A Different Side Of Me Alternate Ending

A eagle suddenly appeared fighting off the large beasts and it looked good, we were going to win after all, there was nothing to worry about.

As I continued to fight I saw that Haldir was getting overthrown by the orcs so I run in cutting them down.

I looked to see the eye had turned from us to Mount Doom whilst behind Aragorn was a troll.

"Aragorn!" I yelled trying to get his attention but he was too focused on helping Legolas.

"Aragorn" I yelled once more and he turned this time dodging out of the troll's way causing it to hit back some Orcs who were in the way.

I looked around me wondering where Haldir was then I saw him hacking at the orcs that surrounded him and I ran over to help him as well just as there was a large cry from the eye and I looked to see that the enemy was running away from the scene.

The tower began to fall over and I whooped glad it was finally all over.

It was over, Frodo had destroyed the ring, it was all over.

"Frodo! Frodo!" Merry yelled as Mount Doom erupted.

I looked around to see that Legolas and Aragorn were locked in a tight embrace whilst others were began to become aware of the fact that we had won.

"Will" Haldir's voice called out from in-front of me as he ran forward pulling me to him in a tight embrace brushing my hair back before he kissed me letting his emotions do the talking as I responded wrapping my arms around the elves waist not wanting to let go.

Soon enough we had to break for air as others smiled even Legolas and Aragorn who looked like they were joint at the hip.

"Come we make for the healing houses" Merry yelled out and we began to walk up to where eagles were waiting to take us back to Rivendell.

Many days later, we arrived to see that the other occupotions were celebrating the news of the destruction of the ring of power.

I stood from the grasp off the eagle walking towards Haldir who seemed very happy to see this place.

"Haldir?" I asked him as his eyes shone as he fought to keep back tears.

"Oh Will" he said before grabbing me once more in a hug glad to be back.

"Haldir" Legolas's voice shouted out gesturing towards me too, this meant that Frodo must be back too.

After the celebrations and everything were over, Aragorn raised his glass making every-one hush.

"People from distance lands, friends of old, we gather here today to say hurrah, evil no longer has such an impact on anyone."

Legolas cut off Aragorn before the man could go on to a speech.

"Aye, if it were not for the friends we had, Will Turner or Haldir we would have failed but it is thanks to them we live on" Legolas raised his glass too as everyone chanted me and Haldir's names drinking to us.

"We shall live on peace" Legolas shouted above the noise of everyone else just as Aragorn stood up kissing the elf who seemed slightly embarrassed at first before slowly became more confident.

I laughed as Aragorn pulled at the elf's hair which made Legolas sigh whilst I thought about the number of time's I had done that to Haldir.

"Will, might I ask you a question?" Haldir asked me later on as we stood at the balconly watching the sunset.

"Aye of course."

"Will, Will you marry me?" he asked looking at his feet slightly embarrassed to ask me such a question which I smiled.

"Aye" I replied back placing my hand under Haldir's chin to make me look at him.

"Aye I will" I continued before bringing our lips together in a sensational kiss which ended in us both lying panting heavily in my bed in Lord Elrond's chambers that night.

"Will I am glad you are with me" Haldir spoke up whilst trying to even out his breathing and I smiled.

"And I too" I replied back leaning onto the man before wrapping my arms around his waist and falling asleep knowing for the first time in many years and for many more, I knew it.

I was well and truly home.