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Last Time...

Juice looked around the room; every pair of eyes was looking straight at him. It was as if the air in the room had been sucked out. The intensity of their stares was suffocating. Juice grabbed his laptop and pulled up a map on his monitor. He turned it around to show everyone, "yeah."

"Good. Print it out and give it to Twitch. Tell him everything you know." Stone turned around to Twitch and instructed, "I want you and Ax to go check it out. Play it smart." Stone finished as he nodded at Twitch.

"What about the rest of us?" Bull asked. Juice looked over to see Bull sitting near Cooler. He didn't know much about the Nomad, but from the way he was shaking his leg and flexing his shoulders, Juice knew that he didn't want to wait for an update. He wanted blood.

"The rest of us," Stone replied, "are going to load up and get ready. As much as I would love to just go in and kill the fuckers, we need to know what the hell is going on. We need to know why they're doing this and who else is involved. This isn't just about retaliation." Stone paused and looked at every Son in the room. When it looked like he had everyone's attention, he continued. "We go in, grab them and get out. Then we take them to a safe spot and start getting some answers."

"There's some good spots up near the cabin." Piney spoke up from behind bar as he poured another round of shots. "You can take them up there and wait for the others. It outside of Charming, in the woods, secluded. No one around for miles. No one to hear the screams." Piney finished as he grabbed a shot and tossed it back.

"Everyone agree?" Stone asked as he looked around. He received some reluctant nods, but everyone agreed. Juice looked over to the closed church doors. No one wanted to see the head chair of that redwood table empty.

There was no time to waste.

Born to Die

Chapter 22 - PART TWO

Witten by: DanniMitchell85 and Kaylalong

"When it rains, it pours," Kozik said is a low voice as he lit up his cigarette.

"This is a fucking flood man," Happy answered as he took the offered box of smokes from his brother. Pulling out his own sliver lighter, skull etched into the front, he placed the thin paper wrapped tobacco between his lips and lit it up. He took a deep inhale as he closed his eyes. He had been used to things getting heavy within the club, and there had been many times in the past when they had gotten hit from all sides, but nothing like what was going on now. Never before had there been an attack on the Sons as what they were experiencing at the present time.

Opening his eyes and looking around the parking lot through his sunglasses, Happy exhaled. He had been craving a good smoke for the last five hours, and it felt good to have the nicotine burning in him again. Kozik had told him that he was going to step out for some fresh air and Hap had offered to join him. It wasn't a safe time for Sons to be going off alone, and the thought of some fresh air was appealing to him. There was nothing he could do in a sitting room, and the not knowing began to eat away at him. He was a man who liked control, and right now there was very little he had control over.

He had gotten up slowly from the hard plastic chair, so that he wouldn't knock Addison's head off his shoulder. He had been shocked at first when she had rested her head softly on him, but he hadn't known what to say to her. She had been through so much, and had just watched her uncle get shot, he wasn't about to tell her to move. He was surprised she hadn't broken down into a hysterical fit like Gemma had shortly after they all realized that Clay had been shot.

Instead, he had watched as Addison just sat there and waited. Ellie had been sitting close to her at the beginning, trying to tell her that it was all going to be alright and that Clay was a fighter, but she never looked up and didn't say a word. Instead, she clutched onto her necklace and kept her eyes down.

Hammer tested his hand at trying to get her to understand that even thou Clay had been shot, he was still alive. He had listened when his large Nomad brother started to tell jokes trying his hardest to comfort the young woman. His talking had eased others in the room, but hadn't seem to work on the young woman. Happy knew that it was Hammer's nature to protect, and it was his way of trying to deal with the advents that had accrued.

When Happy had sat down, he wasn't really planning on sitting next to her, it just happened to be one of the only chairs in the room that wasn't occupied. He had been walking the halls of the hospital with Tig making sure that everything looked good, getting stairs from the hospital staff. He had just needed to sit down and take a break, get off his feet while he knew he could.

When she had leaned over, he didn't know if she was going to start crying or fall asleep. But she did neither. It was an odd feeling having someone laying on him like she was. He wasn't used to women close to him unless it was for sex, and even after that he wasn't one for cuddling. The closeness that brought on cuddling, and other forms of snuggling, where the breeding grounds for an emotional connection, something that Happy had been able to avoid.

