The Dragon's Tamer

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02 Just Another Day

Night time came fast on the Romania Dragon Reserve even if dinner was eaten at an early hour so that the sun would still be up for those going to the mess hall. Night time here, even after two months still fascinated her, as the sounds of mother dragons, who still had their eggs cooing to their young could be heard throughout the night a glance at her watch told her it was twenty to six pm which meant it was time for her mini watch with Healer Smith's team, who had started at five that afternoon. Changing into a pair of worn out blue jeans and a loose fitting gray tank top she pulled her bushy hair into a tight pony tail before holstering her wand at her bare arm in the new holster the Healer had given her; saying it was necessary for safety to have your wand as close as possible but out of the way while healing, as needed of course.

As she walked through the reserve people stopped to talk to her as they either ended or started their shifts, most deciding to walk with her a ways to the Healer tent. Janie who was a Mediwitch-in-training met up with Hermione on her walk, both heading in for their mini shift for the night; pretty soon they would be taking on full shifts of twelve hours on, twelve off, something that would take their body a while to adjust to.

"What's up Granger?" Janie asked, as they walked at a comfortable pace to the healing tent, watching the sun set as they walked.

"Nothing much, got a letter from my parents; they've been relocated for safety and have shut down their business. Got this month's school work turned in with two weeks to spare so they've already sent down October's work as well as some books on starting my work on my Mastery's as well as my Healing curriculum so I get credit for the training with Healer Smith."

"Damn girl, you do like to stay busy. I'm just swamped with Healer training as it is, but you aren't known as the brightest witch of our age for nothing." Janie said, laughing as they entered the Healer's tent for their six hour shift.

Healer Smith was a small woman by some means, but had the hidden muscle to back up her attitude she displayed with her trainees. Aside from Hermione there were four trainees for this rotation, Janie, Darrell, Amanda and Spencer. Spencer, Amanda and Darrell all came from the Salem Institute of Magic in America and was studying with St. Theresa Hospital while Janie had come from Hogwarts but two years prior and was studying at St. Mungo's Hospital.

As it was the healer tent was quite for most of the evening which meant that it was a lesson in the proper paperwork and documentation that was required of a healer or trainee as the case may be. The amount of documentation for a trainee was slightly greater than that of a healer due to the learning circumstances they were under so every little thing was required to be documented. Being only three people in the healer tent, Janie and Hermione were teamed up to do a full body assessment, and Amanda, Darrell, and Spencer were each given their own person to assess.

The patients were very cooperative except when they felt the need to liven up the mood and would say stop breathing during a breathe count or intentionally slow down their heart beat when beats per minute where being taken, overall it took the trainees an hour and a half to complete the assessment, with Hermione and Janie finishing first as they worked well together as a team. With the assessment finished it was time to start on the mountain of paper work that was required for each patient. A medical background took the longest usually as most of the time you could not get the background from the person required and had to get it from a family member, but since this was a different scenario they were simply allowed to pull the background from the patient's medical files.

It took them another hour to finish out the paperwork required for the patient which still left them three hours left to their shifts which had Healer Smith setting them about to different tasks, Hermione being set to continuing work on the potions and balms needed for the healing tent, for which she was grateful for. Healing was just something that she wanted to learn for the upcoming war, potions however one of her concentrated areas of study was and there was something about it that relaxed her, almost like baking. Not everyone could bake, and not everyone could create a passable potion, but she was looking to go beyond making a passable potion she wanted to become a Potions Mistress, if things turned out her way she would end of either with her own shop or back at Hogwarts teaching potions, or better yet at one of the higher institutions of learning teaching upcoming Masters how to stopper death and bewitch the senses, to borrow from her favorite Potions Master.

