Naruto: The Ultimate SOLDIER

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Chapter 3: Angels and Monsters

Naruto and Cissnei make their way through the demolished entrance and she couldn't help but be gob smacked to the site. "Those clones and bots sure did do a number on this place." Cissnei muttered as they walked towards the emergency elevator door that opened and entered.

"Indeed. Luckily only the entrance and a few floors were damaged and won't put a dent in Shinra's budget." Naruto replied while the door closed and the elevator moved up to the 49th floor. As the elevator took them to the 49th floor, Naruto was leaned against the wall with his eyes closed and his arms folded over his chest. Cissnei in the other hand had her hands in her pockets and was leaned against the opposite side of the wall.

"For a Turk you're pretty edgy." Naruto stated which made her look up at him.''

"What do you mean?" She asked the blonde.

"Your heartbeat is moving a lot faster than it normally would and you're also shifting your fingers around in your pockets." He answered as a small smile forms on his lips. Cissnei's eyes widened for a few seconds and looked at the ground embarrassed. "And now you're staring at the ground embarrassed and shifting your feet around."

Cissnei glared at Naruto and huffs up, folding her arms. "Great so you read body language and human emotions." She muttered getting a chuckle from him.

"All a part of my training, though your kind of young to be in the Turks." Naruto stated she smirks at him.

"This coming from the youngest 1st Class SOLDIER in Shinra history." She retorted and he shrugged.

"Small world." He replied causing Cissnei to giggle. The elevator dinged and the door opened up, revealing the 49th floor. "Ladies first." The Blonde gestured with his hand while Cissnei smiles and exits out first and Naruto falling behind.

Briefing Room

Both Naruto and Cissnei walk into the Director's office and standing beside Lazard was a man with jet black slicked back shoulder length hair with a tilak in the middle of his forehead and like Cissnei, wore a black business suit. Cissnei blinked a couple of times when she saw her CO in the briefing room and wondered why he was here.

"Glad you could make it Naruto, Cissnei." Lazard stated. "I called you back here because I have a very important task for you both." He stated.

"Both?" Naruto asked with raised brow and Cissnei blinked in confusion.

"Yes. As you know Hollander's and Genesis little invasion was merely a front to test Shinra's current defenses. Luckily the damage was minimal and there were only a few casualties." He stated but then laced his fingers together. "But still if they manage to pull such a feat with just a small group imagine what they could do with an army of copies."

Naruto frowned and narrowed his eyes. "The destruction would be catastrophic and the casualties will be dangerously high. We can't afford to spread our defenses out since we already have the Shinra army looking for Genesis and Angeal plus we'll still trying to regain our forces from the war with Wutai." He deduced getting a nod from Lazard.

"Exactly and with Sephiroth and Zack on a mission to Mako Reactor 6 doing an investigation I can't call them back right now. So what do you think our best course of action should be Naruto?" Lazard asked the young SOLDIER.

"Our best bet would be to find out where they're growing their army and destroy the ones that are being produced in order to reduce their forces." Naruto answered back.

"Correct. That is why I'm pairing you and Cissnei here up on a joint mission which was requested by Tseng here since he and the other Turks will be taking their own missions." The SOLDIER Director said getting wide eyes from Cissnei.

"If I may ask Tseng why me?" The youngest member of Turk asked her leader who sighs.

"Even though you were trained to be a Turk Cissneiand your evaluation was top notch for someone your age, you lack the experience when it comes to the tougher missions." He replied which caused her to have a downcast look. "But that is why you're being teamed up with Naruto since he has more experience with the tougher mission and from his reputation during the Wutai war he's the best candidate to work with." He finished.

"I understand sir." She replied back. "So what is our mission?"

"I need you two to go to Modeoheim." He answered.

"Wasn't that place abandoned some time ago?" Naruto asked and got a nod from Lazard.

"Yes. We have a Mako reactor that was abandoned in the outskirts of the town." He explained.

"So it's possible Hollander and Genesis are using it to create their army since abandoned sites would be the last place anyone would find them." Naruto stated since it was a tactic the remnants of Wutai pulled in order to do surprise attacks.

Lazard on the other hand was smirking. "Once again you're logic is correct. We need to be sure that they can't create anymore soldiers. That way we can stop the army from growing if by a minimal. Also Naruto, Sephiroth left you something that'll be of great use to you." He said which made Naruto raise a brow. "He mentioned something about it being a late birthday gift and I insured him that I would personally give it to you while he was away."

