Do You Remember?

A/N ths is a writers block story and the plot bunnies wouldn't leave me alone so here it is. This is a old plot. Robin is hit with a bomb that only seems to knock him out but when he wakes he has forgotten his whole hero career. This has no OCs just fluffy goodness and the team trying to get "Dick" to remember. He remembers moving to Jump City but he does not remember anything after that. Now on to the story!

It was supposed to be a normal fight with Red-X. He wasn't supposed to have a new gadget that he decided to throw at Me while I was flying 20 feet above him. And if he was, I wasn't supposed to dodge it so it hit Robin. As soon as it hit him it exploded. Nothing bad really happened except that he did the " Passing out" and it took two hours for him to wake up.

That was how it had seemed. We were all at our leaders bedside when he awoke. I hugged him but we knew there was something wrong when he said "Not that I don't like getting hugs from girls such as your self but your suffocating me and I don't know who you are."

"What is wrong friend Robin?" I asked Timidly

"I don't know who this 'Robin' is but it sounds like a girl name. Speaking of which, I didn't get yours."

"Do you not remember? My name is Starfire!"

"If I knew someone as lovely as you I'd never forget them. The names Dick Grayson. I like your name because it has Star which reminds me of beauty and Fire which reminds me of Hotness, and may I say that you are both." He finished this and kissed my hand. Was he doing the flirting with me? I looked back at the others for support but they all looked just as surprised as when Larry had popped out of Robin's- or Dick's- head.

"Well Cyborg, no matter what happened, you must say this "Dick Grayson" has class" It was Raven talking now and Rob- I mean, Dick tore his eyes away from mine to look at everyone else.

"Where am I? There's this beautiful orange colored chick, a pale purple-haired goth, a green boy and a cyborg who's name it apparently cyborg!" It seemed as if Dick was getting more and more confused.

"guys," Cyborg started "you know how Robin said if anything happened to him I was in charge?" We all nodded "Well I think we should call HIM"

By him Cyborg meant Batman. So we did just that and called the famous Batman, while we did so Beast boy was being over-excited, and told him all we knew. His answer was brief: "Dick Grayson? I'll be there by the morning."

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