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Born to Die

Chapter ONE

Rating: R

Genre: Family, Drama, Romance, and Hurt/Comfort.

Devastated, yet determined, Addison fought to keep her eyes on the road and her small hands gripped on the handles of her father's bike. Having a hard enough time handling the beast of a machine, she tried to contain her emotions. She didn't what to start crying and make it worse than it already was, driving down the long dark road.

The sixty-one hours of riding from Fairbanks, Alaska to Charming, California had been a nightmare, one she was hoping she didn't have to repeat anytime soon. However bad the ride was, with the mix of weather and distance, it had given her the time she needed to think over the events of the week prior.

She knew that this day would come, but always prayed that it wouldn't. Her father, Quinn Barkley, had told her that something like this was possible and had given her very strict instructions, in the event something ever happened to him.

His death had set everything in motion, and forced her to recall what her father had instructed her.

'If anything happens to me, you go to California. There is a small town called Charming, you go there and you find Clay Morrow, he is the National President of the MC. He is the only one you trust. Don't talk to anyone else until you find to him.'

She had only been ten when he had told her that. Over the years, she learned that Clay was her uncle, the older brother to Lily, her late mother. She had met him for the first time when she was sixteen; it had been her first time to meet another member of the MC. They visited Clay and met his wife, Gemma. It had been one of the best weekends of her life. She and Gemma had gone out shopping, and her father and uncle had nothing better to do other than carry their bags.

Thinking back to her father's smile, right before he would kiss her on the forehead, brought tears to her eyes. Not stopping to wipe the tears away, she tried to keep the bike straight. The combination of the tears and the darkness of the night were making it hard on her worn out body. But she wasn't about to let her dad down, not when she was this close.

His death had been sudden, but he had been open and truthful with her the whole time. He had told her that living like you had the Devil himself after you was a part of the lifestyle, something he enjoyed.

Knowing who her father was, and what he did, Addison knew that there were going to be people out for his blood. Being the President of the Nomads for the Son's Of Anarchy was a dangerous job, and not just anyone could fill that role.

Causing pain, intimidating, and 'dealing' with people, was what her father did, and he did it well. But when he came home, he was the caring father that any girl would have loved to have.

Her thoughts came to a stop when she saw the 'Welcome to Charming' sign and she knew that she was near the end of her long trip. She also knew that everything was about to get much more heated, and she was going to have to deal with a group of very angry men.

She was going to have to tell Clay, that her father, his brother-in-law, was killed just to send a message. He had been strung up, gutted and butchered, to tell all of SAMCRO that there was no place that they could hide, no place was safe.

Her whole life, they had lived on the road. As the leader of the Nomads, her father had told her that it was important to keep on the road, always moving and never stay in one place too long. Whenever something was about to go down, and he was needed to help out his brothers, she would always be sent up to Fairbanks, to their small run down house. It wasn't much, but it was the only place where she felt remotely safe.

The house had been his father's, and had been in the family for a while. It was out of the way, and hard to find, for someone who wasn't used to driving in the snow and ice. The mixture of tall trees and winter weather was the perfect cover for their safe haven.

But someone had found their refuge.

It was no longer a shelter from all the evil in the world, not anymore. The real fact that it would never be the same was terrifying to her; she knew that she would never feel safe there, ever again, not until the threat was dealt with.

Addison wasn't stupid, she was twenty and knew what would happen once she got to SAMCRO. They would put out a club wide lockdown, and when they thought that everyone was locked away and safe, they would go out for blood, and wouldn't stop till they got pay back. Her father had been called away to help out on many man hunts before. She knew the protocol of the club better than most members.

Seeing the sun worn and weathered sign for the 'Teller-Morrow' auto shop, she couldn't stop the ache in her chest. The mixture of fear and relief was overwhelming and she wasn't sure what the next hour would bring, but she knew for the moment, she was with family. And that thought caused the flood gate to weaken and the tears to fall.

