Grr, They Belong To Someone Else.

Rounding the corner, Buffy felt a sharp pain shoot through her side and cursed it as she had to stop for a second. Her breath came out in heavy pants, white puffs showing in the crisp air. She was annoyed with how cold it was this morning. There had been no lead ups to this extreme (in her opinion) coldness, no warnings prior and she was all kinds of unhappy. As was her, it seemed, shocked body.

Finally feeling a little better, even if still numb and cold, she continued her jog. Her eyes scanned the run down town where she was currently in the heart of. It was mostly a series of empty, run down buildings for the most part. There was a never opened fabric shop, pharmacy, tiny little hair salon, and a few mechanics for shops. The empty office spaces out numbered them, and that included the former Dollar Shop and florist who had both caught fire about two years ago and had yet to be cleaned up.

Getting up to one of their three gas stations which sat across from the only lasting Mom and Pop restaurant, she came upon the only traffic light in town. Given the time of morning, it was at all surprising to see not a soul in sight.

Taking a right at the gas station, Buffy hit the cracked sidewalks that ran along many neighbors homes, again though, about one in every three sat an empty one. Even on this long street there was another victim of fire, the house was still a complete wreck, worse off than the Dollar Store, and that fire had taken place a good ten years ago. No one ever thought to take down the eyesore or clean it up. That's how things worked around here.

Besides the Fire Department, it was all residents homes until you hit the park, which was where she turned off, ready to make it through the trail, though that was a laughable term for it.

Halfway through it, Buffy heard the second set of footsteps and fought with her face to not smile. She kept going forward, trying not to make it seem obvious that she was looking for him.

When he came into sight, Buffy sucked in a breath, doing a quick look over as subtly as she could muster. With a quick flicker, she watched as he, as usual, did the same.

Meeting up, or rather passing by, she felt her insides swell as he smiled. "Good morning," he greeted. These remained the most words the looming stranger had ever uttered.

Buffy smiled back, her eyes mostly casting downward. "Morning." Same went for her to him.

And just like that, the best part of her day came and went.

Pretty soon, Buffy was at the other end of the park, right next to the would-be stable thing on one side, the gated train caboose on the other. She sighed, her eyes looking at the baseball field on the other side of the street, over to the empty parking lot, empty roofed picnic benches, over toward the town's tiny little pool. Taking another step, she looked back toward the street, seeing her mystery man taking his own glimpse down at the stop sign. He gave her a little wave then started up the hill.

Buffy watched him for several moments before forcing herself to keep going on her way.

There was always tomorrow.