Naruto: The Ultimate SOLDIER

Happy New Years folks. I am dedicating this story to a good friend of mine VFSnake who is a badass in making killer Naruto fics. Trust me when I say this dude's got skills. He also gave me permission to start it off using his first chapter but mine will be different. For example, Naruto is gonna be older and retain some form of humanity and emotions thanks to Angeal, Cissnei, and Tifa and it'll start off during the Crisis Core series.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything affiliated with Naruto or Final Fantasy 7 but I do own whatever weapons, spells, and bloodlines I created.

Chapter 1: The Apprentice and Rookies

The Kyuubi no Kitsune was a nine tailed demon fox, who had the power to level mountains with and split the seas with a single swipe of its tail. It crush trees just as easily as one could breathe, and is the very embodiment of power incarnate, an unstoppable force with no equal and feared nothing or no one and right now the Village Hidden in the Leaf was standing in its way as was the Shinobi and the Yondaime Hokage who was on top of the toad boss Gamabunta with a child in his arms.

The most powerful of Demon Lord saw this and he found it to be an insult to his demonic pride, that a mere child had the power to defeat him and was almost laughable if it wasn't so insulting to the fox. The Kyuubi wasn't looking to see something laughable at the moment, but rather destroy all that the people of the Leaf held dear, and right now these two were a pretty good start.

" You've put up a good fight ningen but now I'm through playing. Prepare to die puny human!" Roared Kyuubi, as he saw the Yondaime on the giant Toad Boss Gamabunta, and saw the blonde haired man look down at the blonde haired boy with grave looking eyes.

"Forgive me my son for what I must doto protect you and the village from utter destruction. Forgive me … Naruto," said Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash who now had tears in his eyes and then kissed his son right on the forehead, and began making seals to prepare the boy for a life of pain and despair.

The Yondaime was so caught up in this act of selflessness in sacrificing his own son, he failed to notice a man hiding in wait with interest in what was going to happen, and had some idea of what was about to happen. The figure's name was Zeon, a very powerful SOLDIER Commander of the Shin-Ra Corporation, and at the moment out of his own world.

Zeon didn't know how it happened, but it was clear that his Wutai foes had done it to get rid of him in a more permanent fashion, and even then they failed miserably in trying to end his life. Still, the place he had landed was quite interesting unto itself, as the thriving life around him that was nature seemed to be in amass abundance here unlike in Midgar back home, and while this had no form of influence on seemed rather...nice.

'Fortunately for me, my would-be banishers didn't complete what they did, and I sense a means to return home. However, there is time to watch, and observe this little marvel of a moment.' thought Zeon, as he watched with anticipation and interest, and saw the blonde haired man in robes call out something after finishing his hand signs to summon the one being that Zeon was not one to cross so lightly given his slightly weakened condition.

Besides, it wasn't like the Shinigami wanted his soul at the moment, and judging by the way things were going...the boy was going to have quite the house guest.

It wasn't long before the Kyuubi in all its defiance, fell to the stronger grip of the Death God pulling it into the body of the little boy, and seeing the man make seals all along the child's body. Soon after doing so, the Shinigami left with his prize, a man's body now soulless for that very same reason, falling down on his back, and the cry of a child filled the night.

Walking towards the crying child, Zeon knelt down, and examined the boy to find faint whisker -like birthmarks of all things on his face and suspected this was a side effect of such a sealing, which meant that the instant people came here, they would know what happened to the fox and that it is still alive in the boy. Afterwards, the cold reality of humanity's true nature would settle in on things they do not truly understand and wish for the child to be killed if not have a life of misery. Even now Zeon could see this child possesses unlimited potential that was surging inside of him and even then it was apparent and now with the fox sealed inside of him, the child had a Godlike potential that would be stunted out of the fears of the village fearing a second coming of the fox that would be a self fulfilling prophesy if they had there way of doing things. After pondering on his thoughts, Zeon couldn't allow that so he picked up the crying child, now remembering the blonde's name was simply Naruto, the SOLDER Commander sensed people coming his way due to hearing the child's crying.

With a quick sleeping spell, the boy was silenced if only for a time, and Zeon needed to find out how to get home while at the same time needing to stay away from these Wutai carbon copies in the area coming this way.

