules, and call me Carlisle. But let me introduce the rest of my family when they arrive."

"Of course Carlisle, and if it's alright with you we'd like to keep some personal things to ourselves. We will explain more to your family but only if we have to." Carlisle nodded knowing these two must've had some dark secrets from their past that troubled them greatly. He turned to Alice and she picked Renesmee up.

"How long is everyone away?"

"About a few minutes or so, they'll be back soon though." Nessie smiled big and her brown eyes shined in the light.

"Oh I can't wait to see what Aunt Rosalie got me!"

"Oh trust me I think you'll love it." Nessie squealed and soon another knock came to the door. Esme answered and in came Bella and Edward with Jake, looking very refreshed from hunting. Nessie jumped down and went to hug her parents and Jake, until Edward saw the twins.

"Carlisle who are these people?"

"Wait until Rosalie and Jasper get back, then we'll explain."

"It's ok daddy they're nice people. They're like us, vegetarians." Bella laughed.

"You're no vegetarian Nessie, you feed on human blood remember?"

"Oh yeah…I heard a car! It's Aunt Rosie!" Nessie scrambled out of Edward's arms and ran outside to her aunt and uncle carrying shopping bags on each arm. Jasper looked like he could collapse but seeing Alice made him perk up. He dropped the bags on the floor and Nessie instantly ran through them pulling out clothes, toys, little jewels for kids, everything a child could love.

"Who are these two?" Rosalie asked standing close to the happy vampire child.

"They're travelling nomads from the Himalayas; they came to see what happened against the Volturi two days ago. I've invited…or really Renesmee invited them to stay for a while and spend some time to know our coven."

"They're vegetarians like us Aunt Rosalie, they're really nice too." Rosalie looked at Edward and he read her thoughts.

"Well Nessie is a good judge of character Ed, maybe if they stayed a little longer we can learn more about them."

"As long as they abide by the rules I guess they could stay." The twins walked up to Edward and bowed like the Japanese.

"Thank you for letting us stay Mr. Cullen." Everyone looked a bit confused but let it go as Nessie started playing with her new toys.

"What are their names?"

"Nekolai and Celeste, they don't have last names like us."

"And they're how old?"

"Over 300 daddy, they're really nice people. Come on don't be such a stiff!" Nessie pouted and everyone laughed. Edward smiled at his daughter and looked at the twins.

"Welcome to the Cullen residence, please make yourselves at home."

"Do you have anymore clothes? We can wash those?" Alice eyed Celeste's clothing and she looked as if she could blush.

"Well no we don't, we don't have that much money and we always wash these by hand."

"You've lived in those clothes for over 300 years? That's kind of gross…"

"Not for that long, only when our other clothes wore out."

"Maybe I could lend you some of my clothes. Emmett do you think Nekolai can borrow something of yours?"

"He looks a bit scrawny, he might not be able to fit in clothes made for someone with muscles."

"Then let Jasper see if he has something. And don't be so mean they're guests here." Emmett laughed and looked at the glaring Nekolai.

"My bad man, just pointing out the facts."

"Well if you're really as strong as you look or say you are, then let's have a match. Two days from now and we'll see who's scrawny." Nekolai gave a small smile and Celeste just shook her head.

"You're on little man. Name the time and place…"

"The meadow in the forest near the reservation, at noon."

"You got it." Nekolai followed Emmett upstairs while Alice led Celeste up to hers. Edward and Bella helped Nessie with her new things, Jake left to go visit his friends, Rosalie went to the kitchen, while Esme stayed behind with Carlisle.

"Something wrong dear?" Carlisle was pulled away from his thoughts and wrapped an arm around his wife.

"No, it's just that for some reason…I think I've seen those two before. I can't remember where though…"

"Aw it's probably from a long time ago. Sometimes we don't always remember who we've encountered in the past. I gotta admit they do look familiar but I've never met them before."

"Oh well it's probably nothing. Come on I'm finished with my work, care to meet me in the bedroom later." Esme nuzzled her husband's ear and kissed it. "I'll take that as a yes." She scurried away and Carlisle headed for the bedroom.

In Alice's room:

"Here try these on." Alice tossed Celeste a pair of black jeans and some converses to match; while the newbie tried them on she rummaged through her closet looking for a shirt. Alice then pulled out a purple shirt with a skeleton's head made in glitter on the front and black tank top to go underneath. Everything fit perfectly despite the height difference. Celeste was just two inches shorter than Alice.


"You're welcome; you can keep those if you want. Here let me show you the accessories…" Alice went to a drawer pulling out some black wristlets, a black bow with purple polka dots, heart shaped purple earrings, and a black choker necklace.

"Isn't this overdoing it a bit?"

"No of course not, here let me put them on you."

"I'm not a doll Mrs. Cullen."

"Call me Alice Celeste, and if you want I can do your makeup."

"Now I'm starting to feel like a doll."

"I'm sorry I just love giving makeovers."

"It's ok, my mother would do this to me sometimes too."

"Oh was she a nice one?" Celeste looked away.

"She was, but she's gone now. Neko and I both miss her…" Alice laughed at the nickname Celeste had for her twin.

"What about your father?" Celeste tensed up.

