The Dragon's Tamer
Rating: K to Teen
Pairings: Hermione Granger & Charlie Weasley

Authoress Note: I have a very good beta currently but unfortunately she is not as familiar with the Harry Potter Universe to do more than check for grammar and spelling. If anyone is interested, I have this chapter and the next finished and waiting on a beta. Email me at please and thank you!

She had been at the Dragon Reserve since the beginning of what was supposed to be her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The war had broken out sooner than they all had expected and the attacks on the muggle borns had increased dramatically. The Order of the Phoenix had stepped in and had made several well known muggle borns, both at Hogwarts and within the general Wizarding community disappear, making it seem as if rouge death eaters had decided to take them out on their own in order to please their master.

It had been deemed that Hermione Granger would be one of those high target muggle borns, being Harry Potter, the Wizarding world's savior, and Ron Weasley, a blood traitor in the eyes of the Death Eaters, best friends. It made Hermione nervous, not because she was to go into hiding, but because she would miss out on her OWL level classes and her NEWT exams, much to Ron and Harry's dismay. Professor McGonagall did her best to relax Hermione's fears, saying she was a bright student and she could sit her exams at the same time as the others except for an examiner would be sent to her. All of her course books and any other books she deemed necessary would be sent to her, courtesy of Hogwarts and her parents. That pleased her, the thought of having unlimited books at her disposal however she did miss the instruction from a formal teacher even if this did give her more freedom to slow down and speed up her lesson plans as she deemed necessary.

Being Hermione Granger, she was one not to want to fall behind on her school, was having more of a practical approach to her lessons, the other Keepers and other various people working on the Romanian Dragon Reserve stopping their work occasionally to help explain something to her that she had read in her required texts. If one counted all the other various subjects that she was researching and learning about while being basically held prisoner for her own safety on a dragon reserve thousands of miles from her home she would well be qualified for acceptance to any apprenticeship of her choice to become a Master. It was a Saturday, which meant that Charlie Weasely had the day off, her warden for lack of a better term. She should probably find him and have him help her practice some of her Defense Against the Dark Arts work as well as hunt down the Mediwitch and head healer to see if she could start doing some brewing for them as far as potions went, it would keep her top notch and would set requirements and standards that where close to those of Professor Snape's and it would keep the healer's tent in well stocked supply.

Currently she had her nose in a book that Healer Smith had recommend, 1,001 Magical Mishaps in Healing and was taking notes when someone knocked on her tent door. Looking up she saw a head of red hair attached to a stocky young man enter the tent.

"Good morning Hermione." He said as he walked past her and into the kitchen of the tent they shared.

"Good morning yourself Charlie, enjoy your run?" she asked, wrinkling her nose as the stench of the sweat that poured off his body reached her.

"It was ok. Essie decided to join me but other than that it was uneventful."

Hermione watched him as he filled a glass of water and downed it in a few short gulps, something that was for sure to give him hiccups within a few minutes.

"So Essie's leg has healed up ok?" Hermione asked, true interest in her voice as she pushed back a lock of her hair behind her ear, hoping it would hold it in place. Essie was a golden blonde retriever that had wandered up into the dragon reserve past all the anti-muggle wards and straight into Hermione's tent one day. About a week back she had gotten brave enough to play with a little hatchling and in the process got her back right leg singed a little which had prevented her from going with Charlie on his usual morning runs.

"So far so good, the cream the Healer gave for me to put on it seems to be working wonders."

As to prove this point Essie popped her head into the tent, seemed to take an inventory before making a bee line for Hermione, pushing her book and notes to the side and burrowing her head into Hermione's shoulder as Hermione praised her and began rubbing on her back.

"How's your school working coming?" he asked as he slipped back into his room, leaving the door open to allow them to be able to continue their conversation.

"Good, I'm ahead of schedule but if anything I can sit my exams early and just be done with all this stress but we're only two months into the school year so we'll see." As she spoke Charlie watched her as she set down her book, sticking a book mark on the page she stopped on before heading to the kitchen and pulling out a tea kettle and giving it a wave in Charlie's direction.

"Tea? Because what they serve in the cafeteria is not tea, no matter what you say Mr. Weasely." Her voice held a bit of familiar cheek to it, as Charlie did something very unlike him, he stuck his tongue out at her.

"Yes please, and I know that what they call tea in the cafeteria is just herbs in water it really shouldn't be allowed to be called as such."