Vanishing quickly into the shadows, Zeon watched from a safe undetectable distance, as an aging man in white robes was now walking upon the battlefield of death, and had a look of sadness at the fall of his successor. Behind him were Shinobi of various ranks of Jounin, Chuunin, and ANBU looking around the area for anything out of the ordinary.

"Sensei is dead." said a young man in his teens with his headband slanted down covering his one eye, as he looked down at the man, who had raised him after his Father died, and taught the masked Shinobi nearly everything he knew.

"Yes Kakashi but he died a hero and will forever be remembered as one. Though what is troubling me is the lack of the Kyuubi's remains or the child used to defeat the demon." wondered the Sandaime, as he frowned at the scene and felt that the boy's disappearance was the only thing wrong with this situation.

"What was the boy's name?" asked Kakashi.

"Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto," said the Sandaime, as he knew the Mother of the child, and was grieving for his late successor since the woman 'died' in childbirth. If the boy was found, the Sandaime would have to put him in an orphanage, and that was if the people on the Councils didn't wish the child dead for what the elderly man feared the Yondaime had done.

"So your full name is Uzumaki Naruto huh? Well then my boy I believe it's time that we depart from this place and show you to your brand new destiny and path to greatness." said Zeon as he had found the hole needed to escape had been enlarged upon the fox's rampage, and the Death God itself.

Zeon found himself smiling at the way this now empowered boy seemed to smile when he said that and knew that Naruto was going to be one of the greatest among the SOLDIER members. "This boy will become an even greater warrior than even Sephiroth."

7 Years Later- Midgar –Shinra – Corporation - Hojo's Lab

In the R&D lab stood two figures. The first one was 6'1. He wears a long black coat with silver pauldrons, black boots, and black clothing underneath. The top of his clothing underneath his uniform is split to reveal his chest, covered by crossing leather straps. His hair is long and silver, with his bangs parted to either side of his face and had green cat like eyes.

The other man was a tall man with broad muscles. He has black hair that's slicked back except for two bangs of hair (one on each side), wears the standard SOLDIER 1st Class uniform and carries a standard SOLDIER sword, along with his Buster Sword, which he only uses on special occasions.

They were Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley. The elevator to the R&D Room dinged and the elevator door opened, revealing a slender middle-aged man with long black hair he wears pulled back in a ponytail. He is wearing a pair of small round glasses and a white lab coat, white shirt with a blue tie, grey pants with a brown belt, and grey shoes. As he walked out of the elevator, he had a distinctive hunch.

He is Professor Hojo, the head of Shinra's Science Research Division and an archetypal mad scientist. "Ah Sephiroth, Angeal, glad you two could make under such short notice." He said with a patent smile on his face which made Sephiroth scowl at the mad scientist while Angeal's expression remained unanimous at best.

"Cut the introductory theatrics Hojo. You called us over here because you had something that would be of value to SOLDIER." He said with a glare that would melt solid steel. "But should it be something of insignificance I will be sure that this one will be your last project." The silver haired man finished darkly. Hojo on the other hand didn't feel intimidated at the least and tilted his glasses up.

"Oh I assure you Commander this project of mine will be of great interest to you and your friend here and I wouldn't have called you here over something trivial knowing that my life would be at risk." Hojo replied with the same smile on his face which only made Sephiroth scowl deepens. He never liked Hojo and said scientist wasn't very popular amongst the others in Shinra and the only reason he was still head of the science department was because of his bio engineering skills.

"Now please follow me and believe me when I tell you, you won't be disappointed at all." He said as he turned around and headed back into the elevator and was being followed by Sephiroth and Angeal.

"What do you think Sephiroth?" Angeal asked the Commander of SOLDIER whose expression remained stone cold.

"I think Shinra will be needing a new head for the science department." He replied back as the entered the elevator which closed and took them to Hojo's lab.

As they made it to the lab where Hojo makes his experiments Angeal decided to speak up. "Your message mentioned this had something to do with the late Commander Zeon and the attempt to remove him from Midgar by the Wutai." He asked since he heard about the report, but nothing ever came of it that suspected that Zeon had done anything wrong, and that the place he was sent to was nothing to be concerned about.

