Chapter 1- Three Years Later

"Happy birthday Kelly!" Abby squealed while holding out her daughter's present. Kelly eagerly ripped open the present to reveal a small smiling cloth doll.

"Yay!" Kelly shrieked, hugging the doll. "I love it, Momma!" McGee came in as she started playing with it.

"Hey, Abs," he murmured, wrapping his arms around her. "Wedding is just in a few weeks, can you believe it?" She smiled, imagining the decorations Kate and Ziva had so carefully planned out. A Halloween wedding in June. Her dress would be ranging from dark purple to midnight black, the shades blending together to form a sort of mysterious effect. The flower girl, her young second cousin Melanie, would toss black rose petals onto a blood red carpet aisle so that they would stand out.

"We have to go to work. Who's watching Kelly-belly today?" he asked, snapping Abby out of her reverie.

"Um, Palmer I guess," she replied, throwing out the first name that came into her head. He nodded and left the room to go get ready.

NCIS- Bullpen

"Hey, Ziv," Tony called out. She glanced at over at him.

"What, Tony?" she asked in an exasperated tone.

"The lovebirds are here," he announced in a solemn tone. She turned and saw McGee, Abby, and Kelly come out of the elevator.

"Zeeva!" Kelly cried out, pointing at the Israeli quietly working at her desk. She looked at Tony, and frowned. She looked at Abby for help.

"Who?" she asked.

"That's Tony," Abby told her. Kate came out from the Director's office, and suddenly the toddler was showered with affection from everybody. She was hugged and it seemed nobody could get enough of her curly black hair that came just past her ears. Finally, Gibbs had to intervene in order to get the team focused.

"Time to get that little distraction out of here," he said to McGee. The probie nodded and went down to the autopsy with Kelly so Palmer could keep an eye on her. Palmer turned his head to see ocean blue eyes gazing up at him.

"Hi there, Kelly," He smiled at the toddler, who flashed her dimples back. "I guess I get to play with you for today," He picked the girl up and set her in his lap.

Abby's lab

Abby cheerfully started up all her precious machines, giving each of them a brief morning greeting as she went. Bert sat a few feet away from the computer, overseeing all her actions. She adored that stuffed farting hippo Gibbs had gotten her a while back. It was her constant companion when she was alone, and her only verbal outlet when she was sure no one else would overhear. Today, she didn't find it necessary to speak with him as she normally did, since she was in a good mood. So, with news of the new case coming by from Ducky, she decided to wait for the evidence to get here before she did anything else. She didn't have to wait long. There was a light rap on the locked door. Abby leapt to her feet and went to unlock it. Ducky came in, holding bags of evidence out to the forensics scientist.

"Yay, the evidence is here!" she squealed, grabbing the bags and spreading them out on the table. "Finally something for me to do," She turned to the medical examiner. "Duck, is Gibbs here yet?"

"He should be here any moment," Ducky replied. "I must get back before Kelly does something too crazy," He left the lab much quicker than usual. Abby methodically plowed through the new evidence, and before she knew it nearly three hours had passed since Ducky had left the lab. Without Gibbs or Caf-Pow. Suddenly she felt exhausted and a little lonely. It seemed Gibbs always made his appearance at the right time.

"What do you got, Abs?" She did her best to hide her relief when she saw the Caf-Pow in his hand. Abby took the drink from him and set it aside, preparing to start in on her report.

"I went through all of the evidence Ducky just brought me, and it looks like there was a second victim…" Her voice trailed off. She tried again, trying to stay focused. "The DNA on the murder weapon did not belong to the victim, which I find every interesting, because wasn't the rope around the dead man's neck? Our killer must be very smart, because that wouldn't be an easy thing to pull off, especially because we don't-"

"Abs," Gibbs sighed wearily, cutting off her rambling at once. "That's good, okay? I'll have the team track down the second victim. You just keep working," He kissed her cheek and got ready to leave.

"Could you…?" He looked at her.

"…send McGee? Got it, Abs," She fought a smile as he seemed to read her mind. He left the lab, s small smile on his face as well. She sat in a chair and kept looking at the clock every few seconds. After what felt like an eternity, the door opened and McGee walked in.

"TIMMY!" Abby ran up to her fiancée and hugged him so hard that he couldn't breathe for a minute.

"Hi, Abs," Tim said weakly once she released him. "Sorry I took so long. The boss man wanted to have a work with me about rule 12," She rolled her eyes, unconcerned.

"Forget about that, Timmy. Now we have some time alone," Her voice grew very suggestive, almost seductive. McGee allowed himself a small smile of anticipation. Abby pressed her lips to his, and to her it was like the world exploded with fire in that one instantaneous second. She shut her eyes and pulled McGee closer to her. When she lifted her head to look at him, she could feel her pulse racing like crazy.

"I love you," Tim said, his eyes shining with passion.

"Momma!" Abby looked down to see her daughter tugging on the edge of her lab coat.

"Yes, Kelly-belly?"

"How was I made?" she asked, her blue eyes burning with innocent, child-like curiosity. Abby threw a slightly panicked look at McGee. Tell her the stork story, his face seemed to say. She smiled and began to tell the story she was told when she asked those kind of questions at such a young age.

"Well, all the little eggs that are to be the babies of the day are stirred around in a big pot, nice and slow so that they become good children like you Kelly, but first they have to make the right ingredients…" Kelly's eyes widened with fascination as she wove in the details, getting descriptive to the point that even McGee could picture the example children that she provided. After a while, she finally ran out of things to say and concluded the tale.

"I'm going tell Zeeva how good children are made!" she said, running off for the elevator. Abby laughed, leaning on McGee's arm.

"You sure know how to tell a good story," he murmured, his lips brushing her hair.

"I learned from the best," she whispered. The rest of the day passed by very quickly, as they had for the past three years. Life was very good now, perfect even. What could possibly go wrong? Abby thought happily as she went home that night. Famous last words…

A/N: Ooh, cliffie! This is where the plot starts to pick up, so don't think the whole thing is all lovey-dovey romance the whole way through. It would be too boring if it were like that anyway…this isn't Twilight! It's NCIS, right? Right. Chapter 2, coming soon to a computer near you!