Just then an owl swooped in with several envelopes and a small package with Hermione's name on it. Hermione watched as she added water to the kettle as Charlie untied the letters and package from Errol's foot and gave it a dish of owl treats for which he received a very enthusiastic hoot. Pulling two letters from the stack he handed Hermione the package and three letters, one from her parents, one from Ron and Harry, and the third from Professor McGonagall, who along with Professor Snape where her academic advisors.

Pulling the string on the package allowed it to expand into its full size as a handful of books scattered themselves on the table.

There were three potions books, one on healing potions, one on dangerous potions, and one on forbidden potions that only the most highly respected potions masters knew about, one book on animgiu transformations, one on using Herbology for healing, one OWL prep book and one NEWTS prep books used for students that where usually homeschooled and then two books that would begin her Masters study for Transfiguration and Potions, both several hundred pages long and only the first in their series.

"Seems like you have some very high ambitions." Charlie stated more than asked as he scanned her pile of books as she organized them.

"Not so much ambitions as I know what I want and I'm going to go after it." She said as she began flipping through the Masters Study for Transfiguration book, skimming the table of contents.

"So basically yes you have very high ambitions." His laugh filled the tent, as the tea kettle began to sing a high pitched wail, letting them know that their water was now hot.

"If you can call it that."

Hermione watched as Charlie stretched before making his way towards the cabinet and pulling down two coffee mugs, placing two tea bags inside of each before pouring the boiling hot water over them and allowing them to seep as he handed one to Hermione who absentmindedly began to dunk her tea bag in a repetitive motion, coming to sit at the kitchen table moving her pile of books to sit before her.

"Are you going to read your mail?"

Charlie's voice startled her from the sip of tea she had been about to partake of, almost causing her to spill her mug, before noticing that he had moved her three letters to rest on top of her stack of books.

"I don't think it's any of your business when I chose to read my mail; but yes I am going to read my letters."

Deciding that the letter from Ron and Harry was sure to lift her spirits she slipped her nail underneath the edge of the seal, breaking it in a swift movement, before unfolding the unusually long letter.

Dear Hermione,

Sorry it's been so long since we've written there's just been so much going on with school and the dangers of Lord Voldemort's attacks on muggle borns, more students have gone into hiding than ever which is doing Hogwarts no favors, it used to be that Hogwarts was the safest place for us all and now it's just a deserted wasteland of half bloods and pure bloods that think they're better than everyone else. School seems to be the only thing unchanged as the Professor's are bound and determined that everything goes on as it does before. I talked to Professor McGonagall and she assured me that you weren't falling behind on your school work; which I'm proud of. I wish I could give you access to the Black Family Library but Professor Dumbledore thinks there is a traitor among the Order, hence why your with Charlie instead of at Order Headquarters. Padfoot said to say hello and that he would gladly send you anything from the library that you required or would make you copies of anything you desired, all in the quest for knowledge.

Griffindor's down by half of it's students, Hufflepuff is down by over half , Slytherin is at full capacity as is Ravenclaw, only a few have left from there. The morale is down and this war is starting sooner than we ever anticipated and that was what his goal was.

Take care Hermione and stay safe,

Harry J. Potter
Ron B. Weasely

There letter was no surprise as she had already known that the school was going to be hit the hardest with attacks on muggle born students. They had no way to defend themselves over holidays and their parents where defenseless. The letter from her parents was short and to the point but it did more for her nerves that Ron and Harry's letter had.

Dear Hermione,

We've been taken into Protective Custody by some members of your Order of the Phoenix who have said it would not be safe for us here for a while. They say we'll get to see you here soon which would be wonderful as we miss you. We have closed our dental practice, or rather sold it,, and are sitting on the money to reopen it one day. We'll just call it a relocation. Tonks has said that if all goes well they will be able to reinstate us in another part of the world under new identities once all the madness dies down. We've been assured this letter's protection but it is still best to keep it short.

Keep your chin up love; we're proud of you for being a witch never doubt that Hermione Granger; and tell Charlie that we're grateful for his watching over you as we are to the entire Weasley Clan.

Mom & Dad

They were safe; they had been relocated as promised and where probably about to relocate again once this madness died down; that was all that mattered. The last letter would just be a detailed report on her previous months homework and a detailed list of assignments for this month's work; last month's had been turned in two weeks early as it kept her sane to keep busy; hence the Mastery level work.

"Have you asked for the books you'll need for your Healing work yet? Speaking of has Minerva approved of the added curriculum?" Charlie asked, bring her back from her thoughts as she fingered the letter that Minerva had sent her.

"That's what this reply should be Charlie. Last she told me was that she would get together with Poppy and get together a basic curriculum, send it back to me for Healer Smith's approval and collaboration and from there I would receive marks for my healing work at a University level, they've all said it should help with my Potions Mastery so if anything a solid foundation won't hurt anything. As for the books Healer Smith said he would give me my book list based off of the curriculum decided upon."