The last major correspondence she had received from Professor Snape had said that while he refused to take her on as an apprentice he would guide her in the right directions as far as texts and tombs went and what was on or beyond or even beneath her level. She had many, many ideas she wanted to try out when it came to potions, but for now she had to concentrate on making it through her OWLS and NEWTS before anything else and if she could not write a passable essay she would fail a whole portion of her OWLS and NEWTS which was unacceptable. Currently she was also waiting on correspondence from Professor Slughorn as well, having sent him a copy of the essays Professor Snape had rejected, having wanted a second opinion from someone she trusted to give her an honest answer instead of a biased one and to see if he would take her on as an apprentice if he had a safe house as to where to house her. Personally she would have preferred that Professor Snape had done her apprentice that way she could do her Potions and Transfiguration apprenticeships at the same time without having to travel back and forth and to worry about her OWLS and NEWTS at the same time. Charlie had told her to stop worrying about so much at one time, to get through with her OWLS first and then concentrate on her NEWTS and then do her Mastery Levels and apprenticeships at the same time which seemed like logical sound advice but first she had to be able to write an acceptable potions essay.

She did have the option of going back to Hogwarts should Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape deem it safe; and if both apprenticeships had been approved she would be give her own room and a different timetable than those of her fellow students but she was truly enjoying the academic freedom of being able to complete her work as she wished, which was usually well ahead of schedule, although it was passable to set up the same system while she was at Hogwarts but Hogwarts didn't feel like the safe academic institution that it once was and she knew that somewhere deep within her heart.

The last three hours of her shift melted in and out as she brewed potions and worked on potions that needed tweaking or adjusting as to strength and quantity. With her hair pulled back into a sloppy bun she made a beautiful sight that many of the reservation would have loved to have known personally but Hermione had made it clear, to the one unfortunate bloke that had tried to make a move on her that she was not interested in any advances made by any of the tamers or for that matter healers. She was here for her safety and to study and that was the end of that. Charlie Weasley was the only person on the Reservation that knew the real reason she was there; and it was to stay that way for her entire stay at the Reserve and she understood why even if she didn't like it. A look at her watch told her it was past midnight and well past the end of her shift, as she gave a finally stir and cast a stability charm on her potion before bidding Healer Smith goodnight and exiting the tent only to see Charlie leaning against the side of the tent a lite cigarette in his mouth.

"What are you doing here Charlie?" she asked, as she pulled her cloak tighter around her against the sudden winds that had come about that night on the mountain.

"I was awake. I figured I'd walk you back."

His reply made sense to anyone who knew him from the outside, he was just worried about his charges safety; but to Hermione who had been here almost an entire two months and had yet to have Charlie walk her home from her late shifts with the Healer's it was odd to say the least, but Charlie was Charlie and he didn't do anything he didn't have a reason behind, even if you as a passive observer didn't know what his reasoning was.

The walk back to their tent was quite to say the least as they enjoyed the silence that night time on the reserve so rarely offered. It was a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the day time noises that started well before the sun rose as shift change was around five am in the morning, which would call Charlie to work in five hours, making Hermione wonder what he was doing awake.

"I like the quite out here at night. So different from the days at the Burrow, or hell even the night time at the Burrow with so many people around it's hard to find peace even when you sleep as both the twins and Percy snore, a trait they picked up from our dear old dad." The laugh he got from Hermione was music to his ears, something that surprised him and made him want to hear her laugh more often than not.

Hermione watched his profile as he walked; he was more bruised up and scared up than most of the Weasley's, sans Bill of course, he was probably the strongest of them as well as Bill's field required more mental prowess than brute strength while Charlie's required both. The twins had the humor of the family down pat, while Ronald had the status of Harry Potter's best friend, and Ginny of course had the status of the only girl of the family in a few generations. They each had their own nitch in the world, even Charlie who sometimes was forgotten in all the hustle and bustle of the upcoming war. As far away as he was he still worked for the cause of the Order recruiting members from those on the Dragon Reserve and those in Romania who felt passionately about the Wizarding worlds remaining free; however divided their numbers where.

He truly was a magnificent man was her last thought as she drifted off into a dream filled sleep.