"Not the best parent…but I don't like talking about it."

"Oh…ok. Here have a seat and I'll put the last touches on your face." Celeste laughed and sat in front of the mirror while Alice applied the eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. Turning towards her reflection Celeste almost didn't recognize herself.

"Wow…I've never looked this gorgeous!"

"You're welcome. Now come on let's see how Nekolai's doing." The two girls left to find Celeste's big brother.

Emmett and Rosalie's room:

"Well looks like my pants fit you but my shirts are big." Emmett took the white shirt he'd given Nekolai and hung it up back in the closet. The pants fit him good but the shirts were huge on him. Jasper then came in with a plain blue t-shirt and white collar button up shirt to go with it.

"Thanks." Nekolai thanked them both putting the garments on.

"So what's the deal with you and your sister? You two close?"

"Since birth, we've been inseparable from each other since we were born. Our parents thought it was strange but we didn't care."

"What happened to your parents?" Nekolai tensed up, stayed silent for a few seconds before answering.

"Dead…for whatever reason they're both dead. We don't like to discuss it…"

"Hey it's cool dude, not really one for sob stories and neither is Jasper here." Jasper smiled handing Nekolai a comb for his tangled hair.

"Now how long have you been nomads?" Jasper.

"297 years. It gets boring after a while, travelling all over the world."

"Then why don't you settle down somewhere?"

"Ah we aren't the settling down types. Celli and I just like relaxing for a few months in one spot, no one gets suspicious because no humans ever see us." After his hair was combed it looked all shiny and silvery like his sister's.

"Do you ever go to the same place twice?"

"No all the time, only places we truly like. Such as Ireland, the Alps, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, any place that's cloudy or cold in the winter."

"Brazil's a sunny place."

"We know, but Celli likes the tropical places, swimming is her favorite sport."

"Well we'll just see how things go for you two and maybe you could stay longer, but that's up to Carlisle and Esme."

"We understand…we'll just be normal here." Everyone laughed before Alice's voice came through the door.

"You guys finished in there yet?"

"Yeah be out in a sec. Wait and see what she's done to Celli…" Emmett laughed.

"Hey now only I call her that, like only she calls me Neko."

"My bad man." They walked out to see the nomads completely redone in style, looking like your average teenagers but hotter, like all vampires. Soon after little Renesmee came running down the hall to stop and admire them.

"You look pretty Celeste."

"Thanks kiddo."

"And you look cool Nekolai." He smirked and nodded.

"Well now that we've all gotten reacquainted let's go introduce you to Jacob's friends." Alice smiled and Jasper looked at her funny.

"I don't think now's the right time Alice."

"Oh come on Jasper, they're guests we should at least show them around a bit." Nekolai looked at his sister and they shook their heads.

"No Alice I think Jasper's right, we should just take things slow while we're here." Alice did a pouty face and Jasper gave her another look so she backed down.

"Ok ok we can…but at least let me take you shopping later tonight. The best stores are opened late…"

"That sounds fine. Now if you'll excuse us Neko and I need to talk about our time here in private."

"Sure." The twins leapt out of the window and went a few miles into the forest. They settled down by the river and sat down on some rocks.

"So what do you think of them?" Celli looked at Neko and he smirked a bit.

"Well we were wrong about the uprising against the Volturi, so I guess we could stick around."

"Yeah, I like that kid she's cute. It would've been cool to be there against the Volturi two days ago, could've kicked some stony tails straight to Hell."

"You know we couldn't do that if we wanted. It's too risky with your power still intact."

"I know, but I really wanted to give Jane a taste of her own medicine."

"Like Kate did?"

"Oh shut up. So how long should we stay?"

"A month at most, but if they invite us to stay longer we can. Where's your cape?"

"Alice let me keep it in her room. She's funny for a pixie vampire…" they laughed a bit then began to head back to the Cullen mansion until a noise across the river caught Nekolai's ears.

"Hold it!" he spotted a vampire dressed in black about to run when Celeste caught him by the ankle and threw him to Nekolai, catching him instantly. "Were you spying on us?" the vampire struggled violently but couldn't fight off Neko's super strength.

"Yes I was…but you weren't the ones…I needed to see." Celli walked up holding his shirt collar.

"You were spying on the Cullens?" before the vampire could answer Celli pulled on a gold chain and yanked off what was the Volturi crest from the man's neck. "Check it out Neko he's one of them, Aro must be getting curious about the Cullens."

"Why did you come?" Nekolai gave a tight squeeze on the man's neck and he grunted.

"Orders…Aro's orders…to keep an eye on the Cullens for a bit…nothing personal…"

"You keep squeezing you'll kill him brother." Celli put the necklace back on and Nekolai loosened his grip slightly.

"Then use your power on him, make sure he doesn't remember anything he's witnessed with us." Celeste nodded and put both hands on the man's face; she closed her eyes and began to erase all the memories of them and their discussion at the river. The ones with them introducing themselves with the Cullens stayed, but only brief moments, nothing to get suspicious over.

"It's done. Let go and the memories will fade, we have to get back. Alice could be watching…" Neko released the vampire as the memories faded from his mind while they ran back to the Cullen house.

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