Summerstream's Quest, Chapter One

It all began with a gaggle in the inn that stood to the south of the capital of the Mirror World, Eversun City. There was a mother and a father holding a child in a blanket being talked to by a man with pale gray hair and green robes. That was the Eversun Elder. He was racist to those who dared to defy the rules he had set out. The violet of the female's eyes glared at him with such an intensity, that the elder should have been scared. Yet, he was not in the slightest frightened. The talk escalated into a colourful argument where the father had reached fir his sword in a threat. The child in the blankets was wailing from the noise, and the female was trying to quieten her. Furious, the Eversun Elder sent them into exile. Everyone in the room looked at him in surprise. The child was barely even two days old. None the less, the exile was still put into place and the parents and the child had to leave the city. On the journey though, they came face-to-face with an unknown creature. Rumor has it it was an area boss, or even the whipping grasses, but it is uncertain. Now, the little baby is a grown female Blademaster, searching for answers. This is her story. Her quest to uncover the past lies that she has been told..

The sun rose over the desert area of the Mirror World in a graceful arc. Lizards of all sizes scampered about, with whipping grasses to the north and south areas. Hedgehogs wandered about as well to the east and west. A butterfly fluttered about, and there was a male sparing with what looked to be a giant ladybug. There was a city to the south, carved out of sandstone. In the center, stood a snake-like carving. There were two levels to the village. The lower one, and then the shopping and residential layer. The second layer was higher up on the edge of the city than the first. It was cast in a red glow from the rising sun, making the tan rocks turn pink.

A young woman laid in a bed, asleep. A turtle laid beside her, one coal black eye open. It's long blue neck was curled over his master's legs to reveal a small head that was of a gentle ice blue. The woman had chestnut brown hair. A dark brown mark was centered on her forehead that looked like a rounded upside down triangle. To the lower two sides, there was a swirl coming from the sides and curling in towards the triangle. Her unbound hair fell in a cascade of waves. When the beams of the rising sun met her face, her eye lids opened revealing a gentle violet sheen from underneath. Her jaws stretched wide in a yawn as she pushed herself up from where she had been laying, asleep. She was unusually small for a woman of just twenty years. Almost as soon as she was seated, she swung her legs over the side of the bed to stand up. Her night gown fell around her as she limped to where her clothing was placed on the table at the foot of the bed. The turtle's head fell onto the covers, still asleep.

"...Hiedekio..." the woman said irritably. This happened every day. Half dressed, she came over and lifted him up by the shell. No further she had gotten towards him that he perked right up. A smile flashed across her face. Going back to getting ready, she pulled her top over head head, and secured her gauntlets. The little, long-necked turtle spoke up.

"Good morning master Summerstream..." Hiedekio squealed, "You really shouldn't pull me up by the shell..."

"You weren't getting up." Summerstream responded, turning her magenta gaze onto the turtle. "You'd rather come with me, right?"


"Then get up on time." She finished, chuckling. Her hair was drawn back into a high ponytail with the mark on her forehead hidden by the bangs. With a look over at the turtle, she inquired, "Is it hidden?"

"Yes master."

"Alright." Taking the long orange ribbon, Summerstream secured her hair back into it's pony tail. After a couple tugs, she picked up her saber that was on the rack in the corner. Hiedekio followed her as she stepped outside into the early morning sun.

"Do you see anything?" Summerstream asked, turning her gaze onto Hiedekio.

"No master." He shook his head to be sure.

She was about to take a step forward when someone called out her name. Turning her head, she saw a little sprite child running over to her.


"Yo!" The childish figure said happily, stopping beside her. "...Hey, I didn't know Sylph could walk! I thought they could only float!"

"..A-and where did you hear this?" Summerstream responded, looking down at the huge amber eyes.

"The Eversun Elder~ He said that if they did float, it meant the person was a half-breed!"



"...Yes Heavenly?"

"Are you a half breed?"

"...H-how am I supposed to know that?"

"I thought you met your parents?"

"...U-uh... yeah, I did." Mentally, Summerstream added, 'Yeah, my foster parents'

"Are you lying?"


Heavenly took a step back. Had he pissed her off by asking all that?

Summerstream recollected herself. "...When I was little, I was called a half breed."

Heavenly tilted his head a little. "..So you are one~ Can I go tell the el-"

"You do that, and I'll put your ass into the middle of Mount Babel without a weapon."

Heavenly shut up. "O-ok...!"

With a sigh, Summerstream continued forward. Now that the sun was a little higher, it was easier to see as she placed her head hear on, a small band that went around her head. It helped to cut down on the glare from the sun. She soon made her way down the stairs separating the levels to the entry level, the lowest one of all before she went into the gates and into the open desert. The creatures there seemed to be glaring at her with malicious intent. Taking a step back, and into the village, she blinked a couple times.

...This isn't good... she thought, thinking for a moment before focusing. As her mind touched that of the creature, she was instantly reminded of her childhood.

"...What a half breed...A human and a sylph! Ugh! Not even the lizards would want to eat her!"

Summerstream looked down at Hiedekio before she stepped back outside into the desert. She began to hear more thoughts from the creatures around her.

"Why did the Pearly Frog spare her?"

"Eww.. Is it looking at me?"

Summerstream realized slowly what they were saying. They hated her, and wanted her dead. Seeming to be non the wiser, she continued past them with her hand on the hilt of her blade. Hiedekio began to bristle beside her.


"...We're going to Eversun. The elder wants an audience? He's going to get one."

Looking up at her numbly, Hiedekio nodded, and followed Summerstream.