However he had allowed her to rest her head without pulling away from her. Somewhere deep inside, he admitted that it didn't fell as uncomfortable as he thought it would.

His thoughts where pulled away from Addison, and how her hair smelt while it was across his shoulder, to the ringing of his phone. Digging into his pocket, he pulled it out and looked to see that Stone was calling him. Taking the cigarette out of his mouth, he flipped open the prepaid and held it up to his ears.

"Yeah," he answered it. He took in everything that Stone was telling him over the line, and then hung up once the call was over.

"Who was that?" Kozik asked as he stood beside him.

"Stone," Happy told him while he brought up his smoke and took another long drag from it. "Said they got a lead on the bastards, he is on his way over to fill us in."

"Let's wait for him to get here then we can head back up," Kozik said as he pulled out another cigarette and lit it. He handed out his pack again, and let Happy take another one for himself.

They didn't have to wait long, and before he knew it, Happy was standing outside the waiting room once again. He kept his eyes and ears open while he was looking down the halls, while Stone was trying to round up all the senior members.

"Where's Addison?" Stone asked. Happy looked in at his words and saw that Addison wasn't sitting in the chair he had left her in. A moment of panic washed over him until her heard Ellie tell them that she had gone to the bathroom. She reassured them that she was safe, Hammer had followed her.

Once Jax, Tig, Bear and he were together, they stepped aside and into a stairwell. They would be able to talk about what they needed to without too many ears around.

Before Stone started in with what he had learned, he asked if there had been any news on Clay. "They tell you guys anything yet?" he asked as he looked to Jax.

Happy watched as the young man just shook his head. "Na man, nothing. Tara said she would come find us as soon as she knew anything." Jax offered up as he rubbed his face with his hand. Happy knew that he was trying to keep everything inside and was doing a pretty damn good job of keeping it together.

"So what did you find out?" Tig spoke up, pulling the attention away from the VP. Happy dug his hands into his pockets as he waited for Stone to tell them what he had learned.

Happy watched as Stone rolled his shoulders before he began to talk. "Juice found out where the brothers have been staying. That was what he was talking with Clay about before he was shot."

"Well where the fuck are they, let's go kill the fuckers," Tig said as he got all amped up at the thought of causing some pain to those who had brought down his friend.

Stone held up his hand to try and calm the Charming SAA down. "Their long gone already," Stone said with a calm voice. "I had Twitch and Ax head over there to put eyes on the place, the rest of us where getting ready to go in a grab them when I got a call from Twitch that the house was clear. They did leave something behind though," Stone told them as he reached into his inner cut pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. After a moment of looking at it, he handed it out to Jax.

Happy wanted to know what was written on the paper, and he knew that it wasn't something good by the way that Jax face scrunched up as his eyes glided over what it said. Anger was clearly written on his face.

"This a joke?" Jax said as he handed the paper over to Tig who was beside him.

"I'm afraid not," Stone replied. Once Tig was done looking the paper over, he handed it to him. Happy glanced down and took in what was typed out onto the white printing paper.

'Two down. How many of you are willing to die for the girl?'

Reading the words that he held in his hands forced a rare rage to boil inside of him. He knew that the Sons never left family behind, and there was a very good chance that more blood would be spilt before this was all over and done with.

Not wanting to look at the paper anymore, he handed it over to Bear to read it for himself.

"So what do we do now?" Bear said as he looked up and away from the note that was left for them to find.

Stone strained up and placed his hands over his hips and he looked around the small space to his brothers. "Not much we can do right now," he admitted. "The house was the closest we have been able to get to them, but it wasn't good enough."

Jax let out a frustrated laugh. "So what, we just wait around for them to try and shoot one of us again?!" he spoke up loudly. "We just wait for them to come and get Addison, and do God know what to her?" he asked.

"Do we even know why they are after her?" Bear asked. Everyone looked to him. "All I'm saying, is that they are going through a lot of trouble to get her. Why?"

"Ain't that the fucking million dollar question?" Tig said sarcastically.