He pulled out what appeared to be a black rectangular case that had a silver outlining under his desk and placed it on top. Naruto walked over to the desk and took the case. "Thank you. So when do we leave?"

"As soon as possible but take some time to relax for a bit." He instructed and got a nod from the blonde who left out of the room with Cissnei following.

Soldier Lounge

Naruto was sitting at one of the lounging tables with the suitcase sitting on top of it. Cissnei was currently was currently drinking soda, sitting on the opposite side of Naruto. "Late birthday present huh?" she asked Naruto who started to unlock it.

"Sadly I never got to celebrate my 'birthday' a lot due to my training and missions. Throughout my life I've only got one present… well now it's two." He answered.

"Only two? Kind of strange if you ask me." She stated.

"Heh, maybe but I'm not affected whatsoever. Sephiroth rarely celebrated his and Angeal would state they only bring you one year closer to death." Naruto said humorously and Cissnei rolled her eyes.

"They sound like the perfect role models." She said sarcastically and Naruto chuckles at this. He manages to unlock the case and it flips open. Naruto's eyes widened and Cissnei leaned over and whistled lowly. In the case was what appeared to be a customized gunblade (for those who are wondering it looks similar to Vanishing Star from the Dead Fantasy clips). It possesses a revolver gun component with duel triggers and features a blade with silver edge, and a silver feather with the words Twilight Star inscribed upon it. An actual gun barrel atop the weapon's blade, as well as exhaust port's on the blade itself, suggests that it can be used as ranged weapon.

Another thing that was in the case was several different colored materia that seem to represent an element. The reddish orange one represented fire, the blue one water, green one earth, yellow one lightning, white one wind, and the light blue one ice. Lastly there appeared to be a waist holster for it.

"Interesting." Naruto said as he pulled the gunblade out and inspected it. He saw a letter that was in the case and pulled opens it up.

Happy Birthday Naruto. This is a customized gunblade that was requested from me and Angeal. Now we both know you're not a big fan of guns but this weapon is different from the other ones because it doesn't use bullets. Instead the revolver basic structure was altered to have elemental Materia inserted into the slots and fires elemental blasts that are more powerful than any bullets. There are instructions on how to use it at its fullest so enjoy your new weapon.


He stood up and gave it a few practice swings. "It's well balanced so it won't hinder my speed or agility." The blonde places it down and clicks it open, making it fold over. He picks up the six materia and places them in order in the revolver slots. After that, they each glow and he clicks it shuts, pulling the holster out, and strapping it to his waist, holstering the weapon.

"It suits you." Cissnei commented, smiling at Naruto who returns it. "So shall we get going?" The blonde nodded and they headed out to the Heliport.

Mountains of Modeoheim

A black Helicopter was soaring through the snow blanketed sky and mountains Modeoheim. Inside the cockpit was Naruto and Cissnei, wearing headsets. "I can barely see anything in this snowstorm." Cissnei said as she bypassed a mountain.

"Just keep it above the mountain ranges Cissnei and we should be fine." Naruto said and frowned. "It would seem that this snowstorm is jamming our sensors." The Turk sighs and brings the chopper up a little more.

"This is why I hate flying. Could this get any worse?" She muttered to herself. Her was something hitting the chopper's tail and started to spin out of control. "Dammit! Something hit us!" She cursed trying to steady the chopper. Naruto was trying to assist as well. He looked out the window and saw that they were gonna crash into a mountain.

"Cissnei brace yourself!" Naruto called out to her.

"What are you" She started to say but then her eyes widened when she saw where they were descending. "Oh cra-"


Darkness was all Cissnei saw as they crashed into the side of the mountain. "Cissnei…" No answer. The young Turk groaned in pain as she started to slowly open her eyes and blink a few times. "Cissnei…" This time she was gently shaken. "Come on Cissnei get up."

She managed to open her eyes fully to see Naruto look down at her. "…. Naruto?" she asked as the blonde started to slowly help her out of the snow and onto her feet.

"Easy, you took a nasty hit to the head." He stated while his glowing hand healed the injury on the side of her head. "It would appear that we were hit by an anti-aircraft gun." He then pulled out his phone and frowned. "No signal."

