Yep. There he was. Surrounded by girls, as usual. I felt sorry for all his friends- well, if friends is the word. More like accomplices, helping him to make everyone else's life a misery.

Everyone who was sane in the school hated him, and everyone else was either one of his 'friends', or one of his many exes, trying to get him back. Dominic Howard. The bastard.

And he was here, yet again, invading me and my friends' peaceful lunchtime.

"What you up to then, Cooper?" He was talking to me. Oh shit.

"Erm... eating my lunch, maybe?" I replied, trying to make a fool of him. But somehow he managed to turn it back on me and suddenly his little group of friends were all laughing their heads off at me. I noticed one of them wasn't though, just smiling. Matt, I think his name was. And that was weird, because I swear Matt... Bellamy, that was it. I swear him and Dom were always the two you'd find together, making trouble, pissing around in class etc. He seemed to be the only real friend Dom had out of the group. And I didn't blame him for once- all the others were just nerds, trying to get protected. But looking at the contrast here, between Matt and the others, he looked much more... mature and refined.

"Uh, Rose..." one of my friends nudged me. "You're kind of... staring at Matt..."


I quickly looked away, blushing furiously, and hoped no-one else had noticed, especially Dom. God, I wouldn't hear the end of it... but as I sheepishly looked up I realised he'd gone off to torment someone else, poor soul whoever it was. I watched them saunter off, Matt looked back, and I found myself staring again, unable to look away. But then again, how could I be sure he was looking at me? He might just have turned back because someone called his name or something. I was getting really paranoid by this point, and it didn't help when Carrie brought up the subject of my previous blush.

"So Rose, d'ya like Matt, then?Seeing as you were staring at him?" she said loudly, and within seconds all of my friends were eavesdropping.

"No. He's one of them. I'd be betraying you lot!" I said cheerfully, trying to shrug it off.

"Suit yourself, but to be honest, I wouldn't blame you if you did like him. He's the best looking one out of the lot, after Dom of course." She said matter-of-factly, and it was the truth. The other thing that made Dom so annoying was how drop-dead gorgeous he was, even when he was shouting abuse at you. Git. But it was also the truth that Matt wasn't bad himself, not bad at all if I thought about it. But I stopped myself there. I had to listen to my own words: He's one of them. That was enough just for me to say no to him. But he wasn't laughing at me earlier though... maybe he's nicer than that? God, this is confusing...

Art. My favourite subject; my least favourite lesson. Why? Because of the shit class I have. Me and my four or five friends seem to be the only people who actually care about this subject, and the other 25 kids in the class just muck around and don't pay any attention. I feel sorry for the teacher, bur I must admit it's quite funny when she shouts at us. But as I walked in today I noticed two isolation tables in the corner. Hoorah. Just another two kids to add to the madness. I sighed as I sat down and realised only two of my friends were in today. Just three of us, against the world, it seemed. As the lesson started, the two tables still weren't filled and I supposed the kids were bunking- that's the kind of people they are if they're in isolation, I suppose. But then we heard shouting outside and as usual the whole class' attention turned to the window rather than our poor old teacher. Mr Jones- a man you do not want to cross, was giving two boys a right bollocking. When he was finished he started to steer them our way, and I realised two things. One- they were our isolationees. And two- they were Dominic Howard and Matthew Bellamy.

"Oh god..." April whispered as she realised the same things.

"No work done today then..." I replied. Trust me, those two in an art class with paint and clay at their disposal is a sure recipe for disaster. They walked in grinning, despite the shouting they'd just had to endure, and earned a few cheers from their doting fans as they strutted to their seats- on my side of the classroom. I groaned as I turned back round to the front where Mrs. Donovan was trying desperately to retain order. Then I felt something hit the back of my head. I prayed it wasn't messy or sticky, and I'm glad to say it wasn't- it was just a rolled up ball of paper. I looked behind me- don't ask me why, cos I knew who's thrown it, and there he was, bold as brass, smirking his head off. Dom pointed to the ball of paper, and mouthed "Open it."

There was no way I was going to do that- it probably contained glue or something. I just turned back round, only to receive another ball of paper on the back of the head.

"I'm not opening it!" I hissed over my shoulder, and yet another missile was fired at my head. This time I turned round andnow Dom washolding a ball of paper absolutely smothered in glue. he made as if to throw it and I ducked, but he was feigning and so my head came back up, considerably redder than before. "Open it or you get this one." He mouthed, indicating the glue-ball. This time I wasn't going to say no. I stooped to reach for the first ball of paper, and the gluey paper soared over my head and stuck firmly to the whiteboard. I tentatively unwrapped the paper, expecting the worst, but instead, four words were scrawled in the centre:

Go out with me?

My eyes widened at first. Dom Howard, asking me out? But then I realised what an idiot I'd look if it was a joke and I said yes. I sneaked a look back at him again, and he'd raised his eyebrows, but wasn't smiling. I could easily tell he was serious. I turned round to the front again, eyes wide once more.

"What's that?" April said in her normal voice: everyone had been dismissed to do their work as our teacher had given up tryig to explain how to do it. Therefore the noise level had risen considerably.

"Um... nothing." I scrunched the paper back up and tried to stuff it in my pocket, but she got hold of it. I could see her eyes take the same action mine did as she read the words.

"Who from?" she asked.

"Err... Dom." I said in as quiet a voice as I could manage.

"Dom... who's- wait. Dom as in... Dom?"

"Yyyeah..." I said slowly, glancing at him. He was smiling again by now. She turned to look as well.

"Made your mind up?" He asked, raising one eyebrow, and the smile turned into a smirk, remindingme of what a horrible person he was, never mind the looks, which-I have to admit- had been distractingme into almost saying yes.

"Yes, I have... No. Way." I said, turning back as soon as I'd said it. I then recieved another missile on the back of my head. I was worried it'd be sticky now, as a form of revenge, but it wasn't. April grabbed it.

"Awwwwh- it says 'please?'" She smiled at me, looking like she genuinely thought the gesture was cute.

"April, will you please remember who we're talking about here. And what a bastard he is." I said, hoping he'd overhear.

"Yeah, but... he says please..." she grinned.

"No. You are not forcing me into this."
"I can be very persuasive when I want to" she teased me, and I shot her a livid glance.

"As can I..." Dom was suddenyl there, leaning over me from behind my seat.

"I don't care, I still say no." I was certain. They weren't going to change my mind.

"Aww, that's a shame..." he said, leaning further over.

"Dominic will you please stop breathingon me and leave me alone. Sometimes you can't always get your own way- this is one of those times. The answer is no." I was getting really annoyed by now.

"Fine." He said, and walked slowly back to his seat. That surprised me- I didn't think he'd give up that easily. Then I realised he'd probably thought of his next target and was already planning his move. He moves on that quickly. I was quite satisfied that I'd got one over on him though, and cast one final glance in his direction.
Which is when I remebered Matt. He was looking at me, completely silent. Dom was 'otherwise engaged' with the paints, but he was just sat there, staring at me. It was a bit creepy, so

I looked away. But the next ten minutes of the lesson my mind was filled with Matthew Bellamy, and the question- why hadn't he said anything all lesson?