Like a lovesick puppy, Chapter 4

A/n: I know Im in trouble. This will be a short chappie due to writers block. Under Penalty of death if I dont update so here it is.

A collective gasp went around the room. We had been trying to see what effects the potion would have on his mind. They weren't good, but not at bad as the batman thought they would be.

"Halussiation[sp], sleep walking, occness, hopeless-romaticitis, laziness, and extreame mood swings" Said Batman in a monotone that was greater then Raven's

"Wait, Hopeless-romanticitis?" Asked the stunned beastboy

"He'll act like a love sick puppy," mumbled raven

"Which is why this Starfire girl needs to stay away from him. Shes now only allowed to see him at memory training and meals.

Only four times when I can talk to Robin/Dick a day... I might die!

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