"Yes. Since Sephiroth took over the man's position after his death 3 years ago, I felt I should inform you both of something that was left out intentionally in his report, and he told me to keep it a secret until now when it would be ready." said Dr. Hojo, as he pressed a button that opened the door to what he believed resided his greatest experiment to date, and his most profound project given to him by the late Commander.

"You sound quite proud of this little project of yours Dr. Hojo and for your sake, it better be or my blade will taste your blood." Sephiroth threatened since this was not the first time he had threatened the man, and if things went well it would not be the last.

"Oh I am quite proud of this test subject Commander." Hojo aid with a grin on his face while they walked towards a sealed tank and started to type on a keyboard and pressed a button that mad a green light appear. "Behold my experiment in all his glory and the greatness that I have achieved!" said Dr. Hojo cackling like a madman as the concealed tank revealed a half naked 7 year old blonde boy floating in a green liquid with a breathing mask around is face, nutritional IVs were connected to his body, and electronic goggles that seemed to be downloading information into the boy's brain.

Angeal and Sephiroth looked at Hojo's achievement and said Commander had a peeved expression on his face.

"This is it? This is your greatest achievement? You really must want me to kill you." Sephiroth said and was tempted to summon his blade and cut the man down since he thinks that Hojo's completely lost it.

This is not just any ordinary boy Commander Sephiroth. This boy was brought here by your predecessor after he witnessed the child being used by his father to seal away a powerful spirit that almost brought an entire village to its knees! It was kept a secret up until this point because had Wutai learned of it they would've tried to infiltrate the building to either free the boy or kill him to make sure his potential is never reached. The boy had been absorbing information at an astonishing rate, his power as of now is so incredible that even without the beast sealed inside him in less than a few years to come he will become the ultimate lifeform! One with no equal and will become even stronger than you two and Genesis" said Dr. Hojo, as he looked ready to go into a mad scientist moment of laughter, and probably would have if the SOLDIER Commander wasn't there in the room with him.

Angeal on the other hand was awestruck at this proclamation and as he looked at the boy's floating figure he could automatically tell that this boy can- no will be the greatest warrior to ever be produced by soldier and if Hojo was correct will surpass even Sephiroth.

Said Commander remained silent for a moment but then decided to speak up. "I sense there is still some kind of flaw you have yet to remove from the child's person, and that is why I am here at your request?" asked Sephiroth, as he saw Dr. Hojo nod, and look down in shame at not being able to stamp out the preverbal weakness out of the boy.

"Regretfully yes." The scientist replied letting out a disappointed sigh. "My test subject possesses no form of interaction with the outside world and I do not know how he will interact with other people or if he even can for that matter without the chance of him doing something that will bring about dire consequences. Since the specimen is supposed to be an agent of war and a warrior with no equal, I thought the only one to teach him how to interact properly with those around him would be you and Angeal, and to further develop his skills for battle." Dr. Hojo explained as he saw Sephiroth look at him, and then at the boy floating in liquid.

"Has the experiment gone under the necessary...injections?" Sephiroth asked as he referred to the Mako, and the seemingly mad yet still sane scientist nodded.

"Of course! I have done little to nothing that would hinder the growth of my most prized specimen. I even gave the boy a few more … injections that involved two certain genes and much to my surprise, his body willingly accepted them both without any form of backlash whatsoever." said Dr. Hojo, as he motioned for Sephiroth and Angeal to follow him to a recording of the battle simulation recordings that had been saved show proof in the potential this child held.

"I see. These result are most impressive. When you are done with him being here, call for me again, and I will take him out of here to begin his necessary training." said Sephiroth, as he and Angeal found themselves looking at the boy, and what could only be considered a student in the art of battle and honor in their eyes.

Soon the name Naruto Uzumaki would be respected and feared just like Sephiroth is and said man knew that the boy was destined for greatness.

7 years later

Naruto's training under the SOLDIER Commander and the First Class Soldier went off without a hitch as he was trained to become the ultimate warrior and a SOLDIER whose skills and prowess would go beyond even beyond his sensei's.

