Still in her ballerina costume, Kirsten fidgeted in her seat across from a man who had been identified to her as Dr. Samuel Loomis. He was an older man, with grayish white hair and a beard. He was dressed all in white, much like the entire inside of this big building. She didn't exactly feel comfortable here, and she wanted to talk to Michael. She was afraid of him now, but he was still... he was still her friend. That hadn't changed. If she could just talk to him and figure out what kind of voices he'd been talking about that came back, and why he didn't want her to tell his mother...

"Miss Black, would you mind if we started?"

She glanced up, her blue-eyed gaze shifting back to Dr. Loomis's face. Dully she nodded, hoping that if she answered everything quickly they would let her and Michael go and it could all return to normal.

"Alright." He clicked a button on his tape recorder. "Samuel Loomis, Smith's Grove Sanitarium. October 31st, 1984. I am speaking with nine-year-old Kirsten Black." With that, he placed it in the middle of his desk and the interrogation began. "Now, I'm just going to talk to you, ask you a few questions. I'm going to need you to answer honestly. First, can you please tell me your full name?"

She sighed, crossing her arms. "You're trying to torture me, aren't you?"

"Excuse me?"

"I've never even told Michael my middle name. My whole name is Kirsten Imagine Black."

"Good. Now, you were at the home of Michael Audrey Myers not too long ago, weren't you?"


"Why were you there?"

"Me and Michael were gonna go trick-or-treating with his mom and baby sister Laurie tonight. Where is he?"

"He's in a different room."

"Can I see him?"

"Maybe in a few minutes, if you answer all my questions. Now, did you assist Michael in the murder of Judith Myers?"

"No, sir."

"So he killed her by himself?"

"I don't think Laurie would have been much help, so yeah."

"Alright. Can you please describe to me, in your own words, what you saw happen?"

It felt like such a long time ago, but Kirsten forced herself to remember even though it hurt her heart. "Michael came down to get a knife while I was putting on my shoes, and said Judy needed scissors to cut off part of Laurie's costume 'cause it was too long, but he couldn't find any. So he went back up and then I heard Judy screaming. So I ran up and saw him with the knife and Judy on the floor. There was blood all over and Laurie was cryin'. And then Mrs. Myers came home so I went to tell her and Michael tried to stop me. He said... he couldn't let them know the voices came back."

"Okay." Dr. Loomis leaned over the desk and looked at her thigh. "I noticed that gash on your leg when you came in. Why don't you tell me what happened there? Did Michael try to hurt you too?"

Her hand drifted to the cut where Michael's knife had dragged across her skin. It wasn't deep and it had stopped bleeding. "He didn't mean it. He tried to stop me from telling Mrs. Myers about Judy, and I tripped, and we both fell down the stairs. I think that's when I got hurt, 'cause he still had the knife. It wasn't his fault."

"Alright, I believe that's all I need. Thank you, Miss Black." He switched the tape recorder off and put it into a drawer.

Kirsten blinked, waiting for him to dismiss her. "Can I see Michael now?"

Dr. Loomis stood up and walked to the door. "First, your aunt is here. She'll show you where he is, but I think she wants to talk to you first. You will be allowed to leave with her as soon as she signs the outpatient papers."

Kirsten walked out of the room and was immediately caught up in a hug by the still-costumed Kelly. "Oh God, Kirstie!" Her aunt was sobbing and holding her as tight as was humanly possible. "I came as soon as Debbie called me! Are you hurt? What did Dr. Loomis say?"

Kirsten lifted up her tutu skirt to reveal the slash mark. "It doesn't hurt that bad anymore, and it was an accident. Michael was trying to keep me from telling his mom and we both fell, so I got hurt 'cause he still had the knife. But it doesn't hurt, all the hurting went away. And he said that as soon as you sign some kinda papers I can leave. So I guess that means when Michael's mom signs something he can leave too. I don't think we're going trick-or-treating though, 'cause I think Michael's in real big trouble."

Kelly gave her a blank look. "Kirsten... Michael's not leaving. I talked to Debbie, and he has to stay here. You're the only one going home."

Her eyes widened. "But... But why? It wasn't Michael's fault!"

"Kirsten." Kelly bent down to her niece's height and placed her hands on the nine-year-old's shoulders, looking straight into her eyes. "I know Michael's a really good friend, and I know this is hard to understand..."

"He's not just a good friend, Aunt Kelly! He's my only friend! All the other kids think I'm weird for my hair and they think I'm weird 'cause I like him! He needs me and I need him and he can't stay here! Who else is gonna be my friend? All I got is him!"

"Honey, friends come and go. You'll find someone else. I know he's the only one right now who likes you, but you'll find other friends, honey. Kirsten, don't you understand? He killed his sister."

"She was yelling at him and treating him like he didn't matter! That's all she ever did!"

"It doesn't matter if she deserved it or not, Kirsten. He had no excuse. People like that are all over the place, but nobody should kill them. I need you understand, honey, that Michael is very, very sick."

"He's not that sick, Aunt Kelly. He's just got a cold and he's been taking care of it..."

"That's not what I'm talking about, Kirsten. He's not sick in the body. He's sick in the head. Debbie said that he was admitted here two years ago - they discovered him killing animals, and he said that the voices made him do it. He got better. But now the sickness came back, so he needs to stay here and get better before he can come home. You wouldn't want him hurting anyone else, would you? And I don't know what I'd do if he killed you."

"But he wouldn't kill me! I'm his best friend!"

Kelly's hands tightened on her niece's shoulders, and Kirsten became aware of how upset her aunt really was. She was sobbing uncontrollably, and Kirsten wouldn't listen to her. She was really worked up about this. "Did you see what he did to Judy? And she was his sister!" She shook Kirsten, meeting her eyes with tears in her own. "She was his God-damned sister and he killed her!" She could feel the other redhead's nails digging into her skin. "He would kill you in an instant if the voices told him to..."

Kirsten put a hand on her aunt's face and tilted it up.

"Can I go and see Michael now? I wanna tell him good-bye."

Just so people know, I'm basing this off the Halloween remake by Rob Zombie. (Teehee, gotta love his name.) This part is set in 1984, and I also made Michael and Laurie (and Judith, I guess) about 2 years older than they were supposed to be in the original, 'cause Mikey was only supposed to be 6 and Laurie was supposed to just be a baby.

Sooooo... yeah. OH and I'm watching the original one right now as I type, I kid you not. My mom rented some and she won't watch them unless I'm with her. XD It's ridiculous, but I'm not complaining because Mikey's love is mah drug. :D Random Ke$ha reference! :| I can't say I really love Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie, but maybe it's just because I'm used to hearing her voice in older roles like Freaky Friday... y'know, 'cause I wasn't AROUND when she was younger and playing this stuff. Ah but anyway, it doesn't matter because... MICHAEL WAS SO ADORABLE AS A WIDDLE KID! I squeed when I saw him on the screen as a kiddie. X3 Too cute.

Well... suppose I'll let ya go now. Bye bye wonderful peeps! ^^