So, first Primeval story. Hopefully it's gonna go OK. This is only short, but the next chapter should be longer, I promise. And I'll try and be a better updater than normal. Though no promises on that one :P

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"Anomaly!" Connor shouted, tapping away at the keyboard.

"Where?" Danny asked as he ran into room, closely followed by Becker.

"I- I don't believe it," Connor said, sounding amazed. "It's up north, in Lancashire. Some little town called Clitheroe." Clicking twice, he zoomed in and changed to satellite view. "The anomaly seems to be in a woodland area, but there're houses nearby. I'm sending coordinates to your phone now."

"Right, Abby and Danny, with me. Sarah, you stay here with Connor in case another anomaly opens. Besides, you need to keep working on the artefact. We'll grab a helicopter and go up there. Connor, get in touch with the local authorities and tell them to cordon off the area. Make something up." Becker stopped and walked over to his gun case. Just as he reached it, the alarm sounded again.

"Who made him team leader?" Danny muttered to Sarah while Connor found the new anomaly.

He spun round to face them looking serious.

"Piccadilly Circus," he said.

"You're joking," Sarah gasped. "It's Saturday, early afternoon. That place will be full of people going to matinees!"

Just then, Lester's office door opened.

"Please tell me you were planning to do something about the raptors in West End," he called down.

"On our way," Danny replied. "Right, new plan. Becker, you take these three and go deal with the raptors. I'll take a few soldiers and head up north. Test me when you're finished, and I'll let you know whether or not I need help. Oh, and make sure Connor doesn't shoot Abby again."

"Hey, you weren't even there!" Connor protested as his cheeks flushed.

"And get me a 'copter, now! I've got an errand to do," Danny shouted at a soldier.

"Fine, but stay alive," Becker said quietly.

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