When it came to weapons, just like Sephiroth he preferred a sword similar to the silver haired man's with the difference being that it was an O-Katana (Like the one Vergil possessed) which he named Muramasa since it held a form of kinship to Sephiroth's blade Masamune and mush to the two the high ranking members of SOLDIER, Naruto took to swordsmanship like a fish out of water but aside from using a sword, Naruto was also proficient in using other bladed weapons such as trench knives, throwing knives, and shuriken.

He was also highly proficient in hand to hand combat and using trench knives which made his fighting skills even more dangerous and even became very proficient in using the different spell varieties and like his sensei was and using magic without the use of materia and even has a full set of mastered materia. Sephiroth and Angeal made sure that Naruto mastered everything they taught him before having him go on missions with them.

Angeal also dealt with the issue of helping Naruto in interacting with others which was a little difficult due to the boy's calm and cold demeanor and he only showed a little emotion around him or Sephiroth.

Said Commander had to agree with Hojo when it came to Naruto because at the progress the boy was going, he'd without a doubt surpass him and one day be his successor. Despite being praised by his sensei Naruto still had a way to go before he would surpass man since he could slice through an entire building with one swing of his blade and the structure would fall to pieces. At the very least Naruto could take on Angeal and Genesis easily but Sephiroth was stronger than both 1st class SOLDIERS combined but Sephiroth was on a whole different level since he didn't become Commander for nothing.

Killing was another thing that the boy thrived in since Naruto had no problems with it due to Dr. Hojo's influence, and Sephiroth teaching him how to 'kill' his emotions on the battle field him by either magic or sword and Naruto was able to take life without guilt, and was gradually building up his kill count. He did but as a warrior he acknowledged those that fought to their last breath and didn't flee like cowards but stood their ground until the end.

Briefing Room

In the briefing room were two figures who were watching 2nd clash SOLDIER Zack Fair go through a VR Simulation where he had to stop a group of Wutai Soldiers who had taken over a Shinra owned train disguised as Infantrymen on a large flat screen TV. One was a well dressed man with slick and smooth blonde hair and was wearing glasses while another one was also blonde but he had wild spiky shoulder length hair with jaw length bangs that had silver highlights and had deep electric blue eyes with tints of green around the pupils. He wore a black hooded coat with silver lining that stopped above his knees with silver white shoulder guards and a black sleeveless muscle shirt with a pair of black loose fitting pants with two silver belts that were in an x-formation around his waist with black SOLDIER issued boots and wore a pair of black fingerless gloves.

They were Lazard Deusericus, the Director of Soldier and 14 year old Naruto Uzumaki, the apprentice of Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley, and youngest 1st Class Soldier in Shinra history. "So Naruto what do you think of our friend Zack Fair's performance?" The Director asked and was answered by a scoff.

"Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Whatever it is Angeal sensei sees in him I'll never know." The blonde SOLDIER stated since all he saw Zack do was show off and act cocky. "Just another cocky rookie rushing to his death."

Lazard couldn't help but chuckle at this. "That maybe but with a little more training he'll more than likely be a great asset to the 1st class. He has the potential." Naruto nodded but kept his gaze on the monitor.

"Maybe but potential gets you nowhere unless you have the mental stability to unleash it correctly." Naruto replied. Lazard on the other hand interlocked his hands together and hums.

"Wise words from someone so young." He commented while a small smile formed on the blonde's face.

"You can thank my teachers for that." He said while Angeal stopped the virtual Sephiroth from running Zack through with his blade using the 2nd class SOLDIER'S broken blade and his smile vanished. "And I still stand towards my opinion on this one."

The Director sighs as the monitor blinks away and he knew once Naruto made up his mind there was no changing. "But should he prove his worth then I will nominate him to the rank of Soldier 1st class. So any word on our missing quarry Genesis?" He asked Lazard who shook his head.

"I'm afraid not. Our Intel has yet to find his location. Right now our main priority is dealing with the rest of Wutai and ending this war once and for all." He stated and got a nod from the young SOLDIER.

"Of course. Wutai only has a few strongholds left and it's only a matter of time before they fall though they will not go down without a fight." Naruto said since the Wutai were warriors of honor and would never runaway from a battle no matter how bad the circumstances were and even he had his close calls facing some of the elite warriors.

