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Chapter Three: Hugs and Are you Coming With Me!

"Why are you telling me this? If I was a threat why tell me?" I then had tears in my eyes begging to be let free. "Because, my dear, if I did not tell you, you would never find a place you felt like you belong," I saw a flash of sympathy in his eyes.

"You have never felt right living here amongst the humans, or felt things they do." "How do you know this?" I asked scrunching my eyebrows together. "I see all; I know all," Zeus smiled at me and looked up at Lila.

"You will not speak a word about this," Lila quickly nodded.

"I must go our time grows short," we looked each other in the eyes. I then did something I thought I would never do; hug Zeus.

"Thank you for telling me," Zeus took a step back in surprise and then wrapped his arms around me hugging me lovingly. "Your welcome."

"You may come with me if you like," I looked up at the King of the Heavens and pulled away.

"I..." I looked at Lila to see if it would be okay if I went but to my surprise she was smiling and nodded yes.

I looked back up at Zeus, "Would they except me?" Zeus gave a handsome, bright smile. "Yes they will except you." "Then yes I would like to come with you."

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