Sherlolly – Now isn't that fun to say?

"Hello, Molly. Can we see Ned Pauling?"

"Why do you do that, Sherlock?"


"Do what?"

"Your hair looks very nice today, Molly."

"You only give Molly compliments when you want something from her."

"That's not going to work, Sherlock."

"Really? I didn't notice."

"Having a bad day?"

"Of course not, Sherlock."

"No. You need paperwork."

"Well, the compliments are quite sincere, John."

"You've never asked about paperwork before."

"That seems quite out of character for you."

"It's standard procedure."

"It's my way of showing appreciation."

"All right, then."

"I think you're just using her."

"To save you time, I've already checked the body."

"Why would I do that?"


"You have no emotions."

"It was poison."

"Of course I do, John. I just have a particular entourage that I choose to have genuine concern for."

"What kind of poison?"

"I still don't believe you. Not about Molly."


"I'll prove it."

"Thanks, Molly!"

"Go ahead."

"Y-You're welcome."

"I love her."