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"Captain Becker, please tell me the situation is under control," Lester said through the headset.

Becker glanced at the others.

"We're in pursuit of the raptors now, sir," he replied smoothly. "No civilians have got caught up in this operation, and we have the creatures cornered. He decided it might be best not to mention the fact that they were cornered in a theatre full of unaware civilians. One, Lester might actually explode, and two, Becker quite liked this job. Especially the guns.

"Maybe if you'd tranquillized them, they wouldn't have run into there," Abby muttered, smiling innocently at Becker when he glared at her.

"I want them back through that anomaly ASAP, understand?"

"Perfectly, sir," Becker said, signalling at the others to split up. He made his way to one of the front doors and waited until they reached the other. Holding up three fingers, he counted them down before nodding and charging in, scanning the room quickly. Three young girls were screaming, running towards the stairs with raptors chasing them. He shot at them, hitting two raptors before they knew what was happening. Abby took care of the other, and they glanced round. "Where the hell are the rest?" he snapped. Then he froze, seeing the swinging door. "They're inside the bloody theatre!" he muttered, reaching the doors and kicking them open. It was utter chaos, with people jumping on their seats and shrinking away from the raptors, who wandered down the aisles, heads cocking one way and another, snapping at a few people who hadn't moved quickly enough. So far, Becker could see no casualties, and he ran after them, shooting at any he could see.

"There's too many, Becker!" Abby shouted, firing at those on her side. "We need to get everyone out of here!"

"Connor, make sure the path to the doors is clear and start evacuating," he ordered. "Abby, you're with me. We need to deal with this before it gets any worse. The last thing we need is another death." A raptor leapt at his face and he shot it down, glaring at the dead body.

"We've nearly got them all, Becker," Abby told him, reaching the front of the chairs.

That was when the raptors reached the stage.

"Shit!" Dr. Maise said frantically, dropping down next to the boy and seeing his wounds. His front had practically been ripped open and he was gasping for breath. She gasped as she recognised him. "For God's sake, Andrew, how many times do I have to tell you not to come in here," she whispered, blinking back tears and trying to help her injured friend. But, no matter what actions she was making, she knew in her heart that it was no use. No-one could survive from that. Standing and clenching her fists angrily, she looked for Danny and felt fear grip her heart when she couldn't see him. The dinosaur re-entered her line of sight but not Danny. Ignoring her fear for him, she saw the dinosaur heading towards the road, and without thinking she grabbed a rock, hurling it at it. Her heart stopped when it turned to face her and she had to remind herself to start breathing again. 'Run!' she thought, setting off through the trees to her right, away from the houses. 'Please let Quinn be OK,' she prayed, running through the woods she knew as well as her own home. The Seeing her chance, she took it. Turning sideways, she squeezed through a gap between two trees then kept on running. Glancing over her shoulder, she checked the dinosaurs progress. It was catching up, and she gasped for breath, feeling her legs and lungs burning. Catching a root with her foot, she stumbled and fell, twisting as she did so. Crying out in pain, she half-reached out to her ankle, which was at an awkward angle, foot still under the root.

Hearing a roar, she looked up. The dinosaur had almost caught up. She closed her eyes and started praying for a miracle.

Becker stared in horror as the first raptor hopped up onto the stage, looking curiously at the actors and actresses on there. There were several, and with the time he guessed that it was the finale to the first act.

"What the hell...?" one of them started, half-stepping towards the raptor.

"Get back, you idiot!" Becker cried, rushing forwards and firing off a shot towards the raptor. He vaguely recognised the man as a singer his sister used to be obsessed with, something Gates he thought he was called. He missed though, as the raptor choose that minute to leap forwards, straight towards the guy.

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