Pure evil, contained in those eyes

Yet I can't tear myself away.

I know what he could do to me

Yet I stand before him unafraid.

Knife in hand, still stained with blood

But I will no longer run away.

Day in and day out, all is white

I don't belong here, I told them I'm not crazy.

Across from my cold cell is his

But in the end it doesn't matter anyway.

Are you kidding? It was only a dream?

I should never have woken up then.

An angel from perfect head to perfect toe

Blonde hair, strong build, arms to hold me tight.

Blue jumpsuit, from when he escaped

And ever-present knife faithfully by his side.

That cursed night every late fall

I deck myself out and watch, I wait, I pray.

I'm hoping he will make a triumphant return

Then I can come out of hiding, come out and play.

All dressed up in my Halloween best

I lie in wait with my own gleaming weapon.

Soon as he's here, I run outside

I stalk behind him, intent to kill and serve.

"As long as I am here for you, Michael

I will destroy anyone who threatens you."

The words come out in a whisper as I walk

My own knife raised as I follow my love.

He enters the home and I follow suit

I branch away because I know who to look for.

I search for her, but she is nowhere in sight

If I go back empty-handed, I will fail him.

I go back anyway, to find that he has killed

The bodies lie lifeless on the floor.

He sees me, and I look back at him

Eyes are black, dead behind his ghost-pale mask.

I feel his large hand on my neck suddenly

But I do not struggle; I am not afraid.

Instead I smile, sick and hollow, at him

My shivering hand clasps on his wrist.

I wish I could see his face, but that's alright

I'll settle for just a brushing touch.

Bruising force as he throws me down

Something cracks, and I know I am finished.

I scream his name with my lips curved up

He kneels, deciding to let me die slowly.

I hold his hand and laugh softly to him

As he silently apologizes for what he must do.

I know I can never really be with him

But who ever said I couldn't dream?

In my fantasies I will always love him

I'll be there, waiting in my sequined mask.

And though an angel's visage may show

Dark eyes reveal the devil trapped within.