Cissnei pulled hers out and sighs in frustration. "Same here. Looks like we're on our own for now." She said and Naruto nods.

"Luckily for us, I went through environmental terrain training so that way we won't get lost. He says and crouches down, spotting some animal tracks, and follows them up the hill. "A wolf has been here meaning that it was either hunting or looking for shelter. Our best bet would be to follow these tracks since most of the nocturnal animals like to take shelter in either caves or abandoned buildings." He explained while folded her arms and pondered on this.

"So if we follow the tracks there's a possibility that we'll encounter a small village or the Mako reactor right?" She asked and got a nod from him.

"Yes it's possible." He said while standing back up. "Come on. The sooner we find this reactor, the sooner we can get out of this glacial terrain." After wards, they make their way into the mountains. As they trekked through the snow and came towards a cliff Cissnei paused and squinted her eyes when she saw a what appeared to be a factory and placed her hand over her forehead to get a better look.

"Naruto." Cissnei called out, getting his attention and he makes his way to her location. "I found the reactor." She said pointing to the large building.

"Good work but it looks like we've got some company." He said pointing to what appeared to be SOLDIERS wearing red and black uniforms and were wielding assault rifles. He crouched down to get a better view as did Cissnei. "I'm counting a total of four patrolling the outside."

"Same here. So how do we do this?" She asked Naruto who pondered on this.

"Can't charge in there blindly. There may be more hiding so our best bet would be to use stealth." He stated and set his gaze on a warehouse. "There should be an entrance near that warehouse. We'll head towards that warehouse and use the cover to avoid being spotted." Cissnei nodded as Naruto hops off the edge and apparently floats down to the ground and Cissnei does the same.

They slowly make their way towards the concrete gate but do it quietly. Naruto peaks over to inspect their patrol route and as two guards pass, Naruto makes a hand motion for Cissnei to move forward and she does and enters the gate but hides behind a couple of crates. Naruto does the same and they stealthily make their way through the Genesis Clones without getting caught.

They make their way pass the last patrol, and find the underground entrance. "There it is. Shall we?" Cissnei asks and got a nod.

"Yes before I turn into a popsicle. The suit can only do so much." She stated humorously while the blonde chuckled at her joke. "So you can display emotion. I was starting to think you were a robot that can only follow orders."

Naruto shrugged as they entered the underground sector. "Funny. I was taught to kill my emotions into a battle, not become a mindless drone like those clones. I merely lack socializing with others aside from my colleagues. I'm not really what you would call a people person." He quoted with his fingers.

Cissnei frowned a little at what he said. "Oh…. So your mostly acquainted with your sensei's?" She asked and Naruto nods. "Well then we'll just have to help you get more acquainted with people after this." She said eye smiling and walking ahead of him, not noticing the raised eyebrow.

'She's an odd one huh Kyuubi?' Naruto asked the fox.

"Odd yes but she's not bad looking either, from my point of view." Kyuubi said and Naruto sighed in annoyance. He was suddenly on guard and summoned Muramasa in order to deflect and whizzing scythe and was sent flying back to its wielder.

That was when two humanoid creatures wearing armor and possessing a black stubby wing leapt out of the shadows and in between Naruto.

"Naruto!" Cissnei cried and was about to aid him until she saw a fire ball head towards her and she back flipped out of the way while it exploded onto the ground, while four genesis foot soldiers appeared wielding tonfa surrounded her.

Naruto had a look of annoyance on his face. "More advanced clones? I don't have time for this insolence. Cissnei jump!" He called out getting a nod and she leapt into the air while Naruto raised his fist into the air and slammed it into the steel floor, causing an earthquake to occur. "Slowga." The advanced clones and foot soldiers that tried to attack were now moving in slow motion. Cissnei pulled out her shuriken Rekka and started to twirl it rapidly in her hand and then flings it, striking all the foot soldiers in a row while it goes back to her and she catches it while landing back onto the ground in a crouching position.

Naruto instantly cuts down the clones with his blade and they collapse as do the ones Cissnei killed. After that little scene he walks towards Cissnei who holsters her weapon. "Thanks for the heads up."

"No problem." He said and spots an elevator. "Come on. That elevator should take us to the bottom sector."


Hollander was scared. Why was he scared? Because he had a red double edged blade with a slightly silver edge around it and was aimed at his throat by Genesis Rhapsodos. "G_genesis wait! Have you forgotten that you need me to help you with your degradation? If you kill me we'll never find the location of Jenova's cells!" He stated while Genesis remained silent and slowly walked towards him with his blade still aimed at his throat while the scientist backed away.

