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Chapter 26- Drunken Fights Lead to Trouble

"Oh, its only you, Jen," Gibbs said, showing only the mildest looks of surprise on his face. But Jenny knew better. She could see him better than he could see himself sometimes. It was a skill she had to achieve over her long years of working here and getting to know everyone in the weird way she did, without even leaving her office.

"Have you seen Abby?" he asked her after a minute.

"Ah…yes, but you won't like what you hear," she said, a slightly fearful look on her face that Gibbs could only just detect in the darkness. The clip stopped replaying, showing only a blank screen.

"Just tell me,"

"I saw her stumble out of a bar, completely drunk, take Tony's old motorcycle, and drive away,"

Near the Maryland border

Long lost words whisper slowly to me

Still can't find what keeps me here

When all this time I've been so hollow

I know you're still there

Watching me, wanting me

I can feel you pull me down

Fearing you, loving you

I won't let you pull me down

Haunting you, I can smell you alive

Your heart pounding in my head

Watching me, wanting me

I can feel you pull me down

Saving me, raping me

Watching me

Watching me, wanting me

I can feel you pull me down

Fearing you, loving you

I won't let you pull me down

Abby bobbed her head to the beat, allowing the sound of Evanescence to consume all her other thoughts. Finally, the motorcycle ran out of gas and she was forced to walk. First part of the plan was complete. The song on her iPod came to a sudden conclusion, and another one started, one Tony had added for his amusement…

There's a place downtown where the freaks all come around

It's a hole in the wall, it's a dirty free for all


When the dark of the night comes around, that's the time

That the animal comes alive

Looking for something wild

Abby stormed into the nearest club, feeling bold with the effects of the alcohol really starting to take a hold of her.

Got my drunk text on

I'll regret it in the mornin'

But tonight

I don't give a

I don't give a

I don't give a

There's a place downtown where the freaks all come around

It's a hole in the wall

It's a dirty free for all

And they turn me on

When they take it off

When they take it off

Everybody take it off

The song described the mood of the club perfectly, and she was just starting to feel normal when the headphones were suddenly yanked out of her ears and her iPod was tossed aside. It smashed against the wall and the small screen went black. Abby could feel anger boiling her blood.

"Nobody smashes my iPod and lives to tell the tale," she growled, shoving the culprit into the bar counter. This anger was something she was unaccustomed to, almost as if someone else had stepped into her body and taken control. Wait a minute, that's what it was exactly like. But there was no stopping it now, she had no control of the situation form the second she saw the broken iPod sitting on the ground.

"Whoa, lady, I'll fix it for ya," the guy slurred. He bent over and tapped at the screen a few times. It flickered back to life. But she could still feel impossible anger pumping in her veins. There was no going back now. The damage was done, and he would pay…they would all pay…the last thing she remembered was swinging her fist at him. And suddenly she was being pulled away from the scene.

"It's that girl form the news!" a voice said. "She's gotta be woken up, remember what's going to happen?"

"Yeah, throw water on her!" another person called out. "Maybe that will work!" A gallon of water fell on Abby's head, and she could feel her head clear slightly. Almost as if she were sobering up, but not quite.

"Come on, wake up!" someone begged, shaking her violently. She was trying, trying hard, but someone had a much harder grip on her mind that she couldn't identify. The presence in her head was familiar: strong, confident, full of violent anger…suddenly, she knew, and that made her fight all the harder. That damn Victoria didn't know when to leave her alone! The effort was starting to exhaust her, though, and she could feel herself slipping away. She pulled out her cell phone and called the one man she knew could fix this situation.

"Gibbs," she slurred. "I…I messed up so badly. I'm sorry," The call disconnected. The signal was lost. Her phone fell to the floor. Someone was holding her up. Abby felt very nauseous from being shaken around so much.

"I don't like the color she's turning…" the first voice said.

Meanwhile, in Abby's lab…

Kelly wandered over to the large computer, staring at all the numbers and symbols scrolling across the screen. She was only just beginning to learn to read, but suddenly the nonsense jumped together into words and sentences and she slowly read out the message waiting for her.

"Turn off controls…" the toddler murmured, frowning at the phrase. There was a large silver box, with two options. Yes, or No. She thought for a little longer, wondering what this meant. Finally, her eyes fell on a strange object, one she saw her mother use sometimes when at the computer. The white arrow was hovering on Yes. She climbed up onto the chair pressed the button and waited. After a moment, the box vanished. Melanie ran into the lab, panting for breath.

"Jenny is coming!" she said. Melanie never noticed the things that Kelly did for some reason. She was always all about being a little princess, but Kelly knew there were more important things to worry about.

"Tell Jenny I want a juice box," Kelly told Melanie as she turned back to the screen. "And ask her what controls this magic Tee-Vee meant,"

"Why?" Melanie demanded. "What are you talking about?" Something popped up on the computer. Chip Controls Turned Off. Target Resuming Own Controls…a picture of Abby was shown beneath the message.

"That's Mommy!" Kelly exclaimed. "Controls…Mommy…" Jenny walked into the lab and peered at the computer.

"What is this?" the woman asked.

"Something bad happened to Mommy,"

"No, I think this is good, Kelly. What did you do?"

"I don't know,"

Back in the club

At the same time Kelly had taken control of the mouse and clicked it, Abby instantly felt the strange presence leave her head. Instantly, she collapsed onto the floor just as Gibbs ran in to rescue her. The last thing she remembered was strong hands lifting her up, taking her away from the danger.

"You're safe now, Abs," Gibbs whispered, kissing Abby on the forehead. She mumbled something incoherent, and he thought he could see a tiny hint of a smile.