Pulling in, she didn't even try to park the bike along the row of others; she just killed the engine and got the kick stand down.


He watched as the Harley pulled into the shop yard, he could tell that the rider was having a hard time handling it. He was far too small to be on a bike that size. Taking another drag from his cigarette, Happy looked the bike over. It was a nice ride, and looked familiar to him.

Getting up from the picnic table, he threw the rest of his cigarette on the ground and stepped it out. Readjusting his pants to make sure they wouldn't fall off, he started to walk over to the newcomer to see if he was lost. It was clear the Harley didn't need any work done. It sounded to be in pretty good shape, but it was late, and with all the shit that had gone down in the last few days, he wasn't about to let a Trojan horse into the MC.

"You lost or som'thing?" He called out as he got closer. He had his right hand behind his back, resting on his ever-ready Glock. He may have been outside to relax while all his brothers where inside getting hammered, but he prided himself on always being ready.

Hearing the gruff voice, Addison looked up and saw a man approaching her. She couldn't see much, but could tell from his body language that he was reading her just as she was him. It was clear that he couldn't see much of her. She still had the helmet on, and was wearing a large black snow coat. She hadn't bothered to take it off.

He walked closer. "You deaf or som'thing?" He asked, hostility in his voice.

As he got closer, Addison could see his cut clearly, see his Nomad patch. Without even thinking, she launched herself onto the strange man, hugging and holding onto him tightly.

Taken back by the sudden movement and the fact that there was something clinging to him, Happy looked down to try and figure out what was going on.

He was being hugged. By what looked like a young, blonde girl?

Putting his hands roughly on the shoulders of his attacker, he kept a strong hold and pushed her to an arm's length away. Looking down to get a better look, he was surprised at what he saw.

Sad, black rimed, blue eyes stared back at him.

"I'm sorry," Addison said through her tears. "I didn't mean to offend you, it's just your cut. You're a Nomad and…" She wasn't able to finish her sentence as the clubhouse doors opened, and she heard the sounds of loud footsteps stomping out.

Happy looked over to see Tig, Clay, and Jax walking over to them. They must have seen what was going on, inside on the screens. The club had cameras all over the shop yard.

"Everything okay out here?" Clay asked as he looked over at Happy.

Hearing that voice, Addison wasn't able to hold back anymore. She ran up to him and hugged him. "Uncle Clay." She whispered in a soft voice. The smell of smoke and beer, the warmth and strength came off him in waves. It was all too much for her.

It took a moment for Clay to realize what was going on. Looking down at the helmet covered head, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"Addi?" He asked in a disbelieving voice, and pulled her back to get a better look. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"It's dad. He's, he's…" She couldn't bring herself to say it, say that.

Pulling her back into his arms, he looked around the yard and saw the lone parked bike, Quinn's bike. "Shit." He said, realizing that something had happened to his childhood best friend and brother.

Looking over to Tig and Happy, he saw the look in their eyes, and then he looked over to Jax. "Call your mother, tell her Addison's here."

With only a nod, Jax pulled out his phone and walked off.

"Hap, pull the bike around and get it parked. Then go follow Gemma here." Clay said, as he held onto Addison. "Tig, clear everyone who ain't a Son out, and sober up our brothers."

As soon as Happy and Tig walked off, he looked back down to the young woman in his arms. No one had to tell him that she was a mess. It was clearly written on her face. He unbuckled the latch of the helmet from under her chin, and pulled off the black safety gear. "Let's get you inside, and then you can tell me what's going on." He told her as he led her into the clubhouse. He didn't stop to answer any questions regarding why he was cutting everyone off, or who was the young woman with him. He walked down the hall and led her into the only room that he knew would be clean.

"This is Sack's room. He's too busy to use it much." He said with a small chuckle. They had so much for the prospect to do, that he really didn't have a lot of time to rest.

He watched her sit on the bed and lay down; she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.