Alone, Chapter Eight

It was l ate when Sharon finally was settled enough to leave the room that they were in. She left the room where Shaun's cold body lay on the bed, Summerstream laying in her arms. The sun was just about to set on the lake, turning it into a deep red shade, almost like the colour of diluted blood. Earl had set up the papers so that Sharon and her daughter were able to have a home beside his. Her head was ducked down, her light brown bangs covering her puffy eyes. Summerstream was asleep, sparing her from seeing her mother in so much emotional pain.

Slowly, the life she had with Shaun was passing before her eyes. Meeting him at the bar was the first time she remembered seeing him. She smiled a little at remembering how funny he was in her drunken stupider. Their next meeting was under the cherry trees to the east of Eversun city. Shaun had come in his Fencer outfit, where as Sharon came in her Blademaster outfit. They had laughed at how they were both a melee-type class. They sat down and talked to one another, watching the kids run around the river. It was a warm summer day, the area around the river making it so much more bearable. Sharon was watching one of the kids when she felt something wet on her ear. Looking over to where Shaun was sitting, his tongue was still out from licking her ear.

"S-Shaun..!" Sharon remembered exclaiming at him, noticing him chuckle and push her onto her back. He laid next to her as she sat back up.

"...Sharon, why not relax...?" he inquired, patting his chest for her to rest her head on. Hesitantly, she had rested her head on his chest. She had not realized how comfortable Light Armor was, moving to get more comfortable on it's surface.

"It's... soft. Almost like a pillow..." Sharon had told him, looking up at his face.

"Isn't it though?" Shaun laughed. Sharon blushed in his arms as they went around her. He nibbled her nose gently with his teeth as she giggled quietly. After, he licked her nose before licking her lips and resting his mouth over hers, claiming it as his. Sharon's eyes widened as she realized what had happened.

"M-Mmm..!" Her voice sounded, panicked. Shaun pulled back and stroked her head gently.

"Don't be so afraid... I won't hurt you, I promise..."

Still blushing, Sharon arched her neck up and returned the kiss. She found it funny that her first kiss was claimed by someone that she barely knew.

As she set Summerstream down in the cradle that was given to them, she rested her fingers on her lips. Sharon slowly remembered how Shaun had kissed her... It was playful yet serious at the same time. As she remembered this, quiet tears started to roll down her cheeks once more.

"Why did it have to be him...?" Sharon whispered,

As she spoke, she walked over to the window and watching as the sun went down. It felt like her heart was torn in two, that no one would stand by her and dry her tears. She watched as the red glow slowly transferred to the forest, then to the houses on the skyline, then to inside the room. It didn't cheer Sharon up, though

It was still cold outside, a shut window keeping the cold out. Sharon stoked the fire that was in the fire pit to keep the temperature warm. Her eyes drifted back to Summerstream for a moment, noticing how the little girl was sleeping so peacefully. With slightly closed eyes, she ran a hand through the child's short hair. Sharon's eyes looked at the child's forehead, remembering that it was the mark that was placed there that gave the Sylph their power. Carefully, she took out her ink, and a brush. Then, she slowly made a mark on her daughter's forehead so that there was an upside down triangle. After, she did two curved branches coming out from the bottom point. Sharon went back to the window after to watch the sunset.

Thoughts ran through her head as she looked back over at her daughter with the drying ink on her forehead. In the morning, she would wipe it off to reveal the stain beneath, as was tradition. Slowly, she came to realize that the paths that she and Shaun took would reflect on their daughter. Beside the cradle, on the night table, she took out their wedding picture and put it facing Summerstream. Least that was she would always know what her father looked like. With a final smile at her sleeping daughter, Sharon curled up on the bed that was there.

A small smile was on her face as she thought about what was going to happen. With looking over at the cradle once more, she said,

"As long as I walk this land... Summerstream, you will be protected from harm if I can help it..."

With that said, Sharon fell asleep.