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Volterra, Italy:

Two years later:

Things had cleared up for all the vampires after Nekolai and Celeste settled back down with their family. Ever since they'd returned things took a turn for the better; the Cullens became allies instead of enemies in Aro's eyes, the shifters also became new allies since Caius let down a little on the wolf thing after Andover's death, and the twins both finally set things straight with the entire Volturi and the rest of the covens.

The Cullens had moved out of Forks up to Alaska since Edward and Bella decided to attend college there, Jacob went along for the long run and because Renesmee made him come along. Renesmee kept in touch with the twins and visited as often as she could, which was about twice or three times a year since she spent more time with her family.

At the moment the entire Volturi was brought into the throne room, along with the Cullens and the Denalis because they were summoned for a special announcement from Aro.

"It's good to see you all again my friends, I trust your travels went well?" Carlisle and Eleazar stepped forward with smiles.

"They were thank you Aro." Eleazar.

"Excellent!" Aro clapped his hands in joy. "Now the reason we have called you all here is because my brother Caius has something to tell you all." He stepped aside while Caius stepped forward.

"My son Nekolai and my daughter Celeste have finally chosen their mates." He stepped out and the twins stepped forward getting a wave from Renesmee, who was now the size of a ten year old. Nekolai was wearing a dark green dress shirt and black pants, whereas his eager sister Celeste was wearing a sleeveless magenta dress that went down to her knees, with black leggings and magenta flats.

"Yay!" the little one jumped for joy and ran to hug Celli getting a growl from Caius.

"Oh father relax she's just a kid." Celli stuck out her tongue picking the little one up in a hug. "You go first Neko." Neko nodded and held out his arm to reveal a woman with long dark hair and burgundy eyes wearing a long dark blue dress came through.

"My intended mate, is Corin." He took her hand and kissed her cheek. "Those of you who don't know, her power is addictive contentment, but it has no effect on me."

"Oh really?" Emmett asked receiving a smack from Rosalie.

"Emmett don't be so rude." She looked over at Eleazar who stared at the two for a few seconds.

"It's true." Eleazar spoke up. "I can tell what sort of power she has and if she's using it, and I see nothing. Marcus?" Marcus smiled and stepped up.

"Their bonds have grown over the past two years, it's only up until six months ago did I see they're soul mate bonds grow."

"Oh Nekolai she's lovely." Esme smiled and Corin giggled.

"Thank you Mrs. Cullen."

"And you Celeste? Your mate?" Carlisle.

"Simple…" she put Renesmee down. "I chose Santiago as my mate." A tall and masculine man with olive skin and dark hair stepped out; he picked Celli up and hoisted her onto his shoulders. "We've been dating for a while, a year I say, and we decided to finally make it official."

"Congratulations to you both, have you already married or…?" Bella asked and the twins shook their heads.

"No, that's why we called you all here. We're having the wedding here, and we want Heidi and Alice to plan it." Alice's eyes widened with glee and she shrieked in happiness.

"I'd love to!" she embraced Nekolai tightly and Heidi who of course hugged back with similar happiness. "Where do we start?"

"With the clothes of course, come with me I know a great bridal shop we can get the prettiest dresses you've ever seen!" Heidi pulled Alice out of the room and everyone laughed.

"I honestly think Alice will meet her match with Heidi, she can be so outrageous with occasions like weddings and parties." Aro smiled turning back to the audience. "I suppose you'll all attend?"

"Hell yeah!" most of them shouted.

"Wonderful, the ceremony will take place next week and you're all free to tour the palace and do as you wish just don't break anything. And if you have a request then please ask me or one of my brothers or the guards." He held out his hands and everyone left the place to look around.

"I'm so glad this is all finally happening." Chelsea said leaning into her mate Afton.

"Us too Chelsea, us too." The twins said with Jane and Alec. Truthfully everyone thought Celli and Neko would end up with the witch twins but sadly they each agreed Alec and Jane were more like siblings to them than mates.

"Celeste, Nekolai…could I speak with you two for a minute?" Marcus asked and the twins let go of their intendeds before following. He led them into a private study and shut the door before going over to the desk and leaning back on it.

"What's this about?" Nekolai.

"I just wanted you both to know that I'm glad you've finally patched things up with the whole coven. I can honestly say that around the time you two left it always felt like something was missing. I could tell something wasn't right, but I didn't really take it seriously until you came back."

"Hey if it weren't for you or Renesmee we might have never come back." Nekolai said and Celli nudged him.

"What Nekolai means is that even before we left you were always there for us, and you were there for us when we needed, or better yet Neko needed some words of encouragement to come back. Things have loosened up a bit around here, but at least we managed to smooth things out with the Cullens."