In a fit of rage and frustration, Jax turned around and slammed his fist into the stairwell door, forcing it to swing open. Not bothered that he may be over heard, he turned back around to the others. "They are not going to lay a singer hand on her. They'll have to kill me and walk over my cold dead body before I let anything happen to her," he said and then took a deep breath, calming himself down. The sound of the door closing shut again filled the silence. "Sons protect family," he stated as he looked into the eyes of the men before him. "We don't back down from a treat, and we don't let some outside sick fuckers hurt our family. They already took out Quinn and Clay to get to Addison, for whatever reason. I'm not going to sit back and wait for them to go after someone else."


The sound of running water was all the filled the women's bathroom as Addison rinsed off her hands, washing the soap suds off her skin and down the drain. She had excused herself to the bathroom in hopes of getting away from the stairs and worried eyes that had been drilling into her for the last few hours. However she didn't account for the shadow that followed her. The very large, dark skinned shadow.

She knew that Hammer meant well, but she didn't understand his need to be inside the bathroom with her. She was just glad he had been content enough to wait outside the stall while she went in to relive herself. She couldn't help but blush at the thought of him listening to her while she tinkled, and she had to laugh despite what was going on when she heard him start to hum.

Turing off the water, she walked over to the paper towel dispenser. Hammer stood up from the wall where he had been resting, and pulled the lever down to release the brown stiff paper towels for her.

"Thank you," she said as she ripped them off and dried her hands. Once she was done, she threw them into the waste can, and headed for the door. She tried to ignore all the nurses and other staff that watched on as they both came out of the room, she knew that more than likely they thought that they had been up to 'something'. Why else would a man follow a woman into a bathroom?

Addison couldn't bother to worry herself about what others were thinking about her, or why there was a hard core biker following her every move. As much as she wanted to get away from the looks of the others in the waiting room, she wanted to get away from the stairs of the hospital staff more.

Trying to keep her head held high, she made her way back to the waiting room, passing the door that led to the stairs. She couldn't help but jump a little as the door slammed open, as she heard the angry sound of Jax's voice. Looking back over her shoulder to Hammer, she walked closer to the door trying to hear what was being said.

"They are not going to lay a singer hand on her. They'll have to kill me and walk over my cold dead body before I let anything happen to her," she heard Jax proclaim. "Sons protect family," she heard him go on. She looked over to Hammer as she saw his eyes frown as he listened in also. "We don't back down to a treat, and we don't let some outside sick fuckers hurt our family. They already took out Quinn and Clay to get to Addison, for whatever reason. I'm not going to sit back and wait for them to go after someone else."

At hearing what Jax had just said, Addison had to back away from the door. She felt like a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped over her. The shock of hearing the words that where just spoken made it hard for her to breath. Clay had been shot, because of her. Her father had been killed, because of her. As much as she wanted to dwell on the pain of knowing that it was her fault behind the pain and suffering, there was only one thought that pushed itself to the front of her mind.

Before she could focus on it, the heavy door opened, and she looked up to see Jax walk out. He stopped as he saw her standing there, and didn't waste time in looking over to Hammer.

"Shit," he said out loud, knowing that they had overheard what had been said. It didn't take long before the others piled out of the stairwell behind him, to fill out the hallway. "How much did you hear?" Jax asked in a soft voice.

"Enough," Addison said keeping her answer short. She didn't trust her voice to say much more. "Is it true?" she couldn't help but ask.

Not knowing what to say to her Jax just kept quit. He didn't want to tell her anymore then what was needed, but it was clear that it was time to come clean with her. Before he was able to fill her in on what they had been keeping from her, a movement from further down the hall caught his eye. Looking over her shoulder, he saw Kozik headed their way, waving his hand to them.

"Hey, Tara came out with news about Clay," he said to them, then turned around and headed back.

Forgetting about what was said and overheard, they all took to making their way back to the waiting room. It didn't take long and before they knew it, they were waiting for Tara to deliver the news.

Addison watched as the young doctor looked around the room, and took a deep breath. "The bullet missed his heart, but not by much. There was some damage done and the surgeon was able to patch everything up. It's still touch and go, but if he makes it through the night, he should be able to make a full recovery," she said.

There was a collective weight that lifted off the room as everyone took in what she had just said.

Clay was alive.

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