That was when the slide door to the briefing room opened, and entering the room was none other than Angeal and Zack. The 2nd Class SOLDIER looked around the room and saw Lazard sitting behind a desk with a blonde 14 year old flanking his right but had his arms folded over his chest.

"Greetings Zack Fair I'm Lazard, the Executive Manager of the SOLDIER department." He introduced which made the black haired SOLDIER'S eyes widened in shock. "I must say Zack Fair your little demonstration was impressive. Angeal has spoken highly of you." He commented.

Zack on the other hand grinned and rubbed his nose with his index finger. "Thanks though I could've beaten that simulation with my eyes closed." He boasted only to get a snort from Naruto.

"Spar us the tough guy theatrics rookie." Naruto commented. Zack saw the blonde and raised an eyebrow.

"Hey Angeal who's the kid? I didn't know we were running a day care." He asked pointing at Naruto whose brow twitched dangerously and slowly drew a throwing knife from his sleeve and Angeal inwardly groaned. Before Zack could say anything else, Angeal had grabbed the spiky haired soldier by the back of his collar and pulled him away just in time as a flash of silver took out a few strands of Zack's hair and hit the wall.

"Whoa Angeal what did you grab me for?" Said SOLDIER pointed at the wall behind Zack who turned his head only to see three throwing knives embedded into the wall which stumped the man and he turned his head to see Naruto give Zack a look that would scare even the most strong willed man.

"First of all don't call me a kid. I have more skill in my pinky than you do your entire body and second of all don't insult your superior or I won't miss the next time you mouth off." Naruto warned.

"In case you didn't know Zack that 'kid' is Naruto Uzumaki, the youngest SOLDIER in history to ever obtain the SOLDIER 1st class and was personally trained by me and the SOLDIER Commander Sephiroth." He explained which made Zack's eyes bug out in disbelief and look back at Naruto and then Angeal. "He is highly skilled and is stronger than me and Genesis who is also a 1st class SOLDIER but if you don't believe me then perhaps you'd like to be his sparring partner." He offered and Zack gulped a little when he saw the smirk form on Naruto's lips. "If you're lucky you'll come out of it with three limbs intact."

Naruto chuckled in a way that would scare even Ifrit and Zack started to laugh nervously. "No no I believe you Angeal really." He replied but then his eyes widened when he heard his mentor say that Naruto was trained by the Legendary SOLDIER Sephiroth. "Wait he was trained by the Sephiroth?"

Lazard nodded with a smirk on his face. "Yes and Naruto here has been a valuable asset to our organization. Now then as I told Naruto 1st Class Soldier Genesis has been MIA after his last mission involving the Wutai and since the organization is busy due to the war I can't send as many as I wish to so I'm sending you three on the mission to one of the strongholds." He explained while Naruto nods and unfolds his arms.

"Wutai huh?" Zack asked and Angeal decided to speak up.

"Also Zack so that you know I along with my student have nominated you for SOLDIER first class." The man stated and smirks a little when Naruto walks by and mutters regretfully. Zack remained stumped and the next thing Angeal knew he was in a one arm hug courtesy to Zack.

"Aw Angeal I love you man!" Zack said happily grinning like he won the lottery while his mentor had an annoyed look on his face.

"Hey! Knock it off already!" He yelled and pushed Zack off while Lazard chuckles at the display. Naruto shook his head at how he reacted.

"Humph…. Rookie." Naruto mutters and walks out of the room annoyed while Kyuubi chuckles.

"Hopefully the gaki won't die on this mission and if the Wutai don't kill him you probably will." The fox stated. During his 'training' he met the fox when he was 8 years old and surprisingly the two got along well due to the fact that Kyuubi would have an extremely powerful vessel and vowed to assist the blonde whenever he needed it since working with Naruto would be much better than working against him and Kyuubi only acknowledged the strong.

"Don't tempt me fox because had Angeal not pulled him out of harm's way he'd have to find another protégé." He said while the fox nodded but still had a grin on his face.

