Montag crawled under the thread bare blankets and listened to the pounding of rain. The lullaby of rain drops made Montag drift into sleep. His eyes were heavy like an anvil; they closed quickly and sent him into a deep slumber.

Through the rain, a familiar jail cell loomed into view. The young girl from Montag's first vision was passed out on the floor, while two guards stood over her and chatted.

"Man, the rain is coming down hard." the first guard said.

"I know, and it came out of nowhere." the second replied.

"If it doesn't let up soon, we won't be able to do the burning in the morning."

"The burning?"

"Oh, they didn't tell you? Yeah, we are going to burn this she-devil in the morning with the rest of the books we uncovered from town."

"I see. She acted like a witch and now she'll be burned like one." The second guard laughed, "I can't wait."

The first guard leaned over the body and spat directly in the girl's face. Then, both men kicked her on their way out into the main room of the jail house.

Montag sat up in bed covered in a cold sweat and scared out of his wits.

"Clarisse…" he whispered.