The long drive that Niko had with Roman led them to a decision which was to go back to Serbia and visit their family.

Immediately after making the decision Niko headed to an Internet Café in Alderney where he was greeted buy a man asking him if he would like a coffee. Niko just walked on and went down the stairs and sat down at a computer beside a person that he didn't even know. He logged on immediately and started to type and e-mail to his Mom. It said:

Dear Mother,

Roman and I have both came to a decision that we are going to come home for a year to visit. We are getting the ferry next week to take us over to Serbia next week. Oh! I forgot to mention, Roman will also be bringing over his wife, Malory. We been having a great time over here in Liberty City but we wanted to take a break. So Mother, expect us next week,

Love Niko Bellic.

He logged off the computer and got up off his chair. He looked around for a few seconds and noticed that the entire Internet Café had been cleared out by someone or something. Even the guy who offered Niko some coffee was gone. Niko walked around the place to see if there was any guns or anything dropped and rightly enough there was a 9mm pistol beside the cash machine. The till was open and empty of cash.

Niko walked out of the Internet Café and onto the street and saw a man with a balaclava over him terrorizing the civilians. Niko knew that he had to take actions against this guy as this guy had just came in and robbed the Internet Café. Niko walked over to the man and shot him on the foot. The man went down like a sack of bricks. Niko kicked the guy until he was in so much pain he wouldn't even try to fight back.

Niko stopped and then walked away. He sent Roman a text saying, " E-mail has been sent 2 my mother :)" Niko whistled for a cab and got a ride back to his home on the outskirts of The Triangle, Alderney. As they left, the cab driver noticed blood on Niko's hands but yet no cuts or scabs. The man brought the cab to an abrupt stop. He said, "Alright buddy, I see blood on your hands yet no things that could of possibly caused the blood." The cab driver looked in one of his rear- view mirrors and saw the man Niko had beaten to death. "Get the f**ck out of my damn cab!" he shouted.

"You forced me into to doing this, my friend." Niko said as he pulled out his pistol and shot the cab driver through the head rest on his chair. "I shot you through the head rest just to ease the pain a little bit." Niko said.

Niko jumped out of the cab and opened the cab driver's door and pulled him out so he could get in and drive. He drove him self home, and of course he got people whistling for him to pick them up, but he just drove on pretending he didn't hear them.

He eventually reached his home. He took the key out of his pocket and unlocked the door into his apartment. He walked in and walked over to his bed. He was exhausted. He flopped down on his bed and slept for another 15 hours.