"Indeed though you have to admit the gaki's got potential. He just needs a push into the right path." The Demon lord emphasized as his vessel smiled sadistically.

"Yes but that push could result in him falling off a cliff." He stated which made the fox laugh at his vessel's cruelty.

Pathway to Fort Tamblin

As they walked through the path, Naruto's brow continued to twitch a lot due to the fact that Zack kept asking him questions on what's it like to be the Apprentice of a legendary hero and asked if he could get a few tips on how to impress the director. Kyuubi was chuckling at his host's annoyance and the blonde looked ready to run Zack through with Muramasa due to the fact that his hand kept twitching.

Angeal saw this and couldn't help but sweat drop as he saw his apprentice get ready to summon Muramasa. "Zack." He called out getting the SOLDIER'S attention. "Stay focused we're on a mission right now." He instructed and the man let out an agonizing sigh.

"I know but this is so boring. Where's the action at because I want to make a good impression for the director." He complained.

"Tch. How naïve can you be rookie?" Naruto replied and Zack fumed at the nickname. "The director doesn't just pick anyone to be a 1st class SOLDIER. You need more than just skill to become a higher. You need to learn when to use this." He emphasized pointing to his cranium in a sarcastic manner which Zack didn't like.

"Hey! Just what are you trying to say?" Zack asked in annoyance and Naruto merely smirked.

"Simple… you're an idiot." He answered which made Zack face fault while Angeal chuckles at the remark while Zack got up and fumes.

"Don't worry about Naruto here Zack. You'll get use to him sooner or later. Just try not to piss him off as he doesn't tolerant lollygagging. Anyways what do you know of Dumbapples?" He asked the young SOLDIER who blinked in confusion.

"Dumbapples? Never heard of them." He answered and Naruto scoffs.

"And you call yourself a SOLDIER? Even I have heard of Dumbapples." The blonde vessel commented and Zack frowned at the insult.

"Okay then Mr. Know-it-all tell me what are these dumbapples?" He asked and Naruto chuckles and brushes his hair back.

"Dumbapples are a fruit that are also known as Banora Whites which are found only in the village of Banora. The Banora White trees bear fruit at random times of the year, which is the reason the villagers call them dumbapples and they can be made into juice which is extremely tasty." He explained and Angeal nodded.

"Naruto is indeed correct. The farmers always had plenty to spare so when I was a kid I'd borrow a few." He said and Zack had a mischievous grin on his face.

"Oh so you stole them?" Zack asked and the man scoffs.

"We were poor back then Zack but even then I had my honor because I never stole an apple from the largest tree a wealthy farmer owned." He stated.

"Really? And why is that?" Zack asked.

"Because the wealthy man's son was my best friend." He answered and Zack placed his hands behind his head.

"If he was your friend you should've just asked him for some." Zack suggested and Naruto sighs in annoyance.

"Sensei he's never gonna get the meaning of your story so why bother?" Naruto asked which confused Zack even more.

"What do you mean by that?" Zack asked and Naruto looked at him with a humorous look on his face.

"Simple rookie you and the dumbapples have one thing in common." He answered and walked away chuckling.

"Huh? What did he mean by that Angeal?" Zack asked his mentor who walked up to join Naruto, laughing at what his former apprentice meant which annoyed Zack. "Hey what's so funny? Darn it Angeal tell me what he meant by that!" He cried out as chased after the two.

Outskirts of Fort Tamblin

"You know what to do Naruto." Angeal said to the blonde who gave his sensei a look of annoyance while they crouched down behind some bushes.

"Humph." Naruto said and teleports away from their line of sight.

"Wow he's a lively one huh Angeal?" Zack asked sarcastically.

"Like I said back then Zack you'll get use to it." He answered. "Anyways once Naruto creates his diversion we'll take this opportunity to infiltrate their base of operation. I'll be setting up the bombs in the fortress and you'll charge the front gate and." He paused and thought about it while Zack beamed.

"Uh-huh and? And? And? And?" He asked excitedly jabbing his thumbs at his chest.

"Indulge yourself." Angeal finished.

