"You know Montag, it's been more than ten years since you came to us straight from the jaws of the Hound." Granger hesitated before going on, "The rest of the group and I have a proposition for you. We feel that staying out of sight is becoming useless and that the world may need a push into a new age. Therefore, we wish to take things into our own hands…" Granger's voice began to quicken with excitement and he hurried to the point. "The group wants to burn down those who oppose the new world; we will be giving them a taste of their own poison." Montag stared at the group he had spent ten years with. Some of their eyes were clouded with feverish madness, while others were dull and lifeless.

"What of our goal to reinstate a new government peacefully? Why can't we wait until the world is ready?"

Granger snorted in disgust. "The world will never be ready unless we make it so. Come Montag, burn with us."

Montag hurriedly gathered his meager belongings. "I thought that you all were above this. Now I can see that you are no better than the society we came from." A withered hand fell upon Montag's shoulder, and when he looked up, Montag saw the crazed eyes of Granger.

"You're either with us or against us." Montag shook off Granger's hand as he stood up.

"Then I guess I'm against you," Montag replied as he began to walk into the dense overgrowth.

"You're making a huge mistake!" Granger shouted at Montag's retreating back. Montag ignored him and continued walking away.