As soon as she arrived, Boudica could see that Von Bloot was prepared to make his move. His army was standing in front of Gothos Tower ready for battle. Von Bloot was finishing up giving his speech to his soldiers.

With her head held high, Boudica marched up to Von Bloot. Von Bloot turned around and chuckled.

"Simon told me carried yourself like royalty," Von Bloot said, giving her a once over.

"Flattery will get you nowhere with me, Von Bloot," said Boudica. "Have you seen Simon at all?"

"He's inside," said Von Bloot. "He said that he had a gift for you."

"Thank you," said Boudica and she entered Gothos Tower.

As soon as she was out of sight from everyone else, Boudica let out a sigh of relief. She only hoped that Von Bloot and Simon were on good terms and that Simon had told Von Bloot about her.

"Boudica, my dear," said Simon. He was standing at the top of a flight of stairs. His features were handsome once more without any trace of madness. "I have something for you."

Simon came down the stairs and pulled out what looked like a small box wrapped in a bandana. The object was about the same size of a scanner.

Boudica smiled. "Oh, Simon," she said with a giggle. "For me? You shouldn't have."

"I thought my queen should have a reminder of how she came to power and what her king was willing to do for her," said Simon. He handed her the gift. "Open it."

Boudica folded back the bandana and pulled out a red scanner. It was Kaz's for sure. She got what she came for.

"Thank you, Simon," said Boudica.

"Do you like it?" asked Simon. "With that brat out of the way, we can have anything we want."

Boudica quickly stepped out of arm's reach of Simon. Simon looked at her confused.

"You know, Simon, no matter what it was you were doing, you could never finish anything important," said Boudica.

"What are you saying?" asked Simon.

Boudica laughed. "Kaz is alive," she told him. "I wasn't sure if he was going to make it, but now." Boudica waved the scanner in the air.

"Why you witch!" shouted Simon, lunging at her.

Boudica jumped out of the way and kicked Simon hard in the stomach. Simon went sprawling on the stone floor. Boudica tucked Kaz's scanner into her waistband and pounced on Simon. She took off her belt and managed to get his hands behind his back, tying them together. Simon swore horribly as she got up and called Tom on her scanner.

"Hey," she panted.

"Hey, Boudica," replied Tom. "What happened to you?"

"I got Simon," said Boudica. "Do you want to call the Codemasters and tell them I caught him?"

"Sure thing," said Tom.

"Great," said Boudica. "Tell them to hurry up. I got to warn Chaor."

Boudica turned back to Simon. She took the bandana that he had wrapped her "gift" in and gagged him with it.

"The last thing I need on top of all this is you making a racket," said Boudica. "It's over, Simon. Have a nice life back on Earth because I'm sure you're out of Chaotic after this."

Von Bloot led his troops to Underworld City but were soon met with resistance. Simon had promised a sneak attack would work against a grieving Chaor. Instead, Chaor was leading his troops and Von Bloot and his soldiers were getting hammered. Looking over his shoulder, Von Bloot spotted the red-haired human standing next to Chaor and beside him was Simon's girl, Boudica. Letting out a roar of outrage, Von Bloot vowed that Simon would pay for his treachery.

Tom, Kaz, Sarah, Peyton sat at their usual table in the Port Court. Everything was quickly returning to normal. The Codemasters found Simon in Gothos Tower bound and gagged and raving mad.

"So where's Boudica?" asked Sarah.

"Around," replied Kaz. "She wants to stay in Perim for the time being. Her friends there miss her and she has a lot of catching up to do."

"I was so sure that you and her would have gotten together," said Tom.

"No," said Kaz with a shake of his head and a smile. "I don't think it could have worked out between us. She's a wild girl. Being with me would have been like being with Simon. She wouldn't have been happy."

Peyton frowned. "I would have like to battle her," he said.

"Is that a challenge?" Boudica was standing behind Kaz.

"You bet it is!" said Peyton.

Kaz smiled as he watched Peyton and Boudica run in the direction of the dromes. It was sure to be an interesting match.

It's a crummy ending, I know, but I wasn't sure how else to end it. I appriciate everyone who read this story and I hope you will review it and read some of my other stories. Thank you very much.