With Naruto

The 14 year old SOLDIER 1st Class was zipping through the forest like a blur, avoiding any patrol unit that were in the area but when one unit had cut off his route to the base, he took them out without any trouble. As he got closer to the fortress he noticed that there were some Wutai patrolling the rooftops. "They're gonna be a problem." He said to himself and teleported once again and was now standing on top of a tree gazing at the fortress. An eerie smile forms on his face and holds his hand out. A flaming white energy ball forms in his hands and holds it out in front of the Fortress.

With Zack and Angeal

Angeal looked amuse as he saw Zack get frustrated over Naruto taking so long. "Ah come on Naruto what the heck are you doing?" He complained prancing around like his boots were on fire. The 1st class Soldier pulls the Buster Blade out, holds it sideways in front of his face, and does a silent prayer. After that he opens his eyes once again and places it on his back.

"You know, I don't think I've ever seen you use that blade." Zack stated as he crouched down. "Don't you think it's sort of a waist?"

"Use brings about wear… tear… and rust. And that's a real waste." Angeal answered.

"Wow, you're serious aren't you?" Zack asked his mentor who smirked.

"Yeah, I can be really cheap. Just ask Naruto." Angeal answered humorously and Zack scoffed at the statement. That was when an explosion occurred and the two look to see a third of the fortress brought up in flames.

"Well it's about time." Zack stated as he got up and dusted his pants and Angeal stood up as well.

"Begin the mission." He ordered going into CO mode, getting a nod from Zack who leapt over the bushes performing a fancy back flip, and landing on the ground while his mentor ran off to his destination.

Wutai were running around frantically and trying to find a way to put the fires out. Naruto watched the display and levitated off the top of the tree and slowly descended towards the ground. One Wutai spotted the blonde who was calmly walking towards them with Muramasa drawn. "Intruder!" the ninja cried getting the attention of the others who got into their battle stances with their halberds that had gun attachments on them.

Naruto continued to walk until he took off in a burst of speed that the first Wuta had little time to defend himself and was cut down by a flash of silver and collapsed to the ground dead. One wutai growled and switched his weapon to gun mode as did the rest who aimed theirs at Naruto. Said blonde smiled and dismissed Murmasa and reached behind his coat and pulled out two identical pairs of Full Tang Fighting knives and placed them in a reversed position and afterwards he started to slowly hover over the ground a little.

"Fire!" A Wutai Sergeant Major ordered and they began to fire a barrage of bullets at Naruto who started teleport simultaneously in order to avoid being hit by the miniature projectiles btu was getting closer to his targets. When he heard their weapons click, he took this opportunity to ascend towards the first Wutia soldier and struck him down with a diagonal slash across the chest, spraying blood everywhere, and the kicks him away. Another makes attempt to strike the blonde with his Halberd only to have it cut in half and having his throat sliced opened.

All in all, the Wutai warriors didn't stand a chance in facing Sephoroth's apprentice and were cut down one by one. After it was over, Naruto stood around the bodies of the dead Wutai with blood dripping from the Knives and in a quick motion, wiped the blood of the knives and sheathes them. That was when his phone range and he pulls it out of his trench coat and flips it open.

"Sensei… so the rookie made it through huh?... What do I look like a babysitter?" He asked in an annoyed tone. "… fine I'll make sure he doesn't get himself killed" He didn't get to finish because he had to leap away when a large club and axe hit the former location he was at. Naruto flipped into the air and landed softly onto the ground and caught his phone. Standing a few feet away from him were two giant anti-SOLDIER Ogre like creatures who were snarling at the blonde.

"Sensei I'll call you back and inform the rookie I'm gonna be a little late." He finished and closes the cell phone up and puts it in his jacket pocket. The first one roared and flung his war club at Naruto who simply drew Muramasa and deflected the weapon, sending it crashing beside it's wielder who roared in frustration and stomped the ground.

"Tch. Monsters." Naruto muttered while twirling his blade a few times and charging towards the angry beasts.

And Cut! Hey guys here I am with another fic that's inspired by my fellow author VFSnake. Now the difference in mine is that the Konoha arc won't start until the 4th or 5th chapter because I want to have naruto interact in the FF7 world more. Like my other stories give me your honest opinion but don't be a flamer. Also suggestions for the next chapter are welcomed so until then peace out!