As soon as the elevator opened, Naruto dashed towards Genesis with his blade ready. Genesis instantly blocked a blade and turned his head to see a blonde with silver streaks and electric blue eyes with green tint around the pupils. The rogue SOLDIER's eyes widen a little and then a small smirk appears on his face. "Well well if it isn't Sephiroth's infamous apprentice, Naruto Uzumaki. I never would've thought that we'd meet again." He stated while their swords grinded against each other and sparks flew from their bladed.

Hollander on the other hand was stumped. He never knew Sephiroth had an apprentice. That was when Cissnei ran towards him, making him pale as he saw the Turk. Genesis scowled and kicks Naruto away before cutting Cissnei's path and swinging his rapier at her, but she leaps back while his hand glowed red and fires a large fira spell at her. Naruto appears in front of her and deflects the spell which hits one of the pipes and explodes, releasing steam.

Naruto once again dashes towards Genesis and swing his blade at the man who blocks it once again and breaks the stalemate, performing a thrust at Naruto's head. Said blonde sidesteps the attack while genesis tilts the blade sideways and swings it, only for Naruto to duck and perform a roundhouse kick but the rapier user block it with his arm, but Naruto flips off his other foot, and strikes Genesis in the jaw with his other foot, and sends him skidding back away from Hollander who curses and runs away but Cissnei leaps into the air and lands back onto the ground halting Hollander's escape with her weapon drawn, causing Hollander to curse.

Genesis chuckles and wipes the blood away from the side of his lips. "Not a bad move Naruto. I expected nothing less from my old friend's apprentice." He stated while Naruto stood back up and twirled his blade twice. He also noticed Genesis's hair was slightly white and the top of his jacket was faded and starting to crack.

"You're degrading." Naruto stated while the rogue SOLDIER smirks and brushes his hair back.

"As much as I hate to admit it, yes I am but I intend to stop this." Genesis answered getting a raised brow from Naruto.

'Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.'

Naruto scoffed and started to walk around shaking his head while Cissnei remained confused.

"LOVELESS Act 1." Naruto stated while a small grin formed on Genesis face.

"So you too have read the book." He stated while Naruto smirked.

"But of course." The blonde answered back.

"Then you should know that our fates are intertwined." Genesis replied while Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Fate? Tch, what utter Nonsense. My path is not intertwined with fate or destiny. I carve out my own path." Naruto stated while Gensis chuckles.

"Is that so? Are you telling me that it wasn't fate that you became the apprentice of Sephiroth and Angeal? It wasn't fate that you would become the youngest 1st class soldier to ever exist? It wasn't fate that made us meet once again?" Genesis asked.

"No it wasn't. Those things merely happened." Naruto answered and now Genesis was laughing.

"To be young and naive. You don't know the true operations of the world. Do you know what we are Naruto? What Shinra has turned us into?" He asked and Naruto remained silent and watched Genesis place his hand on a strand of hair. "We are…." He paused and sweeps his hand to the left, and in a blur, a black wing sprouts out of his back. "Monsters. We have neither dreams nor honor." He said in a serious tone. Naruto's eyes widened a little and Cissnei gasps while covering her mouth in surprise and awe. "We have neither dreams or honor because as monsters created by Shinra we don't need such trivial things."

Naruto hair shadowed his eyes while Cissnei looked at them both. "The only thing we are good for is causing destruction and suffering. Such is the fate of a monster." Genesis proclaimed.

"You really are full of it Genesis." Naruto stated and lifted his head revealing a pair of calm and calculative eyes. "You may proclaim yourself as such but I do not." Naruto then crossed his arms over his chest and remains like that for awhile, confusing Genesis for awhile until Naruto's arms parted and suddenly everyone felt a powerful gust of wind which pushed them back a little. Cissnei managed to covered her face with her arms and then moved them away wondering why Naruto did that but then a gasp escaped her lips.

Sprouting from Naruto's back where two angel like wings but these were different. They were not black like Genesis single wing. They were silver. "Beautiful." She said to herself as she saw Naruto looked like an angel.

"So tell me Genesis, who's more of a monster? The one who proclaims it? Or the one who denies it?" Naruto asked.

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