Charlie watched as she worked herself up into a frenzy before opening the letter that had been sitting in front of her for the past fifteen minutes as she sipped her tea.

Miss Granger,

Here you will find your marks for September and your work for October as well as some instruction for your Mastery Level work you wished to attempt.

September's Marks:


Essays & Readings:

Essay On Practical Animgiu Transformations: E
Essay On Transfiguration Of Self : E
Essay On Transfiguration: From One State of Matter to Another: E
Reading Assignment Standard Book of Spells Year 6 pgs 300-350 (notes): O
Essay From Reading Assignment: E



Divination: *Since you have just picked up Divination, for reasons beyond my comprehension, you are still three years behind on material; please keep that in mind although since Professor Trewenly is no longer with us you should be fine*

Essays & Readings:

Dream Journal: O
Essay on the art of Tea Reading: E
Essay on Comparison and Contrast of Three Types of Divination: Unmarked (Please rewrite and return in; you are capable of better work Ms. Granger your thoughts were unorganized and non-related)


Dream Journal: E



10 Inches on Draught of Living Dead: P
10 Inches on Polyjuice Potion: A


Draught of Living Dead: E
Polyjuice Potion (at month's end): E

Ms. Granger, when I requested an essay I did not want an reiteration of what the book said, use the books as sources and not as your ideas. Allow your own ideas to come through, rewrite both essays for a remark as well as an essay on why it is important to learn to think outside of textbook logic.

Care of Magical Creatures:


10 Uses of Unicorn's Blood: E



Essay on the Idea Behind Protective Wards: E
Essay on Blood Wards and Why They Are Banned: E

Defense Against the Dark Arts:


The Ideals Behind the Dark Lord's Rise to Power: E
Boggarts: E


Defense From Boggart: E

History of Magic

Essay on the Reasoning Behind the First Goblin War: E
Test on First Goblin War: E



Growth of Mandrake's: E
Growth of Devil's Snare: E


Uses of Mandrake: E

Muggle Studies


Why muggle born children become witches and wizards: E

If you wish an examiner may be sent to you at any time to sit your OWLS. You are well prepared.


Birthday Calculations: E
Name Calculations: E


Astrology Chart: E

"I've got to rewrite three essays; two for Potions one for Divination and an extra essay for Potions on not thinking like a text book and that's on top of this month's work, which I haven't even looked at." Hermione said, a dejected sigh coming through her words.

"It's not all that bad pet. The school work gives you something to do and it keeps you busy and the rewrites aren't going to be that hard to do. Just tweak what you have already and add in some insight as for the thinking outside the box essay I'd say write that one first and be done with it."

The rest of Hermione's morning was spent in writing on of her harder essays, one that did not require sources but pure thought, and thought alone, but as she was dubbed the smartest witch of her age, she managed to have a rough draft finished by the afternoon, something of which she was proud of as she sat there proofreading it for the first time with a red pen as her aid.

Charlie would occasionally pop his head up from the book that he sat reading, watching her work and offering some advice when she started talking to herself out loud trying to work out a problem that she had run into.

A plate of food being set down next to her told her that she had worked well past lunch and had almost worked herself past dinner as well, if it had not been for Charlie's thoughtfulness.

"Thanks Charlie!" her enthusiasm showed as her eyes took in the sandwich that was laid out before her like a feast. "It looks delicious; I've gotten the extra essay for Snape done, the essay on Polyjuice rewritten or at least a rough draft, and the Draught of the Living Dead rough draft done as well. So that leaves one more rough draft for my Divination essay and then the actual rewrites."

She paused as she took a bite of the ham sandwich enjoying the way the ham, cheese, and pickles tasted to her food starved mouth.

"If you'll give me the three you have written I'll proofread them for you after dinner and you can start on the rough draft for your Divination essay while I work on them."

Hermione nodded her consent before taking a sip of the cold iced tea that had been placed down with her meal, it wasn't English tea but it was good.

"I'll make you a copy; I like to keep a copy of my rough drafts with my finals even after I turn them in. That way in case something gets lost I know where an extra copy is."

"Fair enough, I know poor Flitwick has lost an essay of mine or two in the past the poor guy, he was very much unorganized at the time." Charlie said, nodding his agreement as he polished off his sandwich before taking her three essays and spreading himself out on the couch and began reading first for grammatical errors and then syntax and knowledge errors as Hermione settled in to start on her Divination rewrite after a quick brush up on her notes that she had taken.