-Later, at NCIS-

It was discovered that the chip controls were deactivated through the Major Mass Spec in Abby's lab. Kelly unknowingly had saved the day. Of course, Abby was still out cold in autopsy, as she had been for the past four hours. It was just a matter of waiting.

"Victoria was arrested, TJ is dead, and for once Fornell didn't get involved," Tony mused in the bullpen. "A good day, I think," Ziva rolled her eyes. Kate ignored him, focusing on McGee.

"You know, I'm getting really sick of this wheelchair," McGee grumbled, glaring at the floor. "Ducky said it would be ages before I could walk again,"

"Just count yourself lucky, Tim. You have a wonderful wife, and a beautiful and intelligent child," Kate told him.

"That is true," he agreed. "I just wish she would wake up already so that I can tell her how much I love her," Kate looked up and noticed Abby silently standing behind him, much in the way Gibbs did sometimes.

"Are you sure she doesn't already know?" she asked. "You tell her every day,"

"It could never be enough," McGee sighed wistfully.

"If things got anymore crazy around here," Ziva said, "I think I would-"

"You would what?" Gibbs interrupted, startling the agent. He caught Abby's gaze and seemed to instantly know her plan.

"I miss seeing you happy, Abby," McGee mumbled in a mournful tone.

"Aw, you do Timmy?" she squealed, causing McGee to jump at least six inches out of his chair.

"Yes, I do," he said, smiling up at her. "So, smile for me, okay?" She grinned at him. Kelly ran into the room. Melanie dashed after her and nearly bowled Tony over.

"Mommy's back!" Kelly shouted, hugging her mother's legs. Ducky came into the bullpen.

"Are you sure you just don't want the chip to be removed to ensure-" he started, but Gibbs silenced him with a look that told him to wait.

"Let them have their moment, Duck," Gibbs said. "I have a feeling this will all blow over by tonight,"

"What about Daniela?" he asked the silver haired man.

"I believe she isn't our problem anymore,"

Local Jail- some months later

It was Christmas Eve, and McGee was learning to get around on crutches at last. Kate left for Israel with Ziva for a brief vacation overseas. Tony and Palmer remained in autopsy to hold down the fort. Gibbs, McGee, and Abby were investigating the jail cell. Daniela had been murdered in her own cell.

"This isn't murder, for the last time," Gibbs explained to McGee in a frustrated tone.

"Why, boss?"

"Look, the angle of this gunshot…this was suicide,"

"Why are we here, then?" Abby questioned.

"Because Daniela ha-because we just are," he growled.

"It's murder," McGee insisted under his breath. "Face it boss. Victoria's out of jail right after this happened. Coincidence? I think not,"

"Tim, she couldn't have, she was unarmed. Guards have footage," Gibbs sighed and left the 'crime scene.'

"Why doesn't anyone believe me?" he almost shouted.

"Tim, let's just finish up here. It's Christmas Eve, and Linda's bringing Melanie by tomorrow morning," He gritted his teeth and took the final photo. That was when something caught his attention.

"Abs?" he queried.

"Mmhm?" She was currently staring at the snow out the small window.

"You got that chip removed, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I think I found it," He pointed at a scar on Daniela's neck. It was the same shape as Abby's.

"I think I know what killed her," Abby said. "And it wasn't that gunshot…this was a fake injury," She peeled off the 'wound', which only turned out to be a sticker.

"Huh. It was murder," he said.

"Not so fast, Timmy. Take a look here…" Abby's gloved fingers gestured to rope marks on her neck, lined with bruises.

"Oh. It is a suicide,"

"Gibbs is never wrong. Sorry, honey. Let's get the body out of here and go home,"

Victoria silently watched the NCIS crew dispose of her sister's body. Sweet justice, she thought. As she turned to leave, she heard the click of a gin at her temple.

"Sweet justice indeed," Gibbs said. There was a bang, light, pain, and another noise, and it all went black.

"Merry Christmas, my sweet…" Red roses were laid on a stone grave. Footsteps crunched through the snow that was now picking up. To anyone who would have been watching, they would have seen nothing but a black parasol and the glint of a wrist cuff, before the figure vanished into the rapidly swirling storm of white. Which grave she visited and why would forever remain a mystery, but only one other person knew, and that person was named Agent McGregor.

McGee came to a conclusion to his newest manuscript. Abby smiled at him after reading the whole thing through over his shoulder.

"Tim, that looks like a new best seller to me," she said as he set the last page aside.

"You don't think its too morbid?" he asked nervously.

"I think its perfect," she said, pecking him on the head. "It describes our lives perfectly," Normally, he would deny this, but even he knew that the portrayals of his coworkers were obvious.

"All right, I'll send it in tomorrow morning. The place is open on Christmas,"

"Goodnight, Tim," She left the room. After a minute, McGee left as well, turning off the light. It was getting late and he was tired. His watch read half past eleven. He just barely made the deadline. Abby was waiting for him in the bedroom.

"Would you ever want to have another child, Timmy?" she whispered in the darkness.

"Hm, I'll think about it," he murmured, smiling to himself. Life was finally set the way he wanted it. It wouldn't hurt to have something extra as a sort of reward. As if to say yes, McGee kissed his wife full on the lips for longer than normal.

"I take that as a yes," she breathed, pulling him closer. His thoughts drifted far away form the freshly completed manuscript, way back to how this was the first time, when they were younger and newly in love and not married. It was hard to believe that small of an act was what started the whole adventure, and now the possibility of a new child was what would start a new one.

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