Things had gotten better, true the Volturi still ate humans for blood, but Nekolai and Celeste were able to eat animals, old and sick ones to be exact. Since Celli still couldn't drink human blood it sounded better despite both their mates eating humans though they promised they'd try their diet after the wedding.

"I suggest you two better watch out, from what I remember Alice and Heidi will kidnap both of you for fittings." Speak of the devil a knock at the door and from behind came the pixie's voice.

"Celeste Nekolai come on we found some outfits for you and your mates!" Nekolai whined as Celli pulled him out as he mouthed 'Help me' to Marcus.

"Sorry son, can't help you here." He held up his hands as the two were dragged off. Nekolai rolled his eyes and just went along with everything.

'It's gonna be a long week.'

A week later:

When the day finally arrived it was no better than the planning. Heidi and Alice had everybody running all over putting the last minute touches on the throne room and apparently everyone's outfits. Neko had his blonde hair slicked back with gel thanks to Emmett and Felix, and donned a black and red tuxedo fashioned specifically for the wedding since Corin's dress was pure deep garnet rather than white.

Celli and Santiago on the other hand took the usual wedding attire, a long white dress and tuxedo since they had to beg Alice to not go too much overboard with the whole thing; too late for that. The whole throne room was decorated with roses, lilies, violets, and white tulips; the rest of the decorations matched along with the seats in rows of colors.

"Tell me something Edward, who's worse Heidi or Alice?" Nekolai complained looking at his reflection. Edwards shrugged.

"I'd say they're equal in fashion and décor."

"Double trouble." Demetri laughed. "You should've seen how she did Athenodora's wedding, it was absolute terror." Nekolai rolled his eyes and finished adjusting his tie before a knock came at the door.

"Guys, it's time to take your places." Rosalie.

"Coming!" all the men rushed out to take their spots at the altar and the audience. The girls were already lined up at the altar since they wanted to get the wedding going as soon as possible. Nekolai and Santiago stood on either side of the altar where Marcus was the minister and waited as Jasper began to play the bridal march. Renesmee came down first wearing a beautiful dark blue and white dress throwing the rose petals across the floor, and a few steps later came the brides.

'Oh man.' Nekolai thought as he watched both his sister and Corin march down the aisle with Caius and Aro. Celli's dress was sleeveless and long with sequins decorating the skirt, her hair was up in a French twist and her jewels were simple pearls; Corin's garnet dress looked perfect with her dark hair but the veil was merely short only covering her face, along with her ruby jewels sparkling nicely in the light.

"Who gives these women to these men?" Marcus.

"We do." Aro and Caius said together, they let the girls take their grooms' arms before turning to each other.

"Dearly beloved we're gathered here today to join these couples in holy matrimony. If anyone has any objections to why these two shall not be wed speak now or forever hold their peace." Nekolai and Celeste turned to the audience and glared, and no one objected. "Do you Nekolai Caius Ampelios Volturi, take Corin Magdalene Volturi to be your lawfully wedded wife for long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"Do you Corin Magdalene Volturi take Nekolai Caius Amepelios Volturi to be your lawfully wedded husband for long as you both shall live?" she smiled through her veil with her beautiful eyes twinkling.

"I do." Marcus turned to Celli and Santiago.

"Do you Santiago Ramon Volturi take Celeste Ocarina Amaya Volturi to be your lawfully wedded wife for long as you both shall live?" he smiled at her.

"I do." Marcus turned to Celli.

"Do you Celeste Ocarina Amaya Volturi take Santiago Ramon Volturi to be your lawfully wedded husband for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"Then by the power vested in me, by the laws and the witnesses of our world I now pronounce your four men and wives. You may kiss your brides." The veils were lifted and the kisses began. The audience cheered loudly and whistled as the couples ran down the aisles with the brides holding up their bouquets in the air. Nekolai lifted Corin off her feet and carried her into the next room where the feast and dancing would take place.

"I love you Corin." She kissed his cheek in response.

"I love you too Neko." Her arms went around his neck and he spun her twice before nearly hitting Celli in the face since Santiago did the same with her. The rest of the guests filed in and the dancing began. Alice and Jasper rocked the floor with the tango, as did Aro, Sulpicia, Caius, Athenodora, Eleazar and Carmen. The newlyweds sat back at their tables and sipped their blood, all the while Nekolai and Celli held each other's hands glancing back and forth at their families.

"Well…" Celeste looked at her brother. "This wasn't easy…" he agreed with her.

"To think all this time we could've been a family." He frowned at the years they'd spent running off, but smiled as he glanced again at his beautiful bride. "But we made it."

"And now we have everything we could ever hope for." They smiled and took it all in, and laughed watching little Renesmee dance with her father.

Everything was perfect, they were finally happy and they had the family they almost lost. An eternity for all of them, of happiness and friendship.

The End.

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