This is my version of the scene in "Have You Met My Wife" when Mike comes home while Susan is 'working.'

Disrupting Susan's new form of employment, "And you don't let me put my feet on that table" came from Mike. She responded with the first thing that came to her mind…"MIKE?"

She explained how she had been cleaning and the air conditioning wasn't working. "…so it got really hot in here" she said, as she began reaching back to close the laptop where she was still being recorded.

"I'll say…" he responded as he inched closer with that horny look he always got on his face when he saw Susan in lingerie. "…mind if I join you," he said as he took off his vest and began kissing her neck.

She suggested the bedroom but he reminded her how they had only had sex in the living room once in this new house. By the time she had her legs straddled around his muscular body, she has completely forgotten about the webcam, and was ready for him to take her-right then and there.

He lifted her onto the couch and started kissing her whole body going up from her toes. When he got to what was left of her clothes he said "We have to get this off you, it'll be worth it" with a smile that said it all.

He tore her breasts that looked larger than ever out of the tight lingerie and smiled at the sight of her half naked.

"You look great babe" he said before putting his tongue on her nipple and began sucking her breasts as she moaned in pleasure.

"Mikey..hmmmm" she moaned as he flicked his tongue along her nipple as he lifted his shirt over his head, revealing his sculpted body- tanned with perfection.

Viewers all over the world were enjoying them without them even realizing.

"Susan, I swear you get hotter every time see you." Mike said with a sexy smirk as he tore the rest of her body free of the black lingerie. He kissed her neck, moving down her body until he reached her wet pussy.

"Daddy's home" he said before flicking his tongue along her pussy, teasing her as she moaned. "Cum for me baby."

"hmmm!" Susan started moaning the way she always did until she squirmed uncontrollable and came just as Mike asked her to.

"I got to get back to work" Mike said as he stood up, preparing to exit and pulling a slightly tight shirt, emphasizing his abs and muscles, over his head as he made his way towards the door.

"Me too," Susan whispered under her breath. It wasn't until now that she realized the camera was never turned off.

A knock came from the door after Mike was gone. It was Susan's boss for her webcam business.

"Susan, your number of viewers has nearly quadrupled!" She told her handing her a handful of cash.

"I accidentally forgot to turn off the camera when Mike came home." she said with an ashamed look on her face.

"Whatever gets the bills paid, honey." She said, exiting the home.