Ok so you all know this is about a Greek God Zeus! And the love of his life Safyria (its pronounced Sa-Fear-ra so those of you don't know and so it wont be a problem).

Disclaimer- I do not own Zeus or any Greek Gods, but I do own Safyria.

Zeus looks like the Zeus from, Clash of The Titans...he's majorly cute!

Safyria looks like Athena from, Percy Jackson: The Lightening Thief! She is not a God she's human.

Other Gods or Hades look like the ones from, The Clash of The Titans just to help you with their looks.

I do take critics, reviews and people who are nice, good reviews so really I take all types of reviews. Oh and this story is only in Safryria's point of view from her memories.

So here it is!

The only thing I remember from being little was that I was put in chains for praying to the Gods. No one in those days prayed to them ever sense the King denounced them in his kingdom and sent his wife and newly born child Percy, the son of Zeus out to the ocean. But I still prayed to the Gods no matter what they did.

Then I turned twenty one. I have no special quality's but my parents keep telling me my smile is contagious and that my hair looks like silk, and that I'm the sweetest in the kingdom and they say I was switched with the daughter of Aphrodite when I was born. I disagree with them, I said that was mocking her for Aphrodite's daughter would have been more beautiful than I.

But then I met a man...Gods was he the most handsome one I have ever met and seen. He had long dark brown hair, the bluest eyes and a smile that I thought melt from. And would luck would have it, he was looking at me smiling. I of course blushed and smiled back. I couldn't stand there in that area because I was supposed to help my friend Lila with her things. So I quickly went to her home. But what I didn't know was that an Golden Eagle was following me. While I did my daily things for a few weeks the Eagle had followed me.

But on the last day of the week I saw the Eagle land on Lila's window looking at us. Lila wanted to scare it away but I stopped her and said the Eagle was probably lost and confused of where its at. But Lila knows that I love animals and wouldn't let harm come to it so she let me take care of it.

But what I didn't know was that Eagle would change my entire life.